What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

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Dark, neutral shirts are pretty easy to pair, but there are definitely ways to get it wrong. So what color pants go with a navy blue shirt?

What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

A navy blue shirt can be worn with brown, forest green, or plum purple pants in more casual settings. If you want to dress up, wear a navy blue shirt with charcoal gray or black pants.

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You’ll soon learn the key points needed to do it right. After that, we’ll look at some combos you can try.

These are the points you need to consider when you match the color of navy blue shirt with pants.

Know the dress code or at least have a vague idea of ​​what dress code you can expect. Get this part right and the rest is easy.

The dress code should influence the color of the pants you choose to wear with the navy blue shirt.

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Navy blue has the advantage of being dark and neutral. Technically, it’s not one of the primary neutrals (white, black, or gray), but it’s still dark and faint enough to be considered a neutral.

Therefore, it is a good choice to use in elegant events. But the color of the pants you wear is important here.

It is worth mentioning that a navy blue shirt is not appropriate to wear in the workplace. Stick to classic white or light blue shirts.

What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

The more contrast between the navy blue shirt and the pants, the more striking and casual it looks.

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If that’s what you want, consider light-colored pants to contrast with the dark shade of navy blue.

If you prefer a more elegant look, choose darker pants. Note that dark neutrals work well for this purpose.

The color wheel is a useful (but sometimes frustrating) tool that can be used to coordinate your outfit.

It is divided into “warm” colors like reds, oranges and yellows in one half and “cool” colors like blues, greens and purples in the other.

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While navy blue can technically be called a “cool” color, it’s dark and subdued enough to be labeled a neutral.

This helps because you can easily pair the navy blue shirt with almost any color of pants if you want.

Scroll through these combos and see which one best suits your needs. There’s a good chance that one or both of these will be more appropriate for you, depending on the environment in which you dress.

What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

Dark gray (for example, charcoal or gunmetal gray) or black pants are good choices if you want to dress down your navy blue shirt.

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While you can wear navy blue pants with your navy blue shirt, it’s generally best to avoid them.

The dark aesthetic of a navy blue shirt paired with dark, neutral pants will work well in evening social settings with a formal dress code.

Light, neutral colored pants (dress pants or chinos) will work well with a navy blue shirt in both smart casual and business casual settings.

While a white or light blue shirt is usually more appropriate in casual business settings, a dark blue shirt is unlikely to raise too many eyebrows.

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Leave the top button undone (no tie), wear a pair of brown dress shoes (Derby shoes work well) and a light blazer in a neutral color (eg light grey) .

Pants in khaki, beige, light gray and beige are incredibly easy to pair with a navy blue shirt, but lead to quite a contrasting look.

Again, avoid the combination of a navy blue shirt and dark blue pants. If you want to wear blue pants, choose light blue pants.

What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

But it is important to remember that wearing light blue or medium blue pants will look casual.

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Blue on blue will lead to a monochromatic combination. To break things up a bit, consider a blazer in a shade of gray or black.

Other Potential Items – A neutral colored blazer if you want to spice it up. Suede shoes work well

This is the point where we start experimenting with more exciting than neutral colors. This is also the point where things get more casual.

Returning to the chromatic circle, you have the option of wearing a navy blue shirt with pants in “warm” colors, such as red and yellow.

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You also have the option of wearing it with pants in “cool” colors like green and purples.

It’s very easy to wear “cool” colors with a navy blue shirt, because technically navy can also be labeled as a cool color.

When doing so, however, stick to dark, muted tones of these cool colors to play it safe.

What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

If you want to wear warm colored pants with a navy blue shirt, again, go dark and muted.

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An orange pair of pants worn with a navy blue shirt is likely to catch some people’s attention. For some, this may seem attractive.

It also generally suits a certain personality type – more direct and outgoing. That’s something to keep in mind with striking color combinations like this one.

The navy blue shirt is effortlessly stylish yet versatile enough to be worn for a variety of dress codes. Having a pair of beige khaki pants in your arsenal is a good idea. This is a pair of pants that look good in all seasons, especially in a neutral tone like brown.

Between lighter chinos for spring and summer and heavier wool fabrics for other times of the year, you may find

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And the starting barometer for your new khaki pants involves two key, things to always keep in mind: color and fit.

Your search for the perfect chinos ends here. Bonobos chinos offer superior comfort, dozens of colors and quality that lasts.

(This is also my favorite shade because it’s a little different from the usual khakis, but just as easy to wear with different outfits.

What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

And of course, in spring and summer, you can sport a lighter shade of khaki (sometimes called stone, white, etc.)

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As with any item, the fit is important to get right. Otherwise, you’ll go from trendy and stylish… mid-management office worker.

Since this is a piece that can work both casually and in more elegant situations, look for something that doesn’t fit

Bonobos chinos do this well, and they also have four different fits so these pants work well on many body types.

Because khaki cotton twill fabric is lighter in color, you may need to wash it more often if you’re not careful with stains.

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Washing in cold or warm (not hot) water, with similar colors is best. If you dry them, keep them on low/medium heat. Warmer, and you may see some shrinkage.

At first glance, this ingredient is easy to miss. It’s certainly not flashy or trendy, but it offers plenty of use in any season and in almost any type of weather.

And timeless shoes) and combine them, ensuring that this whole group can work in the office or eat out, on the weekend or run errands during the week.

What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

The jacket works for at least three seasons as outerwear, and at J.Crew, the quality of the leather speaks for itself (personally, one of their belts actually held up well for a lot year used frequently).

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The blue OCBD, as long as it fits well, can work as a comfortable casual piece when the sleeves are rolled up. And when paired with chinos and a classic leather boot, it’s definitely ready for work.

And in case it rains or gets cold, the navy jacket protects you from the elements while the blue top plays well. On the other hand, if it’s too hot, the jacket can be easily removed without losing the versatility of the look.

On the wrist, the stainless steel dive watch is another classic that can be worn with everything from shorts to a suit, and there’s no need to worry about matching leathers.

This outfit is another way of incorporating traditional menswear elements, but with slightly different stylistics.

Signature Khakis, Classic Fit

Using a clean and simple base of dark brown jeans gives you some freedom to experiment with other more unique pieces in this outfit.

🇧🇷 While red is probably more suited for fall, a deep color like this is a nice change of pace from the washed-out colors we usually see in spring and summer.

The blazer also reflects the same sentiment. It’s made from chambray (not plain navy blue), another fabric that can look great in both hot and cold temperatures thanks to its rougher, but casual, washed texture.

What Pants Not Khaki Go With A Navy Blazer

And instead of a regular shiny silk tie, a textured knit tie in a neutral color deviates from normal tie choices.

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The silver tie also goes with the darker chambray pocket square. In a darker color like this one, chambray is probably the second most versatile pocket square out there, after white cotton.

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