Wedding Shower Theme Ideas For Couples

Saturday, November 5th 2022. | Weddings

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Wedding Shower Theme Ideas For Couples

Wedding Shower Theme Ideas For Couples

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Homemade Ice Cream Bridal Shower Ideas . . . Inspired By Scoop Adventures

While everyone wants to celebrate the bride and groom, it’s no secret that the bridal shower can be a bit of a drag. The same bridal shower themes, games, and brunch food can get a little mundane, especially if this is your eighth bridal shower of the year. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Spring and summer bridal showers offer endless opportunities for modern festive themes that will surprise and delight your guests.

From pool parties and wine tastings to luaus and fiestas, bridal shower themes this spring and summer are anything but boring.

There are many benefits to hosting a poolside party, not the least of which is a relaxed atmosphere in the sun. Pop some fun floats in the pool — we’re partial to flamingos — and gift each of your guests with monogrammed beach towels. Serve classic poolside treats like daiquiris, cold beers and Arnold Palmers alongside light bites like guacamole and ceviche. Be sure to word the invitation correctly so guests know to bring their swimsuits.

Since you’ll be in the sun all day, provide an SPF bar so guests can protect their skin and avoid tan lines before the big day.

Country Bridal Shower Ideas

City dwellers know that spring and summer entertaining involves rooftops, so what better place to throw a bridal shower? Stock the ice buckets with Domaines Oats rosé wine (a French seaside classic) and Louis Roederer rosé champagne—it’s time for rooftop rosé! Decorate the terrace or patio with floral arrangements and comfortable seating, then serve wine-friendly fare like crab salad, shrimp skewers and vegetable wraps.

Make like Truman Capote and host your own black-and-white masquerade ball—or, at the very least, host a dinner party. Ask guests to wear their best black or white formal attire (masks preferred) for an elegant soiree at your home or event space. Hire a chef or caterer to handle the food and a bartender to keep the champagne flowing; Bonus points for building a champagne tower. It was a night no one will forget, like the guests at the famous 1966 party.

Move over Taco Tuesdays. Throw a colorful fiesta for the bride with a penchant for tacos, tequila, and all things guac (for all of us).

Wedding Shower Theme Ideas For Couples

And a mariachi band. A margarita bar is a must, as are a variety of spicy salsas for dipping chips. You can have this party indoors or outdoors, making it flexible in case of inclement weather. Greenery Bridal Shower Game Card Bundle (25 Guest Pack) Word Scramble, Guess The Cake, Wedding Name, Famous Couples Trivia Rustic Theme Engagement, Rehearsal, Reception

Nothing goes better with brunch foods than mimosas. Put a spin on standard OJ and Prosecco by offering a range of fruit juices including grapefruit, cranberry and pear, along with wild bubbles and festive garnishes such as strawberries, herbs and edible flowers. If you have a sweet tooth, try something like Fluffpop—Gold Flakes that you can place on top of a glass of bubbly. Talk about a party in a glass.

For your tea party bridal shower, ditch the Mad Hatter theme in favor of a modern twist: make your own herbal tea bar. Guests can mix their own loose-leaf tea by pouring star anise and rose petals from black tea leaves into a strainer. Then boil the mixture in hot water, and voila! It also works for iced tea, and we wouldn’t mind a spiked version to get the party started. You can even bring in an Ayurvedic expert or certified tea blender to help lead the class — you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, especially to help heal ailments and boost things like libido.

Cue the hula dancers; It’s time for Lua. Although a time-honored party and bridal shower theme, it never fails to excite guests, especially in tropical summer weather. Have guests dress up in their best floral prints and bright colors, decorate the space with tiki torches and orchids, and relax all your friends and family when they arrive. For food and drink, think Polynesian classics: Kalua pork, poke bowls, fresh pineapple and tiki cocktails.

Spend the day tasting white and red wines, learning how wine is made, and of course, sipping a glass on the patio with a giant cheese board at a destination bridal shower at a local winery. Producers like Napa Valley’s Charles Krug and New York’s Macari Vineyards are perfect for groups, as they have indoor and outdoor seating, scenic views, and great wines. Find a local winery with plenty of options to make the perfect getaway with your favorite ladies.

Creative And Wonderful Ideas Of Centerpieces For Bridal Showers

Is beer more of a bridal thing? No matter the winery; Hit up a local brewery instead. Tour the facility to learn how brews are made and sample different styles and flavors before ordering some pitchers and food for a festive affair. San Diego’s Stone Brewing, central Pennsylvania’s Trogg’s Independent Brewing, and Boston’s Harpoon Brewery are all great places, but so is a brewery near you.

Instantly transport your guests to the English countryside with a sophisticated soiree in a manicured garden or greenhouse. Think floral print dresses, lavender garnished cocktails and lots of flowers along with a farm fresh menu. A string quartet further sets the mood and classical entertainment such as archery.

For a modern upgrade, host a DIY flower crown bar or host a workshop on how to arrange fresh cut flowers.

Wedding Shower Theme Ideas For Couples

Cooking classes are no stranger to bridal showers, but give the idea a summery twist by hosting a barbecue workshop. Who says a man has to “man the barbecue”? Invite a barbecue pro to teach your friends how to roast, grill and smoke your favorite foods. You can go with a lighter diet, work with marinated salmon instead of red meat, fruit kebabs and oysters – all with your favorite wine or beer of course.

The Complete Bridal Shower Ideas And Planning Guide

Share your passion for philanthropy with your nearest and dearest by hosting a charity-focused bridal shower. This could be anything from a day volunteering at a soup kitchen to helping out at an animal shelter or sanctuary. Even if you have a traditional party, you can still respect the foundation. Ask guests to donate to a nonprofit of your choice in lieu of gifts, and invite a representative to share all the good work the organization does during your soiree.

What’s better than a party on a boat? Nothing is too basic, so a nautical theme is the perfect way to celebrate an honorable woman who loves the water. Charter a spacious sailboat, yacht or catamaran for a few hours of sailing with plenty of seafood and beer. Set a dress code that calls for nautical stripes and sun hats and adorn with anchors, ropes and oars.

Think lush green flowers, sparkling lanterns and twinkling lights for decoration. Baby’s breath flower crowns can help with magical vibrations. For the final touch, incorporate quotes from the story as centerpieces or decorative accents to tie them together.

Throw your own lawn games tournament as an unexpected bridal shower theme. You’ll enjoy the outdoors while engaging in some friendly competition as you go head-to-head over corn hole, bocce ball and croquet. You can class it up by having your guests dress up in their “croquet whites.” Serve up herb-infused cocktails alongside elevated stadium fare like bite-sized chicken and waffles and shrimp corn dogs with mustard aioli. Get started!

Pink Themed Bridal Shower

Ditch the standard burgers for a down-home affair that feels a little more festive. Set long farm-style tables with pretty plates and seasonal flowers and be sure to tell guests to come hungry; It will be a celebration. For food, hire a catering company or chef to handle the preparation and you’ll focus on a lemonade bar—maybe even with vodka. To top it off, have a folk band play some jams while guests mingle with drinks in hand.

The summer solstice, an astronomical event defined by the Earth’s tilt toward the Sun, results in the “longest day of the year” created due to the maximum number of hours of sunlight on that day. Honor your nearest star by throwing a shindig with seasonal dishes and drinks and a colorful dress code. Since the holiday honors Mother Earth, give your party an eco-friendly twist. Reduce waste by renting glassware, plates and linens, decorate with potted plants, and donate to an environmental charity to benefit your party. Planning a bridal shower can be difficult, but it’s a lot easier if you start with a list of bridal shower themes! A bridal shower is more than just giving gifts. They are full of food, games and fun for everyone on the guest list.

If you’ve been tasked with planning this party, perhaps because you’re the maid of honor,

Wedding Shower Theme Ideas For Couples

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