Yellow & Purple Wedding Themes

Friday, November 18th 2022. | Weddings

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Yellow & Purple Wedding Themes

Yellow & Purple Wedding Themes

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Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Event planning by Moana Belle Events; Of Flowers floral design; Lotus & Ash stationery and paper goods; Rentals from Blaze Entertainment, Big Island Tents, Hawaii Island Rentals, and Hawaii Sound & Vision

We love a classic neutral palette, but the soft trend now has some serious competition in the form of bright, vibrant hues and bold patterns. Colorful wedding ideas may not be part of the typical wedding scheme, but that’s exactly why we love them: they mark a playful departure from the delicate hues found everywhere and will wow your guests with the bold and to catch their eye.

There are a few approaches you can take when it comes to colorful wedding ideas and a vibrant scheme: choose one or two colors to really pop against an achromatic palette, mix a few shades in a similar color family for a consistent look, or go all out. -in with a rainbow of colors to spice up your decor. Don’t be afraid to mix and match or contrast – unexpected combinations can become the most unique and personal touch of the day.

These 70 colorful wedding ideas offer pops of color that pack a punch. Search them all below.

Whitney&shay {wedding} Hyatt Hill Country Golf Club, San Antonio — Dreamy Elk Photography & Design: Austin Wedding Photographer

If a traditional wedding arch is not to your liking, you can design the wedding ceremony by drawing attention with visual aids and attractive colors. Here, a mandala created with striking orange and magenta flowers creates a sacred place for the exchange of vows.

A pop art inspired canvas with colorful and funky brushstrokes serves as a masterpiece seating arrangement display. Commission a favorite artist to customize a special piece for you or enjoy an evening of paint and wine with the bridal party.

Forget traditional white—this crushed yellow confection covered in vibrant flowers proves that color is all a wedding cake really needs. No frosting needed here, this delicious treat is au naturel.

Yellow & Purple Wedding Themes

This fun bar setup takes on hacienda vibes with a patterned blue tile wall and lots of citrus accents. We are instantly teleported to a sunny place by the sea just by looking at it.

Winter Themed Wedding Ideas That Are Seasonally Chic

Amplify your ceremony chairs with a rainbow of colorful streamers along the aisle for a fun touch. The end result looks fabulous as it is, but it makes for some amazing wedding photos when a light breeze blows through them.

Whatever the color of your braids, they will be brought to life with some woven flowers. Simplify the hairstyle with a single tucked pose or opt for a full flower crown like this Frida Kahlo-inspired orchid and rose beauty.

The invitation set is the perfect way to prepare your guests for all the colorful creations that await them on the big day. The attention to detail in this watercolor set is absolutely divine, from the illustrative renderings of the wedding flower arrangements to the pistachio envelope and

A lush ceremony arch of dark greenery and hints of orange flowers is ideal for an autumn wedding. For spring parties, consider soft pastels, and bright petals are essential for summer. Transition to the more melancholic shades of haunting and dark crimson plums to complement a winter scene.

Flw 5pcs/set Fake Flower Decor Simulated Easy To Care Faux Leather Long Stem Soft Artificial Tulip Wedding Supplies

A gradient of escort cards brings a touch of sunshine to a blank wall and makes the task of finding seats visually satisfying. We love how this idea can be easily modified to match any color theme.

Eclectic bohemian meets Moroccan in this fun lounge. A macramé background, vibrant flowers, and playfully patterned cushions and rugs combine to create a saturated mix of bold hues.

A cobalt blue tablecloth fits well with the lush setting, paired with a sunny candlelit centerpiece and rich green flora for a tropical look. We can’t get enough of the added dose of drama courtesy of that effortless pooling effect.

Yellow & Purple Wedding Themes

Summer flowers of citrus hue grace a white chair for editorial chic, the perfect way to elevate a living room. Bold floral prints are a great way to incorporate color throughout the space, and putting a unique spin on the venue totally ups the ante.

White Black & Purple Wedding Cake

White balls with colorful streamer tails put a twist on the classic hall marker. Festive and fun, they are enough to make any bride want to dance down the aisle.

Make sure your wedding photos are perfect by coordinating your guests’ outfits. While you can dictate a color dress code through the invitations, we’re obsessed with this couple’s quirky twist on favors by providing guests with hot pink turbans.

Luxury meets earthy in gold-rimmed deep plum agate plates, perfect for the indie bride. Agates come in a whole range of colors and shades to suit any wedding theme and double as a personalized take-home gift.

Why settle for just one color when you can have them all? Ombré has never looked so sexy on this rainbow reception table. See how each velvet chair matches its accompanying bedding – talk about a work of art.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Are Trending In 2020

This DIY ceremony backdrop is a masterpiece. The arch, made of reclaimed wood, frames an abstract canvas painted by the bride herself, adding a personal touch to the ceremony.

This combination of brilliantly colored flowers is nothing short of majestic. We can’t imagine a more beautiful canopy to frame the table of the newlyweds, or couches in this case, and unite the newlyweds in its sweet aroma.

Sherbet-hued ribbons surround a ceremony chair, accented with a bouquet of matching hues, for a supremely elegant finish. The combination of the rustic chair and the playful decor gives us all the youthful maypole vibes.

Yellow & Purple Wedding Themes

What a welcome! This unexpected paint splash effect is a departure from the typical wooden welcome sign, which greets guests as they enter the ceremony and provides a prelude to the excitement (and color scheme ) that follows.

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A deep magenta wool runner is the centerpiece of this bohemian setting of wild organic elements, creating a sense of warmth and moody romance. Knitwork may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to reception linen, but this display definitely justifies it.

Vibrant, colorful glassware and a buttery colored runner come together on a rustic wooden farmhouse table for party inspiration. Keep glassware in a unique shape and hue for a more refined approach, or mix in a variety of complementary colors and mismatched shapes for an eclectic twist.

Coral flowers and sensual jungle leaves adorn a wooden and macramé screen for a touch of paradise. Soft macramé serves as the perfect base for weaving fresh stems in this multidimensional mix of textures and hues that create a scene fit for tropical dreams.

This display of warm and earthy pastels takes on autumn gold with its texture of spice, fruit and candy color, and a bouquet of planted eucalyptus. A table crafted from weathered barn wood completes the rustic rustic feel.

Ways To Add Color To Your Wedding Bridalguide

The wedding party is an intrinsic part of the big day, weaving its members together in every event and taking center stage in most photos. Use their clothing as an opportunity to add some visual interest to your theme, as this pairing did with organic shades of green.

This seating plan is all fun and games. Neon strings bring contemporary color to a floor show and provide guests with a playful and interactive experience to kick off the reception.

With a Palm Springs vibe and eclectic flair, this lively love table dances with color. Mix textiles in a variety of patterns, textures and colors to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The results will not only create a great conversation piece, but will also make for some amazing photos.

Yellow & Purple Wedding Themes

A jewel-toned palette and rich waterfall pop girl against the neutral stone of this reception space for a glamorous modern romance look. We just can’t get enough of how lush these overflowing arrangements of roses and bougainvillea are.

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Bright colors are even more effective in a minimalist environment. A simple, vintage bohemian rug with cerulean accents, flanked by cacti, has a modern indie twist.

Another way to incorporate colorful textiles into your wedding decor is by hanging tapestries. This trio brings tons of amber and khaki shades to the scene, creating a unique photo backdrop and injecting some local culture into the process.

This escort card display is as cool as it looks. The pink flower wall consists of 160 live anthurium calligraphed with the name of each guest.

Pentagon wall pockets in metallic chartreuse and greenery scattered with blood red and marigold flowers create modern, organic wall art with a geometric twist. Whitewashed brick walls are the best canvas for some floral fun.

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She will likely show some form of instructional signage during the wedding. So why not use it as a vehicle for some color? these rainbows

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