Beach Themed Wedding Table Decorations

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Beach Themed Wedding Table Decorations – Are you planning to say your I do on the beach? If so, there are many ways to jazz up the festivities from the comfort of your own home and with your own hands. Below you’ll find 40 DIY beach wedding ideas perfect for a destination celebration. Scroll through and see if it matches your cruise look, and tie the knot!

Martha Stewart Weddings starts us off with some rock candy cones that make for the most perfect and beautiful beach wedding favors! Impress your guests and impress them with these little pieces. Of course, the best part is that you can install these yourself with very little work.

Beach Themed Wedding Table Decorations

Beach Themed Wedding Table Decorations

Dress up the big day with a personalized surfboard. We came across this awesome idea live on Confetti Daydreams. While surfboards can be expensive, you can easily take an old piece and give it a little makeover for the perfect photo and decor.

Romantic Candlelit Beach In A Rose Bowl Table Decoration — Homebnc

Driftwood will always be a beautiful addition to a beach wedding. Use any table scraps you have at the party. Create a collage or display one piece; Each record can be different and unique.

Wedding Window knew that the most obvious idea for a beach wedding was the best! Give everyone stars to remember the big day. Add a personalized note and voila!

Start collecting your seashells now! Small pieces you see on Martha Stewart Weddings can be used to create a beautiful seating table. Every part of the party can be spiced up with beach style.

Uniquely have your wedding invitation lit up with romantic lanterns. There’s no better way to add some extra sparkle to a beach wedding than with these beauties. Welcome to the warmth and glow of amber, and once the sun goes down, you’ll need it.

How To Decorate A Wedding On A Budget

We love this fun idea too! If your vows are being exchanged on the beach, don’t let your guests ruin their shoes! Instead, give them a pair of flip flops so they can wade through the sand.

Wed Pics showcased this unique beauty and we loved how clear it was. Starfish can be used throughout the ceremony, even on the groom! Add a traditional boutonniere to the beach.

Everyone gets a little sand on themselves, so don’t create a place where everyone can “sand off” before dancing the night away. A pair of paint brushes can help remove debris and keep everyone comfortable. You can even personalize the brushes in advance if you want.

Beach Themed Wedding Table Decorations

Some scrap wood and paint will get you started on this easy task. Mark the way to the event and/or party with a handmade sideboard! Thanks to Pinterest, you have a lot of inspiration that you can follow and get ideas from this category.

Beach Themed Wedding Projects & Diy Inspiration

Make your program a fan with popsicle sticks and staples. Whether you create your own programs for the big day or not, this can work! And thanks again to Pinterest for the great idea

Ditch the labels and go with something that makes some sense for a beach wedding. Collect your lifetime collection of seashells and create the most perfect bridal bouquet. Check out this design from Confetti Daydreams!

You can learn how to create your own “empty” sandals for the big day. You won’t need to wear heels at all! Get the tutorial and all the details on Live & Diet.

Most beach weddings are destination affairs, meaning all of your guests will travel to get to the events. So why not create a welcome bag for everyone to enjoy. Show your appreciation and use this as a party favor!

Beach Theme / Island Ideas

Design Waffle featured this adorable s’mores bar and we couldn’t help but think how perfect this would be on the beach! Roast some marshmallows and create an interactive experience for your guests to enjoy. Don’t forget extra toppings like peanut butter chips and sprinkles!

Just Fab gives us a great idea for a centerpiece that we can easily create ourselves. All we need to get started is a glass container, some sand and some labels. And this design can be dressed up or toned down as you wish.

Candles always work for weddings, no matter the type. But how you style them depends on the location and look. And this Stone Gable rope-wrapped idea fits perfectly with the nautical theme.

Beach Themed Wedding Table Decorations

Martha Stewart took seashells and painted them gold. And some of them are filled with some wax and made into candles. Take a more glamorous and romantic approach to your beach wedding decorations with this one.

Palm Leaf Themed Beach Wedding — Santa Barbara Wedding Style

This shell heart can be displayed anywhere around the event. On the sweetheart table, on some VIP chairs, on the doors…there are so many ways to use this custom piece. This is something you might want to keep long after the party is over.

Invite your guests in a more special way. Make your own or find a handy kit like this one from Wedding Parcel. Ask to RSVP in a way that screams “destination celebration” like this message in a bottle comment!

Confetti Daydreams We also had this little inspiration. Creating a beach photo backdrop for your wedding is a must! For both guests as well as the bride and groom to enjoy!

Here’s another shell-covered accent that can be made in advance and used long after the dance floor is closed. Use this on the cake table or bar. Make sure you have a glue gun before you start the job.

Romantic Beach Wedding Table Settings

Creating a chuppah for your beach wedding doesn’t have to be stressful, just go for it. Driftwood always looks beautiful in pictures and is strong enough to create something like this. Thanks for the wedding book inspiration!

You will need to create a small “display drop” for the event site. Instead of forcing everyone to destroy their shoes, create a place for everyone to set up their favorite pairs. We love this little setup from Floridian Social and how easy it is to recreate for your own event.

Here’s another stellar idea we love. Use them to mark rows during the ceremony. With some greenery, you’ll have a smart beach for everyone to enjoy.

Beach Themed Wedding Table Decorations

Of course, you can learn how to make your own invitations. Take a look at these simple ideas for example. A little Seychellois accent will get your guests into the buzz of your event without any fuss.

Diy Beach Themed Wedding Table Numbers

Pinterest also featured this adorable chuppah idea, and we’re drooling over it. If you’re looking for even better beach wedding ideas, this is the place to start. Some old doors and clothes too, it’s quaint and romantic.

Martha Stewart Weddings also features some great ideas for a beach wedding and this one really struck a chord with us. Instead of pieces of wood, why not add a few pieces of sunny fabric to the mix. We love how upbeat and relaxed this event site feels.

A sweet treat to serve on a hot day at the beach, fruit kabobs are easy to make ahead of time! The best part is that everyone builds them right and enjoys them. Collect your favorite fruits and start passing them around with sparkling champagne.

Here’s another fun idea that works for a beach wedding. Turn some midges into candles. Of course, you can also use these for romantic lighting on reception tables, and we love the themed vibe.

Beach Themed Wedding Ideas For An Oceanfront Venue

Here’s another food idea that works perfectly for a beach celebration! Serve the main party tacos. A taco bar is easy to DIY yourself and everyone will be satisfied with their plates.

Wedding Chicks gave us a good idea not only for beach weddings but for everyone. Of course, creating your own soundtrack means you can customize the theme of the music. Holiday-appropriate songs slide easily into this album.

R. Love Floral featured this beautifully simple centerpiece. In fact, we thought this would be a great addition to beach wedding plans. With its simplicity, it really fits any theme – and it would be easy to recreate on your own!

Beach Themed Wedding Table Decorations

When you wake up on your big day and your girls start gathering in your room to get ready, thank them profusely. There’s something special about this idea from Glamor and Grace, not just a DIY opportunity. Photography and booking, it’s as special as the destination.

Elegant Beach Inspired Wedding Reception Decor

Instead of blowing bubbles or throwing bubbles, fly! It is biodegradable and does not harm the beach or the surrounding environment. We love this idea from Deep Pearl Flowers!

As your day gets a little more casual, so can your food choices. Of course, they can still be presented in an attractive and photo-worthy way.

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