Wedding Theme For Summer

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Wedding Theme For Summer – Summer is the most popular time of year to say “I do”. Beautiful weather, blooming flowers and greenery, and beautiful themes are just some of the many reasons why summer weddings are great.

With so many weddings taking place between June and August, you’ll want yours to stand out, so we’ve rounded up the best summer wedding ideas – some classic, some creative and unexpected that your guests will love!

Wedding Theme For Summer

Wedding Theme For Summer

To be completely realistic – this is British, the sun is not guaranteed. That’s why we have 56 summer wedding ideas, from frosé sticks for scorching days to matching swaddles when the weather changes.

The Perfect Wedding Themes For Summer

Enjoy these fun, sunny, fun ideas and make the most of your vows during England’s favorite wedding season.

Make the most of the season by getting married outdoors. Outdoor wedding venues have the potential to look stunning – make sure you have an indoor alternative or a spare tent in case the British weather is against you.

Planning a festive wedding is becoming more and more popular and can be done in a variety of ways. You can have your reception on a green lawn with lots of hay bales and a casual outfit to sit in, or you can go out and have a live band on stage or even a funky teepee. The choice is yours.

Having a ceremony or reception in a room with a glass ceiling or wall keeps the room very bright and lets tons of natural light in. The last thing you want at your summer wedding is to get married in a dark room. If you can pull down the walls to get in, even better!

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Leave a small bag on each guest’s seat or, if they will be staying, put it in their hotel room upon arrival. You can add things like bottled water, a fan, small sunscreen bottles, and small snacks. Do the same for the kids and add little coloring books or puzzles to keep them busy until the ceremony begins.

If you have a space around your venue (or outside of the woods), take guests on a romantic walk towards your ceremony. We love the idea of ​​telling your love story with little signs and pictures attached to trees along the way. No trees? No problem! Place wooden signs or support wooden pallets for a cute, rustic look.

With the sun shining outside, you may not want to wear a heavy full-length dress to the ceremony. Try a tea dress or a choppy boho alternative. They’re easy to wear, super flattering, and totally seasonal. You will look amazing and cool like a cucumber all day.

Wedding Theme For Summer

Tropical notes of coral and sage; cinnamon and gold; pineapple and sherbet shades; sea ​​blue; rustic neutrals; cold metallics and icy pastels; the sherbet shines with a contrasting white: summer is the time to go out with a color scheme. Things that aren’t too bright or out of place in spring and autumn are appropriate on sunny days. A touch of white and gold with fresh green leaves looks even more stylish. Classic colors like burgundy and blush or navy and peach give a warm and modern feel.

Rich Summer Solstice Wedding Inspiration

There’s nothing worse than hair sticking to your sweaty neck, especially in wedding photos. Whether it’s you, your bridesmaid or the entire wedding party, the rocking braided wedding hair is a great idea. There are many different variations of this style available, so you’re sure to find one that tickles your taste buds and goes well with the weather.

While many grooms opt for a black suit, lighter and brighter colors such as cream, green, yellow and duck blue can look just as stylish and are even better suited for the summer months. You can match the maids to your own color scheme or dress them in a patterned suit in a complementary color.

If the weather is hot or you have a wedding, wear a see-through dress to keep from getting cold. Alternatively, buy a dress with a skirt that you can take off at the reception – two dresses in one!

If the expected sunny weather is failing you and the clouds are doing their best, make the most of the rain on your wedding day and have glamorous beauties on hand to have the best time of your life! If you get them for your bridesmaids, pair them with their dresses.

Wedding Themes For Summer That Will Guarantee Your Dream Ceremony

Scones are mostly associated with vintage weddings – a really popular theme. There are many ways to incorporate bunting into your day, and we even have a tutorial on how to make your own bunting if you’re feeling creative.

Get stylish umbrellas where every guest can shade from the sun. Not only are they practical, they also look super pretty and cute. You can even get a mini for mini guests. Guests can also create an umbrella arch as they walk down the aisle together.

Citrus fruits look incredible with sunny summer color schemes. Think lemons for the Amalfi Coast feel, and sliced ​​grapefruit for gorgeous flavor and color. Soft fruits also look bright, such as bowls of fruit and cherries or fresh pineapple sprinkled around tables.

Wedding Theme For Summer

Tropical leaves make great place cards and seating plans. what can we say? Suction cups for monstera or palm leaf. Serve them as cards with their names written in gold on top or under clear charging plates. If you *really* want to go there, you can make a huge ceiling display with tropical leaves. It’s a super trend on the main table.

Light & Airy Summer Wedding Ideas With A Touch Of Coral

Sunny days mean your guests will love nothing but a hat to cover their heads. Some guests will be wearing charming outfits, but others may enjoy a wall of baskets or hats to choose from. Pair them with your theme such as fedora, panama hats, straw hats or cowboy hats. They’re doing incredible good!

Think tiki glasses, patterned mason jars, and pineapple-shaped glasses. Pair them with bamboo vases as centerpieces and add a monochromatic, tropical tiki vibe to your day.

Beautiful lighting makes dining al fresco a very romantic option. You can eat, drink and dance the night away with the feeling of twinkling stars all around you. If you can’t afford such a large display, fairy strings and garland lights will also create a great atmosphere.

Pompoms look so cute and can liven up any space for a really low cost. You can even get fancy and make them yourself with your significant other or even your bridesmaids if you’re in the mood for a DIY bachelorette party.

Wedding Theme For Summer Lemon Party Decor Ideas

As hallway decorations, whimsical centerpieces or larger ones can be hung from ceilings and around doors.

Create a help station with everything your guests might need to beat the summer heat: sunscreen, insect repellent for outdoor weddings, and hand sanitizer. We recommend adding some bathroom accessories such as deodorant, body spray, individual mints or gum, inexpensive hair ties, face wipes, absorbent sheets, bobby pins, and hairspray.

A shallow pool is a cute and fun idea, whether you use it for a crochet game or for the little guests to wash their warm feet.

Wedding Theme For Summer

If your venue has an outdoor pool, fill it with fun floats, candles, balloons, clean beach balls, and flowers. You may not encourage your guests to jump in, but it will make for some amazing Instagrammable photos.

Mustard & Fuchsia Wedding

An old laundromat makes a great self-service bar (check if you can bring your own liquor to your establishment or you may need to rent a mobile bar). We love all kinds of beautiful glass in this bar. Watch out for the cute bucket filled with ice, which is a great way to serve beer bottles.

If bright colors aren’t for you, but you still want to rock and roll with your summer wedding, use pastels for a softer, shabby theme. They are equally summery and work great together.

Using pastel colors means you can combine a greater number of different colors as they look better together than different bright colors.

Balloons make a great backdrop, especially if you have a space with a blank canvas. Alternatively, lots of large, small and transparent balloons make a beautiful ceiling arrangement. You can even arrange your guests to lie on the dance floor to shower them with brightly colored confetti. This will be a great shot.

A Romantic Late Summer Wedding Inspiration Board

A rustic candle holder looks beautiful during the day and only gets better when you light it when the sun starts to set. Top tip: Mix a few citronella candles between outdoor shows to keep midges and bugs away.

A popular alternative to paper confetti is biodegradable floral confetti, but there are many other things you can use. How about rustic olive leaf bags or even organic bubbles?

Let your guests

Wedding Theme For Summer

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