What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding

Thursday, November 10th 2022. | Weddings

What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding – Guys, find out what to wear to a summer wedding in this dress-breaking style guide from Team SG. From casual wedding attire for men to black wedding attire, you’ll find outfit ideas for every type of occasion.

Even if you meet the couple, you still wonder, “So… what does that really mean?” My friends and I eventually agreed that printed cocktail dresses were appropriate for the ladies in attendance, but I drew a blank to imagine what the men would wear.

What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding

What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding

The groom is dressed in a well-washed linen suit, a white shirt and no tie. Full disclosure, I may or may not have enjoyed it years ago, but trust me, it looked

Men’s Summer Wedding Attire: What Not To Wear

, you guys, she received her special wedding number! And here, a year later, I can still picture how she looks head-to-toe.

Unless we’re talking about black wedding suits for men (and we will!), you’re probably reusing two suits over and over again. And while it’s economical – it’s not very fun!

That’s why Team SG has put together a stylish and fun guide on how to interpret every dress code for this year’s summer festivals.

From a backyard barbecue to a bridal shower to a glamorous beach wedding, we promise you’ll look amazing in your wedding guest dress.

Suited And Booted: Easy Outfits For Men To Wear To A Summer Wedding

I hope this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, but casual wedding attire for men doesn’t mean jeans.

You can totally wear nice chinos or loose pants. And you can leave the blazer (and socks!) at home.

It is still a special occasion. So when it comes to what to wear outside a summer wedding, think: very sophisticated.

What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding

Even if you’re going to the local pub where your uncle is grilling burgers for dinner, you still want to honor the happy couple with the outfit you put so much effort into.

The Best Casual Wedding Attire For Men: 8 Stylish Outfit Ideas That Make Celebratory Dressing Fun Again

Like the famous (for Team SG, anyway) Riviera short sleeve from Bonobos with a fun, summer print, or a button front shirt with a roll!

You’ll look good and feel good, but not like you’re working hard. Remember, this is still a special occasion, so get your shirt on!

You’ll be the best dressed guest no matter what, but why not bring out the sense of home with the finishing touches.

Think: a leather belt worn with some leather espadrilles. Because they’re fun and ridiculous, they’re the perfect shoes for dancing under the twinkling lights with your best friends.

What To Wear To A Backyard Wedding

When deciding what to wear to a formal wedding, remember that a little effort goes a long way.

So! Iron your shirt, trim your beard, and be the best damn “casual” version you can be.

There’s something about seeing the words “semi-official” printed on expensive cards, that makes me drool a little.

What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding

Maybe it’s because I glimpsed that early, crisp Negroni at sunset. Or maybe I’m just thinking all the pretty boys on the dance floor look completely unattractive.

The All In, Under $1,000 Summer Wedding Wardrobe

The casual dress follows the same rules as the formal dress code, but allows guests to be a little playful with stylish details.

The dark cloth must move. You want something with more power and energy than your regular navy, and that’s why it’s so good and expensive.

Consider soft designs such as dot swiss and mini-gingham—they pair well with floral ties and your best pocket square.

When it comes to semi-formal attire for men for a summer wedding, you want the overall effect of the outfit to be dressy, but not formal.

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

That’s why, as a finishing touch, you can exchange your lace dress shoes for beautiful tassel leather shoes!

No two copies should be identical. Check out the tiny swiss polka dot print on a lavender-like pocket square shirt and floral print with elements of navy, purple and white in the ad above.

Avoid the urge to dress like you would at the office and pick your favorite suit with playful, stylish details.

What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding

A suit is always appropriate for a wedding, even on the beach. (Sorry, Bermuda shorts, you’re not welcome at this party.)

Dos And Donts For Men’s Wedding Guest Attire

Choose something light and airy. If you are planning to part with your true navy, I encourage you to explore the summer shades of beige, light gray, light pink, pale pink, or even white.

A simple, tight-fitting white shirt in linen or cotton will keep you in the “safe zone” for dressing up for that special event. But! For example, if this beach is in the Virgin Islands and not Martha’s Vineyard, feel free to get a little creative with the waves.

Only drunks wear socks to beach weddings, so take this opportunity to rock a pair of leather peep-toes or open-toed slippers.

A Caribbean or Hawaiian wedding is your time for tropical flowers and palm prints on a tie or pocket square.

The Best Attire For Any Kind Of Wedding

For a beach wedding in Washington or Maine, by contrast, think stripes, gingham, and delicate flowers.

I know it’s the beach, but sunglasses with clear lenses in the Year of Our Lord 2022 look “over the top” to me.

Instead, try blue or green contact lenses as a fun alternative to dark gray or black.

What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding

Air hug. Embrace the tropical climate. Don’t make a big deal out of getting sand in your funnel, mean!

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding: Our Men’s Guide

*Note: It’s up to you to decide based on the mood of the couple, but for a beach wedding, you can usually skip wearing a tie.

Like a beach wedding, a tropical dress code encourages guests to prioritize fun and relaxation with their looks.

A tropical wedding is hot and humid, so we’re talking: linens. We’re talking: shoes that let your feet breathe.

Consider a camping shirt as a great alternative to a wetsuit. You can even really get into the theme with shorts! I know, wild, huh?

A Guide To Beach Wedding Attire For Men And Women

When it’s time to dance, throw on the jacket and you’ll be ready to rock.

For those who don’t know, a cocktail party (sometimes you’ll see “party” on an invitation, which means the same thing) is a small step up from the first one.

You can wear a traditional wedding dress with fun colored shoes. Or, you can cut up the suit and try an unconventional split with a cool print and a color or two.

What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding

For the final touch, you need to decide how to go based on the location and time of the wedding.

Casual Wedding Attire 101: What It Means & What To Wear

Best weather by 15.00. the ceremony means you can go without a tie and wear a cool canvas or leather sneakers.

For an after-party party, opt for tights or lace-ups – but whatever, don’t forget the no-show socks.

As long as your basic looks are strong, you can take on all kinds of “adventure” fun that isn’t too dangerous. A big hit. Ivory jacket. Those new sneakers you still have in their box…

But if you have one (or are in the market for an investment), why not take this rare opportunity to really, really wear it?

What To Wear To An Outdoor Wedding

They’ve been around for a while, but I’m still into midnight blue tuxedos. Classic black will always be classic, but blue just takes great pictures. (#Trust)

For spring (and, ahem, fall and spring) weddings, wedge slippers are the perfect alternative to traditional lace-up dress shoes. This Paul Stuart pair with tassels is a great product, but if you shop here, you’ll probably find more affordable options out there.

When it comes to finishes, the tuxedo and bow tie are called for – so go for something casual without being too stuffy – like a good polka dot print!

What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding

Oh, and should I mention that you should learn how to tie a bow if you haven’t already? Because it’s a fun lifestyle skill, and a black wedding is a great excuse to add it to your toolbox!

What To Wear To A Wedding For Men

And finally, a simple pocket square is nice, of course, but why do that when you can really splash out with something bold like a Gucci pocket square covered in bees?

We rarely get to actually dress up these days, so why not do it really, really well. A tuxedo is the pinnacle of masculine elegance, and honestly, when was the last time you felt so good?

To me (and most women, to be honest), there are few things more attractive than a man in full black.

The perfect shawl collar jacket with a single button, solid tuxedo skirt that defines your silhouette.

What To Wear To A Wedding: Wedding Guest Attire For Men

Unless you’re a pianist or a movie star, you probably don’t get to wear a tuxedo much. So take advantage of the opportunity while you can!

When is your next wedding?

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