Where To Find Old Doors

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Where To Find Old Doors – Old doors have great beauty and history. While renovating our house, I dreamed of an old door that greeted me as I entered the dining room.

My passion led me to the best source for all things vintage at The Bank Antiques in Louisiana. They offer 22,000 square feet of unique architectural salvage. You can find unique items such as doors, shutters, fireplaces, cornices, windows and accessories.

Where To Find Old Doors

Where To Find Old Doors

Since I live in Florida, I haven’t had the chance to shop there myself. So I did another very good thing. I sent them a message via Instagram. Maris responded enthusiastically to help you find the perfect door! After sending some inspiration photos, he shopped and sent me photos of a wide variety of doors in his collection. I was impressed by their variety, I couldn’t resist and ended up buying all 3 doors.

Open The Door • Shemaya

You have the opportunity to leave the house “As Is”. If you like multiple characters, this might be for you. I chose to redo our three doors. I asked to make two pieces a little longer and change some of the original. I also wanted their natural pine surfaces to show through, so I removed the paint from one of them. I can’t describe the amazing craftsmanship of their work and how they bring these stories to life!

I am excited to reveal our 3 doors of the past with you! Let’s start with our lobby. I chose an 8.5 inch European pine paneled door from the 1800’s. The decor and unique hardware won this door! This should be installed in the jamb like a cabinet door and the grinder will be the cabinet door. There will be a separate latch at the top to keep the door closed.

The second door is our pantry! I went with an 1850s Louisiana cypress bottle door. I’m impressed with the details on this! The design is amazing and amazing. Bank Antiques was able to clean it up and add a few inches to the height. The holes in the previous door handle were also filled. This door is also hung in the middle.

Our third door is French art. It started in the 1850s. I can only imagine the stories that a European door could tell. I joined the two panels together to create a database controller. The missing covers were replaced and all the holes were filled. I also made these doors a little taller, making them 8′. This is installed in our kitchen leading to our mud room. What a beautiful place this will be in our house!

Doors, Doors & More Doors

If you have dreams of an antique door in your home, look no further than Bank Antiques of Louisiana. And HE DID!!!! Their selection and prices will impress you too! Contact Maris on Instagram @thebankantiques72 or call them at 504-523-2702.

THE MASTER OF OUR DREAMS IS JUST READY! 🐄 Follow me as I plan and decorate our new home! With over 500 vintage European and American doors, we have a door for every home! We always have metal doors, special doors, wooden doors and glass doors, and we will help you find what you need.

* Please note that this does not reflect what we have written here. Although some doors are available for sale, they represent the types of doors we carry in our store. This is not the entire list here at The Corbel.

Where To Find Old Doors

We offer a wide range of vintage doors here at The Corbel. We carry 500-1,000 vintage European and American doors every day, ensuring you always get the doors you want.

Fitting Old Doors In New Frames

* Please note that this does not reflect what we have written here. Although some doors are available for sale, they represent the types of doors we carry in our store. This is not the entire list here at The Corbel. All architectural and antique door products are finished. Returns are allowed for store credit in some cases.

We love what our customers do with their doors! Check out some of the amazing things they’ve done with theirs and what they have to say.

I always love the shopping experience at The Corbel. Their home furnishings in the shop window and outside the old doors do not disappoint.

We strip the doors daily to give our customers a natural wood look. If you want something other than natural wood, all doors can be painted and painted. Please note that we do not finish the doors apart from removing the existing paint and trim.

Old Door Pictures [hd]

We like to say that they have been fighting for time…literally. Although these doors are old, they are in very good condition and are good for everyday use.

The most important factor in buying old doors is size. While this may seem like a smart idea, it’s easy to get caught up in a door design or look that just doesn’t work for you. The height and width of the door are two important dimensions.

+ If I don’t like the door I’ve chosen or it doesn’t work for me, can I return the door?

Where To Find Old Doors

Although there are special circumstances that allow the door to be returned, all construction and door sales are final. In these special cases, you will receive a store credit for the returned door and restocking fee, as long as the door is in the condition it was in before it was sold.

Adding Old And Making It New

At The Corbel, we know that building a home takes time and maintenance can be difficult. For this reason, we can store the doors free of charge for one month. After one month’s purchase, we charge $10 per door per month, because the doors are picked up or shipped.

To find out more about new door deliveries and all the happenings at The Corbel, follow us on TV or sign up for our promotional emails.

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