Wedding Colors Purple And Silver

Wednesday, September 28th 2022. | Weddings

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Blue and purple make a beautiful color combination all year round – it’s the depth of the colors that determines the final look.

Wedding Colors Purple And Silver

Wedding Colors Purple And Silver

Blue and purple make a beautiful color combination all year round – it’s the depth of the colors that determines the final look. Light blues and soft purples lean toward spring or summer weddings, and midnight blues and regal purples are perfect for winter celebrations. We hope these blue and purple wedding ideas inspire and delight…

Plum Purple Wedding Color Ideas And Invitation Suite

Powder blue with purple (perhaps more lilac) creates a cool, romantic vibe for a summer wedding day.

These tones are perfect for a beach wedding, especially if they coordinate well with the blue sea and sky!

There is an abundance of flowers to choose from for a blue and purple wedding theme and they match beautifully with white, ivory and green.

Adding a little depth to the two colors creates a royal blue and rich purple color scheme – colors that lend themselves wonderfully to weddings throughout the year. Add color to your flowers but don’t worry too much about mixing them elsewhere. Bridal dresses in blue, for example, look attractive with purple bouquets – there’s no need to find a purple and blue dress.

Passion Of Purple

Adopting a ‘Tiffany Blue’ shade with purple works well, especially when using darker colors for the base tier.

For a beautiful evening wedding, jewel tones are wonderful, especially in the fall and winter months when you can set the scene by candlelight. Bridesmaids and usher may wear dark midnight blue dresses, including purple accessories such as posies, buttonholes, ties, and shoes. A muted shade of gold completes the look as a background color for the favor box and wedding cake.

Set for an evening wedding breakfast, midnight blues and purples lend a truly royal slant to the sleeping chairs. This bold color scheme works well because the decor is kept to a minimum, making the stunning floral centerpieces speak for themselves!

Wedding Colors Purple And Silver

When it comes to flowers, sometimes a hint of color is all you need. These delicate cream roses are the perfect backdrop for a scattering of stunning blue and purple orchids.

Stunning Wedding Color Ideas In Shades Of Purple And Silver

Make sure your invitations indicate the color scheme you choose. We love this design for a more rustic wedding.

And finally, the cake. An elegantly stacked cake frosted in white is a suitably gorgeous base for this cascade of flowers, set off with a purple ribbon and a bit of glitter. If you’ve always dreamed of a purple wedding, we’ve got you all the inspiration you need today! Today we present the top 5 most popular and give you some wedding ideas.

Orchid is a refreshing, fun purple color and can be used in many areas of your wedding. This purple hue is easy to work with your florist and can work on your menu too… Think desserts and signature cocktails! This color works best in spring and summer as it is so refreshing and soothing.

Mauve is very dusty and romantic. This color works in any season and looks beautiful when paired with metallics. Think candlelight, twinkling lights and all things romantic and they match perfectly with mauve.

Pretty Shades Of Purple Wedding Color Combos

Mulberry looks rich and expensive and can work in any season, but its deep colors actually do better in fall and winter. Mulberry is a wonderful color to use in bridal dresses and as accent pieces for the bride and groom’s attire, as it looks great on all skin tones.

Lavender is very soft and is a great choice if you want to add other pastels as accent colors. This color is great for many floral options and can work in other ways on your big day as well. For example, throwing lavender buds (instead of bird seeds or rice) by your guests when you get in the car at the end of the night will surely fill the air with a lovely aroma and make everyone involved. Will make beautiful memories for… It is your wedding colour, so one more reason to fall in love with this colour.

Plum is very elegant and can work in any season. This is a great color for dresses, flowers, table linens and invitations! The richness of this color is the perfect match for an elegant, sophisticated wedding.

Wedding Colors Purple And Silver

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Glamorous Dark Purple Wedding Inspirational Ideas

Purple Wedding Color – Purple remains a popular and beloved wedding color, as has it been for decades. Violet has many different colors, from the traditional “royal” purple to a blue or reddish purple. Whatever shade of purple you choose as your wedding color, feel free to mix it with other shades of purple. They look amazing together as seen in the bride’s wedding bouquet below.

Although there are many, many shades of purple, for this post I’ve narrowed it down to purple, light purple, lavender, orchid, and plum.

I chose purple, which gives you a range of colors in the purple family. This will take you to the “ball park” about what color you want to use, and whether you want to go lighter, darker, or change the tone a bit. I suggest choosing your bridesmaid dresses before getting fully involved in your complexion. This way you have very little stress.

Violet, as shown below, appears as blue-violet on the color wheel (also known as blue-violet), but I chose it for this designation because most people refer to “normal violet” and “purple”. “That’s what you think when you listen. It is somewhat dramatic and usually the wedding color “Wow!” It looks great with turquoise and royal blue, but don’t limit your options… Consider orange, pink, red, silver, gold and more!

Wedding Inspiration For The Color Lilac

Light purple is a softer version of purple and has a slightly grayer tone. It’s a color often called lavender, but as you can see in the two collages below, they’re not the same. Light purple is an especially good choice for spring and summer weddings.

Lavender is often called “pink violet”. It’s a little more sophisticated than light purple and, like all shades of purple, it works well with green or blue. As shown in the couple photos in the collage below, it looks amazing in gold too!

A rosy-ish purple shade similar to Orchid Lavender, but with a little more pink with it. This is the shade of a type of orchid flower. If you love orchids, this is a great choice for you! In 2014, a particular shade of orchid called Radiant Orchid was chosen as Pantone’s Color of the Year.

Wedding Colors Purple And Silver

Plum is the darkest of all the colors I am showing here. It resembles some colors like eggplant, prune, aubergine, burgundy and wine. It pairs well with grays and oranges, making it a great choice for fall. And I think pairing plum with silver is a particularly beautiful combination.

Pantone’s Color Of The Year For Your Wedding Palette!

Please note that I have only used one color in the visual designs to help you see the effect of the color. Of course, you may want to mix it with other colors and/or other colors.

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For brides who are stressed about time, budget and making the right choice, we’ve got you covered. Anyone can sell a cake topper or invitation. Especially at weddings, we take pride in helping you create “you”‘s wedding or event. A wedding where every detail reflects your unique passion, personality and spirit. From traditional and elegant to tropical paradise with a Vegas casino theme or beyond, we want to make your big day a breeze.

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