5314 Fox Hollow Winter Garden Pavilion Room Availability Woodbury Ny

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5314 Fox Hollow Winter Garden Pavilion Room Availability Woodbury Ny

5314 Fox Hollow Winter Garden Pavilion Room Availability Woodbury Ny

If you’re looking for the perfect place to officiate your wedding, look no further than the mountains. Can you imagine being surrounded by a dream mountain picture while saying “I do” to your lover? Or, better yet, exchanging vows at the top while the rest of the world is spreading below you.

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Besides the spectacular views, hosting your special day in the mountains has a lot to offer. Immerse yourself in an elevated environment, you will retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find solace in nature. For active or outdoorsy couples, mountain weddings offer a variety of activities for everyone, whether it’s hiking, biking, skiing or fishing. Not to mention, if you grew up near the mountains or vacationed there often, you can share that experience with your loved ones when you exchange vows.

From Washington, D.C. to Montana to Colorado and the Swiss Alps, there are many places that offer great mountain views for your big day. Whether you’re looking at the glistening mountains or those blanketed in gorgeous scenery, mountain weddings present a stunning backdrop, no matter the time of year.

If you’re thinking of having a wedding in the mountains, there are a few things to remember, according to Heather Dwight of Calluna Events. First, mountain weddings are expensive, especially during seasons and holidays, so it’s important to factor that into your budget. “Midsummer will be the most sought-after, and therefore the most expensive,” explained the retailer. “Winter weddings in the mountains can also be very expensive because you are competing with the ski season. Holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will also be more expensive and busy for top weddings, so plan ahead for budget, hotel rates and travel”.

When considering your wedding day, it is also important to familiarize yourself with the weather so that you and your guests can prepare for the conditions. “June through September will be the most popular months for the best weather, but also plan for an afternoon shower in the forecast,” notes Dwight. “Temperatures can fluctuate during the day and can drop dramatically at night, so make sure your guests are comfortable for hot parties and cold receptions by providing water and shade. In the evenings, encourage wraps and layers and add warm-ups if needed. “

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To plan for inclement weather, Chikeeh Talker of One Love in Time Events recommends having a backup interior or backyard plan for your party and reception. For any other contingencies, he urges couples to find a planner who knows the area. “Hiring a wedding planner who is skilled in these types of weddings will save you time and trouble,” she explains.

Once you’ve taken care of the logistics, you can move on to the fun part – decorating! To decorate a top wedding based on location while representing your love story, ask yourself a few questions. Dwight encourages couples to think about, “Why do you want to bring your friends and family to the area? What are your other priorities for the weekend? Love the look and want an epic setting for their party? ” Answering these questions will give you a better idea of ​​what elements you want to highlight and incorporate into your design.

When in doubt, the minimalist approach always wins. “The best part about a mountain wedding is that you don’t have to do much,” says Talker. “Nature itself really speaks.”

5314 Fox Hollow Winter Garden Pavilion Room Availability Woodbury Ny

From your stationery suite to your wedding tree arrangement, there are countless ways to add a nod to Mother Nature through your wedding decor while making the most of the area. For more inspiration, here’s a roundup of our favorite ways to decorate a dream wedding in the mountains.

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Since the invitations serve as the first introduction to your wedding, it is the best opportunity to enhance its beauty. Choose a natural color palette for your event such as shades of green, brown, orange and gray and paint your stationery suite in these shades. To drive your theme home, with a green-inspired envelope liner, stamp your invitations with top stamps, and add the top illustration to your card.

Is there a warm welcome over free gifts? Once your guests arrive, put out baskets full of recycled cups, baseball caps, and other special items that contain your wedding day and a sketch of the mountains. Stock up on local snacks and drinks to give everyone a taste of the region’s famous flavors. Pack welcome bags with a location map so your loved ones can explore.

You can also speak to your community through your fashion choices. Wedding dresses with floral material or decorated with the best vine pattern with exchanging vows in mountains. Choose a dress with tulle or lace fabric to add an ounce of romance to your wedding. If you can’t seem to find the right fit for your situation, go the traditional route.

Without a doubt, one of the most memorable parts of your wedding is your first appearance. For something as important as your big show, you’ll want a backdrop that’s stunning. Show off your wedding dress to your partner for the first time on the balcony overlooking the mountains.

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If you and your partner want to go, hosting your wedding on a mountain would be the best location. Sharing your future vows on a cliff with your forever partner by your side will make your celebration even stronger. High Wedding will also post photos that go beyond the shows.

For anyone stuck with an alpine location, you’ll want the scenery to be the focus of your party. To make the setting shine, place spiritual chairs around your altar. Instead of covering the floor, this acrylic seating option blends seamlessly with the surroundings. If you say “I do” in the spring or summer, decorate your wedding with lots of greenery to match the outdoor area.

The mountains offer a variety of landscapes, from wide open fields and dense forests to flowing rivers and lakes. Take a walk through the natural areas to enjoy the beauty and take great pictures. Taking photos in the great outdoors will not only get you an unparalleled view, but also get the fun and joy you feel. Every time you look back at your wedding album, you will be instantly transported to that moment.

5314 Fox Hollow Winter Garden Pavilion Room Availability Woodbury Ny

Pay for Mother Nature by designing your companion card. Using wordplay and imagery in your signage is a fun way to add references to the mountains. Scatter the rock and green escort cards around the sign to show the ground.

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The bar is a place where your guests will spend a lot of time, so why not make it the main attraction? At their wedding in Aspen, Colorado, this couple had a traditional landscape design painted on their tree. To go the extra mile, provide a variety of local spirits and beers for your drink options.

If you want to have personal beverage stations, set up a wooden vessel with wine, beer and seltzer dispensers. Since the best mountain locations are lakes, using a boat as a decorative drinking vessel gives the image of a peaceful boat ride among the mountains. If nothing else, the new selection bar will impress your visitors.

For couples who want a themed event, a western wedding fits perfectly with a mountain setting. Decorate your space with grass balloons, leather ornaments and animal prints. Encourage guests to enter with cowboy boots or hats to dress up the place.

Since the best decoration in a mountain wedding is the venue itself, make sure you host your gala dinner with a view of the rolling hills. Keep the color palette neutral, the centerpieces small and the decoration minimal so that the mountains are the center of attention. Lush blooms will also bring the natural wonders. This couple lined their 80-foot table with thousands of white roses, which looked like they grew from the ground, for their romantic wedding in Idaho.

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Another alfresco dining option is getting a booth decorated with organic decorations. Neutral tones like wooden chairs and rattan lamps complement the wooden landscape perfectly. Industrial elements with local flowers and greenery wrapped around pendant lights will also blend in with the environment and complete your vision. Additionally, hosting your party in a tent will protect you and your guests from any unpredictable weather conditions.

There’s no better way to capture the outdoors than with a tree picture painted on your track. You will feel like you are one with nature as you glide across the room with your partner during your first dance.

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