Wedding Decorations Without Flowers

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Wedding Decorations Without Flowers – As we enter the so-called “wedding boom” in 2022, expect to see many new trends such as small weddings, security systems, Friday night and Sunday brunch receptions. wait – and wedding without flowers.

With the scarcity and cost of flowers, flowerless wedding centerpieces and decorations will be fashionable in the future. In addition, decorating without flowers has many advantages: the couple does not have to worry about whether their choice is in the season of flowers, or about the lack of things. Also, a wedding without flowers is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Wedding Decorations Without Flowers

Wedding Decorations Without Flowers

So now, more than ever, couples want to know: “What can I use instead of flowers at my wedding?” We’ve scoured thousands of real wedding albums to find our non-floral decor items. From creative lighting to hanging crystal chandeliers, there is no shortage of beautiful designs for your flowerless wedding.

Designer Approved Diy Wedding Decorations

We recommend hiring a team of beauticians and beauticians to manage your flower vision (with their input). Read on for 17 unique ideas for a wedding without flowers.

The Japanese art of paper folding, also known as origami (orizuru in Japan), began in the 6th century BC. Because paper is a rare commodity, this art form is reserved for use at Shinto shrines and – you guessed it – weddings.

Although the form is rare, the art of origami is still beautiful and important. The best part? You can choose the stool to match your style of celebration – whether elegant, elegant, or modern.

Hundreds of bright blue cranes descended on this huge room – casting their silent shadows on the darkened walls.

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Calling all adults: balloon decorations are officially popular. Once relegated to children’s birthday parties or outdoor graduation, the design of this season elevates many weddings.

In fact, we love wedding balloon decorations so much, we have to give them all the letters. Whether matte or sparkly, cascade or cluster, balloon arrangements will add elegance to your wedding.

Photographer: Mary Costa | planning & design: Heartthrob Weddings & Events | Flower: Bloom | Balloon Arch: Bonjour Fete | Entertainment: Lucky Devils Band

Wedding Decorations Without Flowers

When it comes to innovation, there is more than one way to happen. We love the asymmetric style that follows the beauty of the surrounding trees.

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Consider holding your wedding next to a body of water (whether it’s a backyard pool or a luxe hotel fountain) for a timeless look. Pool decorations are an easy way to make your event stand out from the crowd – with elements that your friends and family have never seen before. .

While floaties are always an option, we recommend thinking outside the box with everything from fun floaties to small beach balls (trust us, it’s a thing).

Photo: Gianny Campos | Planner: Blue Orchid Event Design | Flowers: Ever Remember Florist | Location: Betsy – South Beach

Heart-shaped inflatables add a romantic touch to a poolside cocktail hour – with a glamorous look to match.

Everything You Need For A Vintage Wedding

Photographer: Boone Studios | Agency: Ink Events & Design | Flower: Sunflower | design & production: Geffen Events | Lighting: Wova Events

Glowing orbs float like distant planets in the dark cosmos – making the sunset kiss even more romantic.

They say, “Diamond is a girl’s best friend.” But crystal decoration is something we can get behind. Bright design elements add glamor to any wedding – regardless of theme or style.

Wedding Decorations Without Flowers

We especially love hanging crystals for their stunning presentation and dreamy ambiance. Consider using a crystal chandelier for everything from a bar exchange to a tented reception dinner – or cocktail hour in between.

Easy Diy Wedding Centerpieces On A Budget

Photographer: Brian Leahy Photography | preparation: the preparation: Michelle Garibay Events | Flowers: Soiree Floral Design | location: Sweet Oaks Ranch | food: Carrot 24 Catering and events

The endless blue sky became the backdrop for this stylish couple – with crystal lashings completing the table.

When it comes to fabric, think more than linen. Ribboned fabric fringes add softness to any event space – even a commercial loft. The best part? Tassels are the perfect opportunity to combine wedding colors in a new and unique way.

Photographer: Peter Nguyen Studio | Planner: Wedding Eventtrics | designer & lighting: Time from Shangri-la | Location: Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge

Shop Wedding Tablescape Decor Inspired By Vogue Weddings

This colorful Sangeet is beautiful in pink and orange hues – with a tasseled hemline.

Blue ellipsoidal light shines from the tasseled chandelier topped with candles – and turns the dance floor into a place of celebration.

For creative couples, custom designs give originality and freshness to what will be the sixth or seventh wedding of the season. A unique design can do everything from transforming your space to capturing the essence or style of your event.

Wedding Decorations Without Flowers

In addition to talking to a wedding planner or finding new ideas from real weddings, check out fashion magazines, galleries and art galleries for more inspiration.

Adorn Without Flowers

This wedding was inspired by its location, the Chicago Museum of Art, and reinvented traditional weddings into something more sophisticated and modern.

This beautiful reception tent goes beyond the limits of the frame or frame thanks to this wooden box and the white detailing – creating an unforgettable sight, with the image perfect garden.

The lighting, is used mainly for lighting, can be as beautiful as any flower. In addition to the traditional chandeliers, lighting will improve the wedding ceremony, the background and so on.

We recommend choosing a chandelier that suits your celebration. For example, choose sputnik lamps for a contemporary vibe or vintage lamps for a classic or elegant look.

Non Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A special round light, with bright lights and top trees, turn this white space into a beautiful garden – without a single flower.

This simple and elegant chandelier becomes the theme of a minimalist wedding chuppah – the perfect addition to the bright colors and ceiling.

For couples who like to arrange flowers (but don’t like chain material), consider creating a flower arrangement without flowers. What to do? Use artificial lighting to reveal flowers, stems, stamens, and other floral elements.

Wedding Decorations Without Flowers

Best of all, the lights create a happy atmosphere for the couple and their guests. See why lighting has become a party trend in 2022. You’ll also find more free-flowing flowers to make your photos perfect.

Luxury Wedding Decorations & Floral Chicago

Paisley gobo-lights turn the room into a floral dream – the perfect place for a romantic wedding and an unforgettable first dance.

Candles create a more romantic atmosphere than any other decorative item. And what is more romantic than a wedding?

Think beyond the candle base and add candles everywhere from the walls to the ceiling. Of course, you work with the wedding planner and venue to make sure you follow all safety rules.

Photography by, planning & design: Colin Cowie Lifestyle | Location: Live | catering: Wolfgang Puck Catering – Los Angeles

Beauty Of Wedding Decoration Is Left Untouched Without Flowers

This beachside pavilion sparkles with three-tiered candlelit shelves. Hanging crystal beads and votive centerpieces also create rows of matching lights for a great view.

Photographer: Duke Photos | Planner: Detailed Details | Flowers: Shawna Yamamato Event Design | location: The Resort at Pelican Hill | Lighting: Side Light

The string light tent has become a party idea in 2021 – and for good reason. In a year where many ceremonies have been postponed or postponed, the string lights have kept the magic of the main stage front and center.

Wedding Decorations Without Flowers

Do not leave a good contrast, the designer keeps the beauty of the light decoration of the thread with competition and new values. From shooting star ceiling lights to sparkling ceiling lights, string lights are redefining what it means to shine.

Tall Centerpieces That Will Take Your Reception Tables To New Heights

Photographer: Birds of A Feather | Planner: The Lynden Lane Company | Flowers: Kevin Lee Weddings | Location: Hotel Bel-Air | Decor & Hire: Modern Elegance | Lighting: Amber Event Production | Tablescape: Theoni Collection

Gourmet food creates a delightful experience for your wedding guests. But don’t stop there. Improve food to the level of fine art with medium products made from fruits and vegetables.

The different colors of the color palette make this beautiful piece perfect for any celebration – whether rustic, elegant, modern, or tropical.

Fruit centerpieces are all the centerpieces we need for this beautiful home wedding. Even if the wedding cake does not have flowers, use the elements of fruit separately for a simple but effective product.

Dramatic Pampas Grass Wedding Ideas That Are New And Unique

A skilled wedding planner can take kitchen appliances, like cast iron, and turn it into a rustic setting. We especially appreciate the way the beautiful color palette complements the wedding aesthetic.

While flowers are like celebrities in the natural world (and weddings), the evergreen is a faithful companion that deserves its own. Just like flowers, greens come in different shapes and colors.

From palm trees and green needles to eucalyptus blossoms and clumps of sage, there is no shortage of greenery to suit your wedding vision.

Wedding Decorations Without Flowers

Photo: Beca Hale Photography | Planner: Blue Orchid Event Design | Flower: Pink flower | location: The Confidante Miami Beach | entertainment and lighting: Bay Kings Band

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Not all greenery needs a rustic vibe. This beautiful welcome makes everyday things with sparkle

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