5 Tier Square Wedding Cakes

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5 Tier Square Wedding Cakes – Everything I wish I knew when I made my first wedding cake in 2009. From tools to techniques! I recreate my first wedding cake disaster and show you how to successfully make a wedding cake the first time.

I recommend reading the entire blog post before you start making your wedding cake and be sure to watch the video tutorial at the end of this post.

5 Tier Square Wedding Cakes

5 Tier Square Wedding Cakes

I was really proud of this cake when I made it. It was the first wedding cake I made in 2009! The cake was 12-10-8”. The 12 inch cake cracked because I didn’t line up the layers so I baked a new one. Then I started assembling the new HOT cake! You can imagine what happened next. Yep, it’s cracked again. Ugh!

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Dan then drove this unrefrigerated wedding cake two hours to an outdoor beach wedding. The bumps, turns and vibrations of the car caused the undercoat to turn into a hot crumbly mess. Needless to say, this cake did not go over so well. About the things I wish I knew when I was a beginner!

I had no idea how to assemble and frost the cake. How do I get sharp corners or frost the cakes and no way cover the square cakes with fondant as you can see by my squiggly mess. The worst part was that I KNEW it looked bad, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

I recently posted a picture of this first wedding cake on social media to show that everyone starts somewhere. People joked that I should do it again, so I accepted the challenge!

There are so many things I wish I had known back then. There were no social networks for learning, only books! Books that would say, “Layer, freeze and make it smooth.” I had no idea what that meant and why my cakes didn’t match the photos in the books. But that didn’t stop me haha!

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When I bake wedding cakes for Saturday delivery I usually start baking on Wednesday and then hate everything on Thursday and then have all of Friday to decorate.

I always try to decorate the cakes completely the day before the deadline, so that if I run into any problems, I have time to fix them. Here is my rough timeline for decorating the wedding cake.

On Tuesday I also review my cake orders for NEXT week to see if I need to order anything online.

5 Tier Square Wedding Cakes

I used this to make this wedding cake. Of course, if you’re working on your own design, you may need plates of different sizes, colors, or amounts of frosting/cake.

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I layered my cakes using the fondant coating method, but you can also use the single piece method.

I used acrylic to make my cakes really square, but it’s not required. You can also try frosting the cake using the upside down method, which I’ve used for years, but it takes a little longer.

I use my white cake recipe, but any of my cake recipes can be used. Some basic rules for successfully baking wedding cake layers.

Getting a nice finish with an oil cream can take longer than you think. Give yourself plenty of time to freeze all your layers and allow them to cool properly. When you’re still learning, it can take up to an hour per level. Don’t worry, you’ll get faster with practice.

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Store your cookies in the refrigerator. Once your cakes are buttered, they are protected from drying out, so don’t worry if they need to be refrigerated for a few days.

Want to learn more about the basics of making your first cake? Check out my tutorial on how to decorate your first cake.

For all of my ultimate wedding cakes, I will use my homemade LMF marshmallow fondant recipe or America Renshaw’s fondant. Both are super easy to make and taste really good!

5 Tier Square Wedding Cakes

Chill the fondant-covered cakes in the refrigerator. I keep mine in a regular residential refrigerator with adjustable shelves and no freezer. The thermostat is set to the warmest cold, so my cakes stay cool, but not SUPER cold. This reduces condensation when you take them out of the fridge.

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When you take them out of the fridge, they may get condensation on the surface, but let them dry naturally. Condensation will not harm the cake.

Place the cake in a cardboard box and refrigerate so that when you take it out the condensation stays on the cardboard and not on your cake. You can also apply a fan over the top of the cake and let the water on the cake evaporate faster.

Shipping a cooled cake is much easier and safer to transport than an uncooled cake. It will look much cleaner, neater and easier to put together.

If the cake is three tiers or less, I will assemble it at home before shipping. I know I can pick up a three layer cake myself and it saves me time on delivery.

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Sometimes my cake design also requires me to assemble the cake first before I can decorate, so I have no choice.

Be sure to consider this aspect when you are in the design process. You may need to change your design if you have to assemble it on site.

There are many ways you can decorate a wedding cake. I’m trying to do a similar design to my first cake, so I’m making buttercream flowers.

5 Tier Square Wedding Cakes

I made the cream flowers in the morning and put them in the freezer until I needed them.

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Once my cake is assembled, I go to decorate the cake. The middle layer is topped with buttercream swirls using a #4 round piping tip.

I piped my frosted buttercream flowers on top of the cake with some buttercream. I tried to create the same flow of flowers along the corners of the cake. Alternate dark flowers with light flowers.

Cake delivery can be the most stressful part of the whole process. Cakes are safest when transported on a flat surface. Do not hold the cake in your lap. It is virtually impossible to keep the cake level and your body heat will warm the cake.

I used to ship my cakes in home delivery boxes but now I use a cake safe which has the added bonus of a central dowel system to prevent the cakes from falling during delivery.

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WHEW, I know it was a lot of information, but making a wedding cake is not as easy as some articles make it sound. When I was first trying to learn how to make a wedding cake, everything I read sounded so easy, but when problems arose, I realized I didn’t have all the information I needed to succeed.

I hope this long post has not discouraged you from making a wedding cake. As you can see, I was no expert when I tried my first cake, but you do get better. Anyone can have a beautiful wedding.

I am an artist and cake decorator from Portland, Oregon. Cakes are my obsession, which is why I’m dedicated to creating tried and true recipes, little cake tutorials, as well as advanced online cake courses! If you will have a lot of guests at the wedding, offer them a five-tiered wedding cake. Such a cake fits many people, and the diameter or volume of the layers will determine how much is enough. A five tier wedding cake is always a statement, it is very large and should have a beautiful design that shows off your wedding style or theme, the colors and you as a couple!

5 Tier Square Wedding Cakes

Five-tiered wedding cakes are usually round because they look more elegant this way. You can also try a square cake or go crazy rocking different shaped layers all over. You can choose layers of different sizes to create a unique look with an unusual shape. Layers can be matching or mismatched, colorful, colored flowers, sugar flowers, monograms and more – it depends on your style.

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A beautiful five-tier wedding cake with white and colorful layers is a very refined and chic idea, especially served with greenery and white flowers

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A bright five-tier spring wedding cake with bold yellow, neutral flowers and leaves is a true masterpiece

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A chic five-tier wedding cake decorated with bright flowers is a beautiful and bold idea for any wedding

A stunning plain five tier wedding cake with bold red, burgundy, pink and neutral flowers is a beautiful statement to make

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5 Tier Square Wedding Cakes

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