White Wedding Suits For Brides: A Comprehensive Guide

Monday, February 27th 2023. | Weddings
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When it comes to wedding suits for brides, there’s really no limit to the different fabrics, colors, and styles available. However, white wedding suits for brides have become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you’re looking for a traditional white wedding dress or something more daring and modern, this guide will give you an overview of the different looks and styles.

What is a White Wedding Suit?

A white wedding suit is simply a suit that is made with white fabric. This includes both traditional and contemporary suits. White suits are often chosen by brides who want to stand out at their wedding and make a statement. They can also be a great choice for brides who want to look classic and timeless.

Types of White Wedding Suits

There are many different types of white wedding suits available. The most popular are the traditional, classic white suits. These are usually made of a lightweight fabric like silk or satin and feature a blazer and trousers in the same shade of white.

More modern white suits are often made of heavier fabrics like tweed or linen and feature more casual styling. These suits can be paired with a variety of accessories such as patterned ties, bow ties, and pocket squares.

There are also white suits that are made of more unique fabrics such as velvet, lace, and tulle. These suits can be very feminine and romantic and are perfect for a boho-style or vintage-inspired wedding.

Styling Tips for White Wedding Suits

When it comes to styling a white wedding suit, it’s important to remember to keep the look modern and sleek. Choose a white suit that fits your body type and flatter your figure. Avoid adding too many accessories, as this can make the look too busy.

If you’re wearing a traditional white wedding suit, you can add a subtle patterned tie or pocket square to add a touch of color and personality. For a more modern, casual look, a white suit can be paired with a bright colored shirt, or even a patterned shirt for a bolder look.

White wedding suits can also be paired with a variety of different shoes. Traditional white suits look great with black or brown leather oxfords. For a more modern look, try pairing your suit with a pair of white sneakers or loafers.

Sample White Wedding Suits for Brides

Here are three sample white wedding suits for brides to give you an idea of the different looks available:

The Traditional White Wedding Suit

This classic white suit features a slim-fitting jacket and trousers in a lightweight fabric. The jacket is single-breasted and features two-button closure. The trousers are straight-leg and feature a cuffed hem. This classic suit can be paired with a white shirt and a patterned tie for a timeless look.

The Modern White Wedding Suit

This modern white suit features a single-breasted blazer in a heavier fabric like tweed. The trousers are straight-leg and feature a cuffed hem. This suit can be paired with a patterned shirt and a bright colored tie for a more contemporary look.

The Boho White Wedding Suit

This white suit is made of a unique fabric like lace or tulle and features a loose-fitting blazer and trousers. The blazer is single-breasted and features a tie-waist closure. This suit can be paired with a bright colored shirt and a patterned pocket square for a romantic and bohemian look.


White wedding suits for brides can be a great way to make a statement on your wedding day. There are many different types of white suits available, from traditional to modern and from classic to boho. When choosing a white suit, consider your body type and the style of your wedding. With the right styling, you’ll look and feel amazing on your special day.

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