Winter Bridal Bouquets

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It’s the most beautiful time of the year, and it’s also a wonderful time for flowers. If you think you can’t have a winter wedding bouquet, think again. There are many flowers during the winter season (not to mention all the wedding flowers that bloom all year round) and they are perfectly combined with other seasonal symbols, such as pine cones, berries, fresh evergreens, and more. When it’s time to meet your wedding florist and plan your floral arrangements before the big day, it helps to bring photos and other inspiring ideas so you’re both on the same page. Check out some of our favorite Christmas flowers and other winter flowers below.

Winter Bridal Bouquets

Winter Bridal Bouquets

While it’s true that there are fewer annual flowers for winter weddings than other seasons, there are still many varieties to choose from. In fact, some of the most popular wedding flowers bloom between November and February, including anemones, orchids, buttercups, blue thistles, and sweet peas. You will have many other seasonal flowers available, such as amaryllis, hellebores, holly berries, and the latest Christmas flower: poinsettias. Plants such as roses, calla lilies, and carnations are perennial flowers that go well with many types of winter, boutonniere, and wedding decorations. If your heart is determined to use flowers that bloom at a different time (peonies, for example), your florist will help you find them or find other similar options.

Bridal Bouquet Inspiration For Winter: 18 Of The Prettiest Bouquets For Every Winter Wedding Style

Seasonal white cedar and eucalyptus branches serve as the base for this Christmas wreath, with red roses, orchids, and white wax flowers completing the composition.

Think beyond the traditional red and green colors by combining a variety of light and dark shades. The deep red roses in this rare composition are complemented by deep burgundy scabiosa and flexible roses, bringing a range of red tones to the whole design.

A large bouquet of white flowers, pine cones and winter greenery captures the Yuletide spirit without relying solely on red and green.

Choose a monochromatic winter bouquet by painting greens and other accents to match the primary flowers, like this bouquet of red and protea roses.

Winter Bridal Flowers United Kingdom, Save 42%

Use light pink and burgundy tones with hints of green to create a Christmas-inspired bridal bouquet that’s also super romantic. Wrap the stems of the bouquet in long satin ribbons to complete the dreamy effect.

Not only are amaryllis among the most popular winter wedding flowers, but they are a great option if you are looking for a stunning flower. Although red varieties are suitable for a Christmas bridal bouquet, amaryllis are also available in white, pink and peach.

This round flower is a great example of how you can enter a winter look with a neutral color scheme. Add a few sprigs of fragrant greenery, such as cedar or pine branches, for a Christmassy touch (Scottish wedding dress optional!).

Winter Bridal Bouquets

A bridal bouquet adds a stunning finishing touch to your look, especially when filled with deep red flowers. Use ribbons to emphasize one of the accent colors of the arrangement, like the dark blue flowers here.

Amazing Winter Wedding Bouquets For The Chilly Season

Green eucalyptus, blush roses and silver brunia combine in this ice and cold tone. With a touch of burgundy and a large protea in the middle, we love it as a favorite for Christmas-inspired style.

How to Find Winter Wedding Flowers That Fit Your Vision Everything you need to know about what’s in season for the colder months.

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If your bouquet is simple in terms of flower types, consider increasing the size to make it stand out more. This classic design features spray roses, garden roses and hydrangeas, but its large shape makes it impossible to miss.

Wild Winter Wedding With Silk Wedding Flowers — Silk Wedding Flowers And Bouquets Online

Peonies are traditionally a spring bridal flower, but they look great in this white bouquet of roses, butters and greens. Soft cotton balls and evergreens add winter contrast.

Bridesmaid flowers do not have to be an exact replica of the main bouquet, but it is common to feature similar flower types on a smaller scale. Silk ribbons helped these kinds of roses, astilbe and bay leaf.

If you prefer pastels as the colors of your winter wedding, consider adding a dark tone to match. Mauve and burgundy tulips were unexpected (but beautiful) additions to this flower arrangement.

Winter Bridal Bouquets

Merlot and crimson flowers bring a sultry vibe to your wedding day. Revamp the deep colors in the building with touches of green, such as spiral eucalyptus or ferns.

Beautiful Winter Wedding Bouquets

Perfect for a late winter or early spring wedding, this small bouquet includes blue delphiniums, hydrangeas and buttercups with delicate lemon and miller leaves.

Greenery is always on-trend and fits any wedding style, and you can use it as the centerpiece of your bouquet, like this small design with eucalyptus, white lisianthus, and wax flowers.

Along with the addition of sparkling ribbons, well-arranged flowers will give your bouquet a more formal look. These flowers were perfect for photos with winter blooms of cream roses, ivory butter, silver brunia, succulents, and baby’s breath.

Don’t feel limited to traditional flowers if they don’t suit your style. Create designs with other bridal accessories, such as flower hoops, pomanders, or flower baskets.

Of The Best Winter Wedding Bouquets To Enhance Your Big Day

Are you expecting snow on your wedding day? Pair the frosty weather forecast with a simple bouquet of white roses (you’ll love how the green stems pop in the photos). Also stand out with a bunch of black ribbons and a shiny brooch.

A selection of jewel tones inspired by precious stones, such as red ruby, amethyst, emerald and sapphire, draw on the festive vibes of the season without looking overly wintery.

Soft pink is a popular color for weddings, regardless of the season. In winter, you will want to combine it with white and avoid other pastels (think lilac or butter yellow) to keep the color from looking out of place.

Winter Bridal Bouquets

Here are a bunch of reports if we’ve ever seen one. It includes anemones, dark purple lilies, bleached greenery and sun-dried palms, a fresh and unexpected composition for a winter wedding.

Natural Preserved Winter Wedding Bouquet Pine Cones Cotton

Take inspiration from your bouquet and add similar flowers to your wedding hairstyle or hairstyle as a fun way to complete your look.

Magnolias are closely associated with the holiday season, especially when it comes to festive wreaths and flowers. Petals are wonderful for bridal bouquets if you’re looking for a sophisticated and timeless effect.

This winter bouquet idea is perfect if you’re planning an ultra-glam wedding or planning a winter wonderland theme. Carry a set of rhinestone studs that sparkle with every move.

Want a dark gothic aesthetic? Moody colors are popular for late fall weddings and winter themes if you want to avoid holiday-inspired decor. Complete the bouquet of dahlias and dark burgundy roses with a surprising detail: fresh pomegranates.

Winter Wedding Bouquets For Inspiration

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Winter Bridal Bouquets

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