Affordable Venues In Eastern Pa And Nj

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Affordable Venues In Eastern Pa And Nj – When it comes to planning your big celebration, the first thing many couples do is Google, “Great Wedding Venues in Central Pennsylvania” and start scrolling down the list. We want to know the best and the cheapest, right? It’s always a balancing act while picking up that dream property and making sure it doesn’t break the bank. Bookmark this post, brides and grooms, and let it be your gold standard of information for you. Central Pennsylvania is a destination for eastern weddings, and as a photographer, I share the locations my couples chose and why they were perfect for their big day. You can have a relaxed, boho party in the woods or in the city, black tie chic. Central Pennsylvania is your oyster! There are many different sites, all with different price points. It’s important to find one that fits your vision, which is why I’ve teamed up with Cindy at Planned Perfection to bring you our list of the top 8 spots in Central Pennsylvania. Each of the sites listed has our full permission. Not only do I photograph weddings on a regular basis, but my clients have commented on their venue experiences and topped the list of best wedding venues in Central Pennsylvania.

A quick note from January 2020, prices and information are correct on Saturdays during peak wedding hours but are subject to change at any time. I always recommend contacting the site to confirm pricing before you close your budget!

Affordable Venues In Eastern Pa And Nj

Affordable Venues In Eastern Pa And Nj

Promise Ridge is located in the Pocono Mountains and they specialize in “miniature” weddings for up to 20 people and just you and your honey elope there. The Living Wall at Promise Ridge is the perfect location for your ceremony, overlooking the Appalachian Trail. (Really, look at the dates!) The package includes a meeting with your host, issuance of a marriage license, and 90 minutes at the property. You have the option to extend the time for a family dinner or party on their infinity deck! What do you want? Photographer with flowers. You’re good to go!

Best Airbnb Wedding Venues In Nj

Smoker Farms is perfect for a simple and delicious wedding. Nestled in the farmland of Lancaster County, you are surrounded by rolling hills and green fields. The top is perfect for your party. Afterwards, visitors can walk under the barn. By the way, this is a small family owned business. They usually take care of the property, so expect slow communication when setting up an appointment.

Rock Lititz and Pod 2 are the perfect venue for small weddings. Rock Lititz is where the music industry produces concerts and rehearses for major artists so if you are a music fan, this is your place.

Oh, I could sing the praises of bookstores forever. This venue has many features that can be used to realize your wedding vision. In summer 2020, they are opening an outdoor event space as an option for your wedding, as well as their indoor event space. The treasury team is very professional and will bend over backwards to make your day perfect. They are honestly the best site team I have ever worked with. They also have a calendar on their website so it’s easy to see if they have availability for your age!

It’s perfect for a wedding look that requires industrial, all-white channels for the venue. With floor-to-ceiling white walls and vintage boho and mid-century decor, this venue is perfect for a special wedding event. Once you’re done, you can drag everything into place and customize it to your liking!

Pennsylvania Wedding Venues With Mountain Views

Bluestone Estate is a great place for anyone looking for a Lancaster County feel. Set in rolling fields and in a beautiful restored stone and timber barn, it’s magical as you look out through the large windows to the countryside. Perfect for a romantic and romantic wedding day. There is a choice of an indoor ceremony in the barn or an outdoor ceremony on the hill above the pond.

Old Shady Lane is the romantic version of the old world. The layout is amazing and there are so many options for weddings! From a cobblestone site to ruins and a greenhouse to a white tent, there are many options for setting up your wedding. Also suitable for romantic, visual, boho. The team there is great and always on hand with a golf cart when needed.

Excelsior is the place to be if you want to escape the city and still maintain a luxurious feel. Most people tie the knot knowing that there are couples here who want to escape the hustle and bustle of NYC, Philadelphia, NJ or DC. The Excelsior is located in the heart of Lancaster city, close to many hotels, Airbnbs, restaurants and bars, providing excellent entertainment for your wedding weekend visitors. With beautiful indoor and outdoor ceremony options, planning a wedding any time of the year is easy. As an abandoned building in downtown Lancaster, they beautifully restored the building while retaining its old charm.

Affordable Venues In Eastern Pa And Nj

Well, we’ve pretty much covered the best venues in Central Pennsylvania, now it’s time to save money and really maximize that wedding budget…

Nontraditional Outdoor Wedding Barn Wedding Venue Airbnb Woodsy Ceremony Pa Rustic Industrial

– What time you can access your site is valuable. Don’t think you have it from 12AM-12AM. Venues have check-in and check-out times and adding extra time can be expensive. By planning your schedule ahead of time you won’t add hours later.

– Does the venue allow your guests to leave their cars on site overnight or must all of your guests leave with the vehicles they entered? Asking ahead of time will help you budget for extra parking so guests don’t have to worry about what to do with their parking after the party, and you won’t be penalized for expensive fees.

– Is there free parking at your place? Otherwise, consider pre-paying for parking or getting a parking pass for your guests. Or, consider offering parking so your guests aren’t surprised by parking fees.

– Limited number of guests- Some venues require you to pay at least 150 guests, only 110 RSVP yes, show up etc. Radar. Ask ahead!

The Best Places To Elope Or Have A Micro Wedding In Pennsylvania

– Refundable security deposits, taxes and fees not included in your rent are expensive additions to rental costs. Ask for full payment upfront to make sure your budget is right. It will definitely save you money in the long run!

Big thanks to Cindy at Planned Perfection for this tip on top wedding venues in Central Pennsylvania! Beautifully Planned is one of the top wedding planners in our area so after checking out the venue, ask here about your big day. Of course, the photo is on your list. If you want more information about working with me, give me a call!

Wedding Venues That Don’t Suck // Best Wedding Venues in Philadelphia, PA, NY & NJ Jun 29, 2017 , Wedding Tips.

Affordable Venues In Eastern Pa And Nj

Why get married in a place that doesn’t feel like “you” when you can find a unique and beautiful place that suits you? There are so many unique wedding venues out there! I’ve compiled a list (with sample photos, of course) of some of the best places to celebrate in PA, NY, NJ and surrounding areas. From Philadelphia to Brooklyn, to the coast and mountains of New Jersey (Pennsylvania’s Poconos and New York’s Catskills/Hudson Valley), there are many wonderful places for all couples. Industrial warehouses, conservatories, open gardens and historic landscapes… there’s a place for everyone, and since I’ve shot weddings over the years, I want to share my knowledge with you!

Weddings End Early At Popular Pa. Venue Due To Noise And Neighbor Complaints

The horticultural center is home to Stephen Starr, with food from his own Star Events and one of the only greenhouses in the area. I’m honored to work here every time, it’s so much fun and it seems to suit different couples. It’s the best of both worlds – you’re surrounded by nature, but you don’t have to worry about planning for rain. The grounds are amazing, with a large reflecting pool and acres of trees and shrubs to use as your playground. If you get married here, take me! This venue is a classic definition in itself as one of the most unique wedding venues Philly has to offer.


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