Wedding Flowers Ideas & Inspiration

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Wedding Flowers Ideas & Inspiration – If you’re not a professional florist, doing wedding flowers on your own can seem a little daunting at first. But with a little time and knowledge, you can quickly find the best options for your big day. Here’s everything you need to know about the types of wedding flowers and how to make your own arrangement, as well as some really cute ideas to inspire you.

Once you’ve got them down, you’ll be able to find budget-friendly arrangement ideas using these cost-effective flowers.

Wedding Flowers Ideas & Inspiration

Wedding Flowers Ideas & Inspiration

Wedding flowers are usually classified by name (for those who want to use a specific flower in their arrangement), color (to go with your overall theme) and style (ie what arrangement design it fits best with). . Since the specific needs and colors of wedding theme flowers vary greatly, we will focus on the types of wedding flowers worth knowing about centerpiece design. These options are cost-effective, beautiful and quite easy to stick to.

Bouquet Inspiration For The Boho Bride: 18 Dried, Earthy & Wild Bouquets

All of the flowers we’ve mentioned so far will look great in your bouquet, but if you’re looking for extraordinary blooms, you’ll want to show off one of these sturdy, long-lasting options:

Your order should be placed at least one month in advance. Plan to have your design ideas ready a few weeks in advance so you have time to shop around and compare prices.

A bouquet of fresh flowers should be made within 24 hours of the wedding to keep everything bright and beautiful. However, some blooms can last up to 48 hours after cutting. So if time is a priority, be sure to research the shelf life of each type of flower you plan to include in your bouquet in advance.

Some wedding centerpieces are quite simple (like single-stemmed sunflowers or mini round vases with rose heads) and don’t take much time. But as a general rule, the bigger the table, the bigger the vase. And the bigger the vase, the more flowers you have to work with, which in turn takes more time.

Foraged Bridal Bouquet

For large, complex centerpieces, you may need 60 to 90 minutes per arrangement. And for smaller, lighter focal points, give yourself at least 30 minutes per arrangement.

Collect them as close to assembly time as possible. If you need to keep them for several hours (up to six hours if you use a separate refrigerator), use some of these great florist secrets to keep them fresher.

As with wedding bouquets – 24 hours or less is ideal, 48 hours can still work, but you are not guaranteed the same result.

Wedding Flowers Ideas & Inspiration

Before you can make any of these beautiful centerpieces, you’ll need to gather supplies. Your basic flower arrangement kit should include: flower frogs (which hold the stems in place while you arrange), super glue of your choice, as well as Elmer’s, green floral foam and/or wire, green for your base. and the transparency of clear lanes and dedicated gardens.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas Archives

You can find all of these items at your local craft store or online at general retailers and specialty stores. However, if you’re buying your flowers online, the company you’re buying from may also include or at least offer the necessary supplies along with instructions, so check out their blogs and specials.

Next, check out our other beautiful DIY bridal bouquet ideas as well as some DIY wedding table decorations.

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Stunning Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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Looking for spring wedding #inspo? Let’s be honest: no spring wedding is complete without an abundance of pretty pastel flowers. And while you can add flowers to every element of your big day—from the altar to the reception tables—we think spring wedding bouquets are perhaps the most important. Why? Because your bouquet will be the centerpiece of all your beautiful bridal portraits, and most importantly, it’s what you’ll carry down the aisle to meet your partner.

Fortunately, spring has many beautiful blooms in season to choose from. Peonies, roses, tulips, calla lilies, hydrangeas, sweet peas and ranunculus are just a few of the many types of flowers readily available for spring weddings. Romantic pastels are always perfect for this season of renewal, but don’t be afraid to add bold colors for contrast (think fuchsia, coral, orange and purple).

Wedding Flowers Ideas & Inspiration

Your bouquet will be one of the most photographed details of the wedding, so it should express your personal sense of style, whether it’s traditional, modern, romantic, whimsical, boho or rustic.

The White Sparrow Barn

Below, we’ve collected 42 gorgeous spring wedding bouquets from real weddings and asked top floral designers to share some of their favorites as well.

At this colorful California wedding, florist Kathleen Deary surprised the bride with two bouquets to choose from. “She hadn’t seen much of my dress and wanted the colors to complement each other well,” says the bride. The winning choice? A bunch of pink roses surrounded by ivy.

Lily Peterson of The Flowershop dreamed up this clustered bouquet of Claire de Lune peonies, coral peonies and white daisies. “I wanted it to be small and feel wild,” says the bride.

For this carefree wedding in the hills of Virginia, Sweet Root Village created bouquets of soft pink asters, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, lavender, white daisies, nigella and blue thistle. The colors complement this patterned dress beautifully.

Fresh Flowers Busting Your Budget? Save With Wedding Flower Alternatives

This succulent bouquet by Amy Osaba features three of our favorite spring flowers: tulips, ranunculus, and sweet peas. Pops of blue among the creamy white flowers make a beautiful statement.

Individual flowers can make a serious impression when tied with sweet, satin ribbon. Just take this little bouquet of ranunculus and peonies as proof.

Molly the Bride’s wild bouquet is paired with soft pink astrantia, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, lavender, white daisies, nigella, white peonies and chocolate Queen Anne lace. This wildflower style was the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding.

Wedding Flowers Ideas & Inspiration

We love white bouquets for spring weddings. The bride’s whimsical and romantic bouquet featured lily of the valley, sticknotis, sweet williams and white astilbe – all wrapped in a mother of the bride handkerchief.

Real Fall Wedding Inspiration: Enchanted Forest Wedding Flowers

We spotted this little beauty at a wedding in Provence, so it was only fitting that floral and event designer Matthew Robbins added sprigs of lavender to the bridesmaids’ peonies. Fresh, fragrant herbs are the perfect addition to any spring bouquet.

This soft bouquet by Amy Osaba Design features English garden roses, peonies and ranunculus in white, ivory and blush. We rarely like a range of pastel shades.

Rethink the spring color palette by mixing shades of muted orange with pale pinks and yellows. This sweet set of Mandy Grace designs is a wonderful example.

A bouquet of pale pink anthuriums and roses, sweet peas, sweet ferns and rice flowers at the florist set the tone (literally) for the pastel palette of this Charleston wedding. Contrasting shapes and textures create a beautifully eclectic look.

Bouquet Ideas Perfect For Winter Weddings

Another Emi Osaba beauty, this bouquet makes an impression, thanks to the soft strands of silk ribbon surrounding it. But noticeable? Dogwood accents, which the bride requested as a sentimental reminder of growing up in the South.

Nice, but this flowers design is special. (We think you have the structure to thank.)

If you want to capture that carefree vibe, check out this bouquet of daisies, pansies, mums, and alliums for inspiration. A rainbow of colors creates an exotic aesthetic.

Wedding Flowers Ideas & Inspiration

We love the romantic richness of beautiful garden roses in this spring package of purple magnolia floral designs. Eucalyptus adds a touch of freshness.

Striking Tropical Wedding Bouquets

A hint of lavender is an unexpected but totally elegant touch in this loose and wild bouquet. It goes perfectly with pale orange roses and loose, trailing foliage.

Marigold SF designed this pack of tea and garden roses, ferns and vines. The flowers appear to have been picked from the woods at the couple’s place in California.

This mix of wildflowers, foraged greens and store-bought flowers was created by the bride. She describes the look as “organic, romantic and boho”.

If roses are your thing, this bouquet from Lindsay Bishop Events is all the inspiration you need. We especially love how it combines shades of light pink with bubblegum and fuchsia.

Real Bride’s Wedding Bouquets

This textured bouquet from Bows & Arrows Flowers is a pair of roses, dahlias and peonies in white and pink, all tied with a piece of fabric from the mother of the bride’s wedding dress. It is the perfect accompaniment to this bridal semi-sheer gown with floral appliqués.

While the large flowers are undoubtedly the star of this one

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