Wedding Table Setting Examples

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Molly Allen is a former bakery owner and former event planner with experience in wedding orders. She is currently a freelance writer focusing on lifestyle, travel, and food and beverage.

Wedding Table Setting Examples

Wedding Table Setting Examples

If she’s a foodie, the perfect food and drinks are likely to be the highlights of her wedding reception menu. Whether you and your significant other are obsessed with a particular dish, your favorite restaurant, or just love to try something new, your reception is the perfect time to hit it off with amazing spreads to share with family and friends.

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Of course, it is necessary to set thematic places at the table for each guest to tie everything together. And there are so many key details to consider! Do you like charcuterie? Includes mini version. Crazy about citrus? Use as decoration. Whether you choose to incorporate simple nods to your food obsession or want to combine several small details for one big display, we’ve got you covered.

Consider giving your wedding menu double duty. This place setting features a dinner menu printed on a paper sleeve. and inside? The guests found an attractive mini loaf of bread. Unforgettable: A fragrant fresh rosemary adds beautifully to complete the look.

What better way to celebrate a love of food than to nod to the beauty and bounty of harvest season? For a late summer or fall wedding, wear a gold or tan charger with strands of wheat to create a balance between earthy and elegant.

Not interested in putting real food on your table? Use themed menus instead! This table setting includes a cloth napkin with a paper menu with a pretty lemon design underneath to add an Italian touch.

Impressive Wedding Table Setting Ideas

Do you want a simple and decorative touch? One couple chose to make a statement with a statue of a Greek goddess on their table, but adding some fruit to the mix was perfect. Sprinkle peaches, plums, and grapes in front of each table to include a little food to reinforce the theme.

Do you love all shellfish and crustaceans? Then know that oyster shells double beautifully as wedding decorations. Consider using clean, empty oyster shells as place cards for a beach feast.

Creating food-focused decor doesn’t always mean actual food on the table (until dinnertime, of course!). Work with your stationery staff to design a menu with your love of food in mind. Includes illustrations to help you see what’s on the menu at a glance.

Wedding Table Setting Examples

Choose an option that not only creates a food-focused environment, but also makes a beautiful wedding gift! One couple included olive oil with a personalized label at each place setting for their reception. The perfect complement to a rustic table complete with fringed napkins.

Summer Tablescape Ideas From Hgtv Magazine

Pears are not only delicious, but also symbolize elegance, nobility, and happy relationships. For an elegant touch, consider tying each pear with a bow before placing it in front of the table.

You can’t go wrong with charcuterie, whether you choose to make one large board or serve individual options. We love these unique displays, which include mini deli appetizers served in small glass bowls in each setting. What a wonderful addition to a glamorous wedding!

There’s no reason you shouldn’t turn lemons into decorative slices at your celebrations. This clever idea used fresh lemon as a place card for each table. Each name-engraved paper ribbon was attached with matching pins studded with lemons.

What are some edible wedding favors that all your guests will love? Honey, of course. Serve up a delicious bottle of locally sourced honey to celebrate your wedding venue. You can add a personalized note to each bottle or even use the bottle personalized with your guest’s name as a place card.

Examples Of Vintage Place Settings & Pricing

Want to go beyond a food-focused table? Create table numbers or signs based on your favorite dishes or favorite restaurant destinations, and give each table a theme and name.

Not everything is fruit. Also consider celebrating your love of vegetables at your wedding. Use vegetables in smart ways, like turning them into place card holders. We love this unique option that incorporates a colorful artichoke.

It’s the perfect combination if you want to spice up your reception décor. Combine vibrant florals with rich citrus for a sunny party. We love how the rich centerpiece pairs with the acrylic floral place card to complete the color palette.

Wedding Table Setting Examples

This is a very simple touch, but your guests will love it. Include a mini bread and butter board at your table. I love the idea of ​​incorporating herb butter or honey cinnamon butter into the mix.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding Reception — Hoboken New Jersey Wedding Calligraphy

If your love for food extends to your passion for desserts, congratulations! To really personalize the look, include delicious snacks at each table. Instead of paper, use beautifully decorated cookies as place cards. another option? Work with a baker to display calligraphy macarons.

A simple yet elegant option with a nod to your love of food? The branches of the blueberry tree add a special ethereal feeling. Depending on the season, you can create a similar look with cherry branches or thornless blackberry branches.

Whether you’re getting married in Europe or have an American aesthetic, you’ll want your table settings to match. Mix and match beautifully patterned plates and napkins and pair them with mini baguettes.

If you’re not interested in incorporating real food, another option is the tableware theme. Choose a charger with a food-focused motif, like a vibrant citrus design, or adorable options with strawberries or raspberries.

Prettiest Wedding Tables

Embrace a whimsical color palette for a fall wedding, but mix up the fruit. Deep red apples are the perfect canvas for the gold lettering. You can also incorporate apples into place cards or use apples to decorate a table around a beautiful centerpiece. By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree to the storage of cookies on your device to improve site navigation, analyze site usage and assist with marketing. effort.

Molly Allen is a former bakery owner and former event planner with experience in wedding orders. She is currently a freelance writer focusing on lifestyle, travel, and food and beverage.

Once she’s narrowed down her place and decided on the details of her ceremony, it’s all about her reception. And if she plans to host a dinner party, a nice table is likely on her list.

Wedding Table Setting Examples

Everything from unique centerpieces to table runners can enhance the look of your wedding day dinner table. However, there is another important part to complete the look. It’s just a place setting. You can customize the position of your reception table to perfectly match the style of your wedding. Depending on the style of your wedding, whether you want to keep it simple, glam, have a bohemian vibe, or any other aesthetic. There are many options to include personalized details and make your dining experience even more special for your guests.

Centerpiece Ideas For Any Wedding Style

Ready to find the reception table inspiration you’ve been searching for? Read on for 44 wedding venue setups for every style.

Are you planning a destination wedding or want to convey a specific location and get inspiration from the United States? Start with a pattern plate that reminds you of a specific place and build from there. We love the Mediterranean blue included in this setting!

One of the best ways to improve your venue setup from the start is to consider your plate. Ditch plain, plain dishes and go for something rich in texture for a beautiful look.

Express your love for watercolors to compose a beautiful table. This setup incorporated a clear plate with gold accents for a metallic touch. But thanks to the transparent plate, the watercolor menu is the star of the show.

Minimalist Wedding Ideas For The Rustic Bride

Make a statement with lots of layers. This beautiful setup started with a neutral charger, a pastel blue plate, and two other plates on top. Beautifully bound with ocean-inspired napkins and place cards.

Channel your love of the Southwest and host a fun and casual table. The setting was very inviting for family style dining, with patterned napkins, cactus painted menus and custom leather tables.

From tablecloths to table runners, there’s nothing wrong with choosing bold colors. And even similar hues can make a plate stand out with clear plates and bold ribbons.

Wedding Table Setting Examples

Do you want to set up a beautiful dining table inspired by nature? Keep your selection of plates, napkins, and cutlery simple. Decorate each stage with stones that you and your partner find. Bonus points when you turn it into a place card!

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces To Inspire Your Design

This flower crown was a surprise in one place for a flower girl, but the same concept could be repeated for a larger group. Consider adding a decorative wreath for your guests to wear at dinner.


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