Wow Wedding Cakes

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Wow Wedding Cakes – Since 2000, We add the “Wow Factor” to weddings and special events in the Charlotte area.

We value the experience of making your cake dreams come true. We believe in service, using our talents to create something unique.

Wow Wedding Cakes

Wow Wedding Cakes

Our bakery is located in the heart of Dilworth in the Park Road Shopping Center in the Courtyard where you can view our latest cake designs. Consultations for our custom cake orders are by appointment only and we do not currently offer ready-made desserts.

Custom Cakes — 1956 W. Chicago Ave

CRUSH THEM WHEN IT’S LATE!! The name says it all! Our wedding cake was the WOW factor. They replicated exactly what I wanted and tasted amazing. There are two slices for guests who don’t eat cake. I don’t love you This is the best cake I have ever seen. The best bakery in Charlotte. Thank you so much for everything.

My cake is not only beautiful but also delicious. I got married in July and as soon as I walked in the door I knew Wow Factor Cakes was the bakery for me. My guests still love how delicious the cake is and how beautiful it is! There’s lemon for one and salted caramel for the other. Our anniversary cake was carrot cake. I would absolutely recommend Wow Factor Cakes because the attention to detail in the cake is second to none.

The team at Wow Factor Cakes is very easy to work with. Our taste was the breeze until our wedding. They designed our cake and helped us make our own cake. In the end, it was beautiful and delicious. They are easy to work with; They respond to any email within hours and are on top of every detail. I have never had a single concern working with them.

You can dream it and Wow Factor Cakes can make it happen. Not only does the cake look amazing, but it also tastes amazing. Very professional crew. Here will be our future cake needs.

Tier Wedding Cake

Great for specialty cakes where I live. I made all orders through email. On the night of rehearsal, we exchanged photos of the cake, which surprised my son. Especially the raspberry and white chocolate vanilla cake layer. Both layers are designed like 2 tires stuck in mud. I trust this business with any specialty cake you may need. WOW thank you!

WOW Factor Cakes are amazing! Leigh Christine and Marianne are very smart and helpful people. And can we talk about their almond cake? SUPER YUM Wow Factor gets all the stars! At some weddings, desserts are called “wow”. And nothing could be more true than the legendary marriage of Sylvia Weinstock. As a dessert designer to the stars, Weinstock has worked with Oprah; Robert De Niro the Trumps The Kennedys from J.Lo and Kim K; He created pastries for the Clintons and other celebrities and A-listers. She traveled the world and spent weeks decorating the 6-foot-tall statue that cost upwards of $30, and some sat down with the original to meet InStyle. It makes it so special.

What is your favorite flavor profile? How does Sylvia Weinstock stand out from the crowd? My personal favorite is raspberry with lemon… but my husband’s is chocolate. chocolate Chocolate. That’s why I encourage the bride and groom to choose their own flavors and toppings so that everyone can take turns and have fun. Some designers create beautiful art, some not so good, but you can bet our work is beautiful and tasteful.

Wow Wedding Cakes

What’s the most unique thing you’ve ever created? A cool look? The price? to you? Wealth is in the eye of the beholder; So I should have created a few.

Top 20 Square Wedding Cakes That Wow

What do you remember most? It’s not the most subtle and rated, but it’s one of the most elegant in my opinion. The New York Public Library has a monogram of a married couple in an open book—of course. Illuminated in a book. This is one of my favorites.

Some candies take several weeks to form. How many flowers do you usually make? How long will it take? Add flowers without ever counting them. add Add to your heart’s content. There may be hundreds or thousands. Roughly speaking, an artist can create 100 roses in a typical 40-hour week. They are all individually handcrafted.

[post_ads]How do you go from sketch to dinner plate? We typically design in six months. Step-by-step consultation, starting with a sketch, baking, to fill Cool and decorate. Sometimes it also requires architectural design. Then comes the (sometimes complicated) business of shipping – some tall ones are packed into several boxes and collected on the ground.

Speaking of shipping, celebrities and clients all over the world fly your c. How do you ensure that your delicate creations are safe? How far did sylvia weinstock walk? We are known as “known, registered carriers”. Our travel is mostly by charter or private aircraft. Farthest distance? Maybe Mumbai and Abu Dhabi.

Luxury Wedding Cakes To Wow Your Guests

For this stunning Waldorf Astoria wedding designed by Preston Bailey, Sylvia created a pink theme with flowers and raindrop crystals from the ceiling. The complement matches the “pink” colors of raspberry and strawberry and the fabric design of the bridal gown.

California It was for a wedding in Malibu, and the bride wanted “something no one had ever seen before.” “So we were so tall that we had to remove the magenta ring to accommodate underneath,” Weinstock explained. The flavors are a mix of lemon/coconut layer and chocolate/raspberry layer.

N.Y.C. What do you do to the Prime Minister’s family? cook? Lemon/Raspberry Filled Yellow with the most popular flavor option. Weinstock notes that all of her icing is Italian buttercream (she says, “fondant is never used for real Weinstock!”).

Wow Wedding Cakes

For their lavish Manhattan wedding, Weinstock created eight satellites at the base to represent the couple’s eight-year courtship.

Everything You Need To Know About Making Your Own Wedding Cake

This white and white palette was inspired by the flowers on the bridal gown. Includes white and coconut and strawberry fillings.

Another one that suits the bride in a pale blue dress is the Weinstock, which is handmade and covered with fully edible blue and white hydrangeas. It is not unusual in appearance. The mixed layers showcase two flavor profiles for guests: almond/hazelnut and chocolate/salted caramel.

For the family of a large New York real estate firm; Weinstock’s eight-foot ivory white; Weinstock, a blend of yellow/coconut/raspberry and yellow/blood orange layers.

Weinstock loves this cheerful look, which she created for her 60th birthday. It’s covered in colorful buttercream icing, lit with sugar crystals, and has a variety of exotic orchids throughout the bouquet. Pistachio Almond cake with vanilla and apricot filling.

Unique Wedding Cake Ideas To Sweeten The Party

Sylvia made this beautiful cake for an event at Bergdorf Goodman to celebrate a new designer. colorful A decadent chocolate bar with chocolate mousse and raspberries, decorated with handmade butterflies and bows.

Sylvia created this “spring bouquet” for a New York wedding at the Four Seasons Festival. The toppings and flowers are color-coordinated, and the buttery goodness inside is fresh key lime; Has layers of raspberry and blood orange.

Inspired by the embellishments of bridal gowns, Sylvia created giant sugar flowers and hand embroidery throughout this six-tiered wedding. Fresh oranges inside. Contains fresh citrus flavors including key lime and vanilla.

Wow Wedding Cakes

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The Wow Factor Cakes In Charlotte

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