Wedding Themes For Spring 2014

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Wedding Themes For Spring 2014 – Yes, spring! We have entered a new beginning, it’s time to celebrate your spring wedding by planning according to the beautiful weather. When you have to plan your spring wedding, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You will either plan on cool beaches or cool destinations. I would like to say that the record for planning the most memorable and coolest weddings all year is in the spring season. This is because of the cool and beautiful weather with natural beauty. I’ve captured 5 of the best spring wedding color themes that will make your wedding planning a breeze. You can consider some ideas and themes when planning your wedding this season. And here they are!

Sky blue is a very light shade and a cool spring color. You can choose your wedding outfits according to this cool theme. It will represent the bride and groom as the freshly blooming buds of spring.

Wedding Themes For Spring 2014

Wedding Themes For Spring 2014

Leafy green is a refreshing and calm color. If you choose this color theme for your wedding, it will give an elegant and sophisticated look.

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Want to add a burst of sunny color to your wedding? Soft Lemon is the best choice and the perfect color theme for your big day. Choosing this theme outfit and planning your wedding in the gardens will enrich your big day celebration.

The aquamarine color theme gives it a wet and watery feel. It acts as a stress reliever and gives a very cool look for beach weddings.

Pink color always attracts brides. Watermelon pink is the best and perfect color for warm spring weddings. Planning a farm wedding theme and adding shades of pink and green will make your wedding ceremony beautiful.

Is the founding partner of I have years of experience in wedding card design and have expertise in writing wedding niche blogs. My online portal contains the latest collection of wedding invitations with amazing designs. I am passionate about my services. I am a true wedding columnist with tremendous writing skills on wedding related topics, my deep insights have led to many weddings around the world. If you’re planning your spring wedding, you probably don’t know how to bring that sunny, fresh air to your beautiful gathering. While stunning centerpieces and flamboyant bouquets are a must, there are other ways to decorate your ceremony with a romantic and soft or fresh and cheerful look. Consider pastel color palettes everywhere from the back of your chairs to the ceremony floor with a few bursts of bright color, flowers or their cheaper alternatives such as paper flowers or paper lanterns and pom-poms. Check out the gallery below for more inspiration and beautiful spring wedding ideas!

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Most couples choose spring color schemes to embrace the season at their wedding. These are usually all kinds of neutral colors – ivory, white, grey, blush, taupe and all kinds of pastels from pastel blue to green. But some couples prefer to be bright and all kinds of bold shades – blue, green, yellow, pink and orange etc. Choose how it makes you feel!

A beautiful outdoor spring wedding reception with a lush tablecloth of pink flowers, bright flowers and greenery hanging from the trees

A bright and stylish spring wedding reception with a lush chandelier of bright flowers, greenery, pampas grass and blush flowers

Wedding Themes For Spring 2014

A bright spring wedding reception with colorful flowers and greenery on the table, white candles, white sheets and lots of greenery

The Best Wedding Inspiration Of 2014

A cute pastel spring wedding reception with blue runners and candles, a lush table runner of greenery and pink flowers, and lightly wrapped trees

An elegant formal wedding reception with a lush decoration of blush flowers and foliage above, lots of candles and pink flowers

Romantic outdoor blooming wedding reception with lush blooming branches, candles, ivory sheets and white chairs on the table

Romantic pastel spring wedding with lace tablecloth, blush flowers and cherry blossoms on the table

The Little Canopy

A spring wedding reception with greenery on the tables, blush candles, white flowers and greenery on the tables and touches of gold

Decorate your reception according to the style you choose: formal or informal, rustic or woodland, boho or minimalist, etc. Choose all the elements and touches according to the theme and style of your wedding and don’t forget the candles – they match any style and make it cool. To create a beautiful spring-like atmosphere, choose the linen carefully and swing more chandeliers decorated with or made of greenery and flowers.

An indoor spring wedding reception with pastel blue centerpieces and foliage runners, white flowers and candles

Wedding Themes For Spring 2014

An outdoor spring wedding reception with greenery and bulbs, white flowers and candles and foliage rails in the beams

Spring Wedding Flowers

Neutral and blooming spring reception area with white flowers on branches, flowers on the floor and flowers on chairs

A romantic pink and blush indoor wedding reception with blush and pink sheets and flowers in tall vases

An indoor spring wedding reception with pastel and white flower garlands hanging, pink flowers on the tables and all white

A cozy spring wedding reception outside with printed blue tablecloths, pink flowers and greenery on the tables

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A colorful indoor spring wedding reception with hanging lights, flowers and greenery above the tables and matching flowers on the tables

A spring wedding reception done in neutral colors, decorated with touches of pink and navy blue, bright flowers and greenery

Give your spring wedding reception a sense of fresh and blooming space with flowers and greenery, go for lots of texture to really make the arrangements stand out. If you really want a floral look, decorate your reception with blooming branches of cherry blossoms, willow and the like. Runners and centerpieces decorated with lush flowers and greenery will also help set the mood, shake it up as much as you like to make your space feel like spring. You can also decorate chairs and create amazing overhead decorations, which are a hot wedding trend right now.

Wedding Themes For Spring 2014

A sophisticated indoor spring wedding reception with greenery on the chandelier, greenery and flowers on the tables and lots of natural light

A Joy Forever — Blog — Adorations Botanical Artistry

An ethereal indoor wedding reception with glass bubble hanging chandelier and ombre tablecloths in pink plus pink floral centerpieces

A spring wedding reception with greenery on the chairs and bright flowers and pendant lights on the tables

A stylish indoor spring wedding reception with lush bright flowers, pink tablecloths and pastel colors on and around the tables

A super lush outdoor-indoor spring wedding reception with lots of candlesticks, greenery, moss and bright flowers for a woodland feel Choosing your wedding colors is the most important and special part of your wedding planning. Color themes are based on a number of factors, including couples’ preferences, and also on a number of factors, including what time of year the wedding will take place, whether the wedding is formal or casual, and whether it will be indoors or outdoors. . The color choices you make.

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. I match the rose gold wedding theme, they just go together amazingly, it’s such a sweet, feminine and classy look. Blush and gold color are two of the most popular.

Why not try adding some color to your dress in the form of a sash at the waist? How about a beautiful pair of rose gold wedding shoes that show up under your dress? For your bridesmaids, they look great in rose gold or mismatched blush and rose gold bridesmaid dresses and paired with matching blush flowers. For the reception, choose pink gold as the main decor, like this giant “LOVE” sign (see more

Image Credits: Bridesmaids: Jessica Lorren Photography | Wedding Reception : SMS Photography | Miss Dior and Earrings: Edyta Szyszlo via 100 Layer Cake | Rose Gold Champagne : Kristyn Hogan | A beautiful outdoor wedding reception with LOVE Marquee lights:

Wedding Themes For Spring 2014

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