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Hey Mermaids Can I See Before And After Petticoatcrinoline Front Back

Hey Mermaids Can I See Before And After Petticoatcrinoline Front Back

Aja Romano is a cultural journalist focusing on cultural criticism and ethics. Before joining in 2016, they were correspondents for The Daily Dot.

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It caused deep anger and resentment among fans who felt that the increasing variety of projects had eroded their loyalty to the original story.

The series, which debuted this month, claimed the casting of black and Asian actors undermined the show’s fidelity to Tolkien’s world. Meanwhile, some are allegedly fans of Disney cartoons

They rejected a new live-action version that replaces the famous mermaid’s blue eyes and red hair with black actress Halle Bailey’s.

For the first time it caused widespread fan ire because it cast black and Asian actors as characters across the spectrum of fictional Middle-earth races. A major fan complaint is that the decision to include non-white characters ruins the authenticity of Tolkien’s world, as he never describes elves, hobbits, men and dwarves as anything other than white. Then last week, Disney released the first trailer for

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Featuring Billy singing “Part of Your World”. Thousands of YouTubers took part, leaving over 2 million dislikes and many derogatory comments on the trailer, creating memes mocking the film for casting Bailey and mocking all its supporters.

To anyone who has been interested in geek culture for the past decade or so, this argument may feel endless and exhausting. After all, this is the same reaction cycle that occurs when any beloved story is rebooted (or, in the case of Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, adapted for film for the first time) and any changes, big or small, are made. Outrage reaches new heights as major changes shake the foundations of stories originally framed from a white worldview. Let’s face it: most of the stories that have been told to us over the centuries were created for us by white men.

From a progressive standpoint, all stories could use a good makeover by changing their perspective through acting, and pop culture is full of narratives ready to be retold. However, if we take the critics at face value, you have a bunch of geeks who just want to see their favorite stories left alone. Those fans now face a regular battle as they watch franchise after franchise fall into the clutches of progressive directors and writers who insist on — gasp — casting women in lead roles, or — gasp — casting actors of color in roles long reserved for white people.

Hey Mermaids Can I See Before And After Petticoatcrinoline Front Back

It sparked a wave of support from other fans who saw the outrage as racially motivated. Complicating all these arguments are angry right-wing politicians and influencers like the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who use the two franchises as examples of Hollywood and its liberal “woke.”

Facts About Mermaids

For starters, as many fans know, hobbits and mermaids aren’t real, so it doesn’t matter what race they are. For another thing, although Tolkien’s setting of Middle-earth is based on Europe, people of color lived all over Europe in the Middle Ages, so diverse is Middle-earth

As for Hans Christian Andersen’s short story “The Little Mermaid”, it is originally an allegory about an eccentric man, and the place of origin is “far in the ocean”. The quest for historical accuracy of this type of fantasy is particularly interesting; But to dispel the argument that such a character should be white, consider that Disney’s first version made Ariel’s home in a fictional mix of Greek and Mediterranean mythology somewhere in the middle of the North Atlantic. So the idea of ​​Caucasian mermaids from this region is a stretch.

“Well, the original Little Mermaid-” The original Little Mermaid was a personality created by a strange man, who wanted to have a relationship with another man, and in the end the mermaid died. You don’t really care, man. — Nome (@NomeDaBarbarian) September 12, 2022

Again, this is all pure fantasy, so who really cares if it’s played by a white or black actor?

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The main cry among fans of this genre is that such productions insist on what they call “forced diversity.” Critics claim that’s not the point

To meaningfully insert realistic representation into the universe, but instead to advance an “awakened ideological agenda”. This argument is particularly vocal among right-wing politicians and conservative influencers.

The ideal for such fans is something they tend to describe as “organic diversity” – something that naturally arises from the canonical description of the character. For example, one Tolkien scholar complained to CNN that since Tolkien described the elves as “fair-faced,” any tan color would ruin the show’s authenticity.

Hey Mermaids Can I See Before And After Petticoatcrinoline Front Back

“This is not something organic that came out of Middle-earth,” Tolkien expert Louis Marcus told CNN. “This is really a forced agenda.”

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Framing the presence of non-white figures in the media as a political position is actually an ideological agenda. What’s more, it defies the long legacy of fantasy adaptations deviating from canonical descriptions of characters, and fans generally don’t care — as long as the representation still promotes a white male-centric worldview.

Tyrion Lannister has been specifically described as having “one green eye and one black peeking out from under his thinning hair that looks so blond it looks white”. There was no outrage when she appeared on the show looking like pic.twitter.com/6vZnKdAela — Laura Shortridge-Scott (@DiscordianKitty) September 5, 2022

About hobbits and “fair-faced” elves and red-headed mermaids, but about the existence of real people in our non-fictional world.

Increasingly known for targeting everything from toys to ghost hunters, the never-ending culture war against various media has now reached a fantasy world near you. Watch the latest Star Wars, Captain Marvel or Black Panther

Part Of Our World: Mermaids Mingle At Us Convention

Or Black Adam, or Star Wars again – or pretty much any regular franchise being adapted or revamped these days with black women and/or heroes.

Racism and misogyny hate this change. For example, they might argue that the color cast is a cheap aesthetic change that does nothing to deepen the worldview of the story. Or, if the cast produces a change in worldview, they may argue that the worldview is not faithful to the original creator’s vision. (This usually indicates that they never really understood the creator’s original vision at all, as these novels almost always have a very humane and optimistic theme that aligns more closely with a progressive worldview than with a traditional worldview—especially racism. one.)

Cynthia Addai Robinson as Queen Regent Merrill in The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. Amazon Studios/IMDB

Hey Mermaids Can I See Before And After Petticoatcrinoline Front Back

Gradually. (See: Bridgerton and Hamilton.) Studios like Disney are often more invested in rebooting their existing IP than risking interesting new stories from minority content creators. Fans argue that this focus on just repeating old stories with facelifts has led to a repetitive, boring focus on pointless reboots and tired retirements instead of something different and massive.

The World Of Shannon Mcroberts

However, these arguments are often drowned out by the voices of fans of color who are excited to see themselves reflected in the old media they love — like parents celebrating with the new.

Seize these opportunities for new original work, as the resulting great work also often attracts a great response. Pixar’s sleeper hit, Turning Red was the target of culture war shocks due to its cultural background and unique subject matter and characters.

All of this suggests that the argument for less diversity is as shallow and political as it sounds racist and sexist. Journalist and period drama expert Amanda Rae Prescott learned this lesson well when she began tracking down fans of the cult PBS series

The series, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, features one character of color — not the multi-racial cast of the popular drama

Young Black Girls React To Halle Bailey As Disney’s New Ariel

. As Prescott points out, while many fans want more characters of color to get more screen time, the majority of the show’s white fans are committed to “keeping

Prescott then looked at a similar form of racist censorship surrounding Netflix’s recent take on Austen, where white Austen fans hid racism behind other criticisms of the film as well as funny memes satirizing the film in a misguided way.

Trailer comments are currently wall-to-wall with haters mocking people who love the trailer, using a copy/paste meme variant to mock the idea of ​​always loving the movie. The meme, like most politically motivated memes, hides a real racist agenda behind it.

Hey Mermaids Can I See Before And After Petticoatcrinoline Front Back

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Videos Claiming To Show A ‘real Mermaid’ Have Gone So Viral That Police Had To Tell Viewers They’re Fake

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