Wedding Cake Macarons

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Wedding Cake Macarons – Whether they brighten up your dessert display or decorate your reception table, your guests are sure to love these delicious treats.

While the traditional wedding cake may never go out of style, more and more couples are choosing to serve a small treat — rather than a larger-than-life cake — on their day. From donuts and cupcakes to cakes and pies, newlyweds can’t seem to get enough of these little sweets. Another confection we think you should check out for your wedding? Macaroni.

Wedding Cake Macarons

Wedding Cake Macarons

Macaroni may not be a new food concept—the little French dish has been popular for years—but that doesn’t mean you can’t feature them on the table. It’s easy to think that these trends are still popular because they’re cute, but we think it might be because of something else: they’re actually cute. They can illuminate many unexpected details of the big day with colorful colors. However, these small dishes are not limited to the dessert table – many couples choose to use them as gift cards or escorts. Just take these delicious macarons from Buttercream Bakeshop, for example, which have become a placeholder thanks to the creativity of Laura Hooper Calligraphy.

Wedding Cake French Macarons

In the following pictures, you will find great ideas from real weddings that will not only inspire your taste, but also your wedding style. Place solid white models next to black and white makeup for a modern, minimal feel. If you are planning a vintage event, arranging simple pastel macarons next to the wedding cake will make it stand out from the guests. Are you ready to discover the different ways these crowd pleasers are portrayed? Click through to see our favorite macaron wedding ideas.

These little treats don’t have to be reserved for the dessert table. Guests at the wedding were treated to Hey There, Cupcake! when they sit down to eat.

Just because the macaroni is firm doesn’t mean you have to ditch the great toppings. Nadia & Co. this little dish is garnished with chopped figs and a little gold leaf.

For a spring wedding – or a French event, see here – you can’t go wrong with pastels. Patisserie Valerie made these colorful sweets in bright greens, pinks and creams.

Cocoa & Fig: Abby & Santiago’s Macaron Cake

The experts at Paper Cake Events coated the messy macarons in an edible golden color that almost matched their color.

Gâteau achieved the ombré behind this tower by mixing the pink and brown cake halves in the three middle layers.

Hello, Cupcake! Bake these white macarons. Their muted colors mean they can fit right into the dessert table.

Wedding Cake Macarons

Even though Sweetleemade accessorized the pink and white makeup with a variety of unusual accents — including glitter, leaf prints and colorful brush strokes — the show still felt put together.

New 6 Layers Macarons Display Tower Plastic Macaron Tower Stand Fondant Cake Stand Wedding Cake Decorating Tools

If you are planning a summer event, ask your chef to be inspired by the bright colors of the season. Blackberry River made candy green, hot pink and orange for this hot wedding.

Renaud’s Patisserie created this unique cake by placing white and brown macarons around the edge of each tier.

Round House Bakery rounds up fresh garden roses with golden foil croissants for a surprise cake.

To highlight the event’s cobalt-and-orange color palette, Walton’s Fancy and Staple created makeup in two light versions.

Macaron Stand 7 Tiered Macaron Tower Dessert Display

Given their origins, it makes sense that these dishes would appear on the French dessert table. Such was the case with the pink, cream and terracotta macarons.

This dessert table had green, pink and white macarons placed in vintage boxes and glass jars.

Macaroni made by The Cake Stand Cakery was featured in many areas of this wedding. These confections were given to the guests, and were used to decorate the naked cake for the couple.

Wedding Cake Macarons

Three small bowls of macarons accompanied the couple’s three Flour and Flourish wedding cakes, proving that there is no such thing as too much dessert.

Wedding Cake Macaron Dozen — Mon Macaron

At the wedding, the heart makes the final mark on the big day. That’s why Liggy’s Cake Company cakes looked right at home at the couple’s event.

The best part about macarons? They have almost every color. Create a rainbow display by placing a different color in each step of the sealed tray.

Make a sweet message that’s more touching by writing it on top of these cute little things. The Sweet and Saucy store created these delicious pre-party treats. By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree to the storage of cookies on your device to improve the way you navigate the website, to analyze the use of the website and to help you. in our marketing efforts.

Molly Allen is a professional wedding cake master and event planner. She is now a freelance writer focusing on lifestyle, travel, food and drink.

Three Tier Semi Naked Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers, Mac…

Photo by Emily Roebuck Photography; Cake from The Modern Bakery; Flowers and displays by Lavish Haus Design and Event Co.

A traditional wedding cake will always be on the menu. They are timeless and very beautiful. But if you’re looking for something a little different, a macaron wedding cake is perfect.

Suzanne Brady, owner of Cove Cake Design says, “Macaron towers and wedding macaron cakes look great as part of an elegant and sophisticated wedding cake table display. Other sweets, the show looks interesting and most of all, attractive.”

Wedding Cake Macarons

Do you think macaron wedding cake is not suitable for your beauty? Think again. These bite-sized desserts can be presented in many different ways, offering different flavors and even being hand-painted. Brady recommends designing a macaron wedding cake to compliment the beauty of your wedding by matching your color palette. Or, add fresh flowers to match other wedding flowers.

Steal Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas For A Parisian Themed Summer Weddin| Misdress

But what is the best way to prepare this type of treatment? “If you’re serving your macaron tower with something else, I recommend one macaroni per guest,” says Brady. foreigners.

Do you think macaron wedding cakes are perfect for your big day? Read on for 28 of our favorite ideas for creating this amazing dish.

Planning a wedding soon? Serving cakes can sometimes be difficult, but macaroni is easy. Collect a small display, but add a lot of fine details.

Macarons shine in pastel colors, but they look even better when paired with pastel cakes. We love the idea of ​​combining the two for a beautiful wedding.

A List Of 25 Philadelphia Area Wedding Cake Bakers To Know

Do you want to post an expression of love? Roses will definitely do the trick! Simple white macaron tower decoration with lots of pink roses for women.

Macaron wedding cakes are suitable for many shapes, sizes and ideas. If you don’t want to completely deviate from the traditional wedding cake look, consider using macarons to create a beautiful cascade for added beauty!

A simple macaron tower can certainly stand alone, but adding fresh flowers will make it even better. Take your design to the next level by adding beautiful flowers from your bouquet or table.

Wedding Cake Macarons

Want to have a soiree on the beach? Or are you hoping to do something simple? Even a macaron tower made in a neutral color can make a statement.

Wedding White Cake With Macarons And Roses Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 121027693

Don’t be afraid to mix things up with your macaron wedding cake. Add lots of bold colors combined with subtle painted patterns for a truly unique feel.

Are you ready to make a statement with your wedding dessert? Add lots of gold with colored macarons and meringues and add colorful flowers.

Image from We Are // The Clarkes; Cake by Scrumptious Bakes by Emma; Eden Blooms; Ribbon by Ribbon & Thyme

A macaron wedding cake is cute as can be, especially with a pastel color palette. But our favorite part of the show? A lovely pink color to tie it all together.

Wedding Stunning & Gorgeous French Macaron Pyramid

Make a delicate macaron tower with delicate roses and match it with a beautiful logo. We love the look of this acrylic sign to match the decor, while sharing all the flavors on offer.

Because of its beauty, macaroni is perfect for spring celebrations. Combine colorful macarons with beautiful flowers for a garden party wedding.

It’s hard to imagine stacking a two-tiered cake on top of a macaron tower, but it can be done! In addition, with a bright color palette, this confection is very eye-catching.

Wedding Cake Macarons

A single layer cake is delicious on its own, but adding macarons on top will make it even better. We love this beautiful color palette, with beautiful flowers.

Semi Naked Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers And Pink Macarons At East Riddlesden Hall By White Rose Cake Design In Huddersfield Honley Holmfirth Bradford Yorkshire (8)

Change the macaron wedding cake idea and add your favorite food. With one layer cake to cut, several macarons and matching cupcakes, this show has something for all guests.

There is no shame in choosing a flavor and color of macaroni. With an attractive blue color, this tower still makes a statement set among the beautiful flowers.

A macaron wedding cake is as decorative as a regular wedding cake, and this dessert proves it. It is served on a beautiful chair, decorated with gauze and fresh flowers

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