10 Boho Wedding Ideas

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Are you looking for bohemian wedding ideas and not sure how to plan a wedding that reflects your individual style? One wedding planning tip I can give you right away is to start by deciding what style you are attracted to. Today’s wedding editorial features stunning images taken by Haley Boothe Photography in Conagree and Penn. Throughout this bohemian wedding venue, you’ll find an array of wedding decorations that include a beautiful teepee and wooden car.

10 Boho Wedding Ideas

10 Boho Wedding Ideas

Additionally, browsing through these bohemian wedding ideas can give you a sense that a particular couple loves the outdoors and nature. The wedding color palette includes oranges, mints, browns and greens that compliment the local scenery. Wedding jewelry in earthy colors and unique combination with one of a kind pieces. As a result, I just love how the wedding invitation suite incorporates the outside on paper. The invitation’s color palette combines beautifully with the centerpiece design and floral decoration.

Boho Chic Wedding Ideas To Have An Unforgettable Day!

If you’re trying to decide if you want a bohemian style wedding, it’s a good idea to research what boho style weddings look like on Pinterest or Google. According to Wiki, the bohemian style is described as an informal lifestyle with few permanent connections. Similarly, a bohemian style includes many artistic, literary and musical pursuits. One of the key components of the boho lifestyle is that it doesn’t conform to any rules. A bohemian wedding is unique and defined by each person.

When planning a bohemian wedding, you want to first decide on your color palette. Second, try to decide on a few words to describe the beauty behind your wedding theme. Do you want a dark and gloomy theme surrounded by mountain views? Or want an indoor party that reflects your love of travel and adventure. Planning a boho wedding can be overwhelming to say the least. Third, deciding your style and colors makes the whole process much easier.

The next question you will want to decide is where you want to have your wedding. So, thinking about how to incorporate the outdoors and nature into the theme of your wedding is a good place to start. Because of this, finding wedding venues that are creative and that you love helps you narrow down your options.

Details, Details, Details!! One of the most powerful ways to create your dream boho wedding that incorporates your style is to think about what you love and what makes you unique. What design elements are you drawn to and how can you incorporate nature throughout. A bohemian wedding is one of relaxation, comfort and sophistication. Every element found throughout does not have to be the same and that is the beauty of this wedding style.

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Likewise, when planning a bohemian wedding, you want to dress appropriately for the occasion to reflect your style. For the bride, you’ll want to choose a loose and flowing style that’s easy to move and dance into. Think flower crowns, loose waves and lace dresses. For the groom, you’ll want to choose a relaxed, cool outfit that reflects your unique style without having to be trendy.

Additionally, consider suspenders, bow ties and khaki pants. If you are not someone who wants to wear heels on your wedding day, remove them. The bohemian wedding style embraces your free spirit and you can choose not to wear shoes even if that’s your vibe too. You can always dress up your ankles with bracelets or anklets.

Finally, one of the most important things to consider when planning a bohemian wedding is to stay true to yourself and not be trendy. You want to plan a wedding that reflects who you are as a couple and shows the importance of love and style.

10 Boho Wedding Ideas

Elegant Vintage Bridal Session4 Tips to add your bridal veil on your Big Day! How to Plan Your Wedding: The Ultimate Girls Wedding Pla… Chic Rustic Wedding Session2014 A Year in Review: Find the Most Popular PostsBoho Chic Wedding Ideas Enjoy a great popular due to the fact that it is one of the most artistic and original styles, which offers many opportunities for creativity. Bohemian style appeared in the last 60 years and combines elements of different cultures – from African tribal ideas to Indian patterns. The ethnic mix is ​​spiced with rustic and vintage touches, a sense of freedom, harmony with the world and closeness to nature. This style is often described as the best way to express the joy of life and the love of freedom. It is an unusual style with an open space for bold experiments and if you are a lover of light, natural and eccentricity, this is your style! We will help you with amazing boho chic wedding ideas about the venue, wedding decor, flowers, dresses for the bride and groom, table decorations, etc.

Dark Boho Elopement

Choosing the perfect venue for a wedding is one of the first tasks, but regardless of the style you have chosen, the exterior and interior of the venue contribute to the overall mood and will underline the theme. Boho chic wedding ideas vary depending on the personal preferences of the couple and of course the season, as weather conditions are very important, especially for bohemian style celebrations. The best time for boho style weddings is summer, warm days of late spring or early autumn. First, you won’t have to worry about bad weather and, moreover, the greenery around you will help set the mood. Some couples want a ceremony on the beach or lake, in a flower garden or in a forest. You can do the ceremony under a big old tree, on a rock, on the beach or any interesting and original place.

Bohemian style wedding invitations and birth cards can be detailed, bright, original and can be made from almost anything – watercolor and paper, to clothes and photos, clothes and vintage laces, etc. Often the invitations are decorated with leather ribbons, satin ribbons, laces, cotton, linen, wool, decorated with beads. You can intelligently combine different objects and textures in a small envelope. Boho-chic wedding invitations can be written on decorated paper, add a special symbol of the couple, and then tied with string or even dry grass. Some newlyweds choose minimalist invitations without decorations – a card with branches of flowers, rope, feathers.

Boho chic wedding decor is an excellent opportunity to boldly experiment and try combinations of things that seem incompatible. The Bohemian skin palette is very rich. You can mix beautiful natural and bright, dark shades. Play with purple and sand colors, turquoise and yellow, combine white and red. A mixture of flowers of ripe berries (cherries, plums) with their lighter shades – red, pink, orange will look amazing. You are free to choose any colors you want. One thing you should remember is not to use cold colors and shades.

When decorating a hall, a cabin or just a meadow, you need to remember the basics of boho style. Asymmetry is acceptable. Tables for guests can be different both in shape and in design. For example, some tables can be square with tall flower arrangements, others – round, with small bouquets. The most important thing is to focus on the table of the bride and groom.

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Boho chic wedding flowers play an important role in the decoration. Flowers are beautiful because they are different, just like the boho style itself. Wild flowers combined with feathers, ribbons, beads and other decorative details are an excellent choice. Dried flowers, wild flowers, greenery, forest flowers, herbs, branches, succulents, acorns, chestnuts, feathers are good choices for table centers. Compositions in which some seeds are covered with gold or silver color still look original. A bridal bouquet in pastel colors, for example white and pink roses or orchids, camellias and lilac roses will be a manifestation of the passion and love of the newlyweds. The aroma of tea roses combined with unripe black berries is incredibly soft and delicate. If you like wild flowers, add poppies to the composition.

Tables can be covered with multi-layer colored material. Contrasting napkins, garlands of ivy, vintage candlesticks and antique figurines will help you set beautiful table decorations that match the bohemian theme. The branches of the surrounding trees or the walls (canopies) can be decorated with ribbons, flowers, decorative bird cages, paper or real lamps. Colorful cushions with bright patterns, patchwork style rugs, shawls and scarves and lace napkins will add a comforting touch to the colorful atmosphere.

Lighting is another important aspect of decoration. It helps to create fun and at the same time romantic mood in the wedding. Candles, lamps, oil lamps, chandeliers, antique lamps – all these are good for a boho chic wedding.

10 Boho Wedding Ideas

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