How To Host A Plastic Free Wedding

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How To Host A Plastic Free Wedding – Host an environmental event? Not sure how to get started? June 5-11 is Environment Week, and now is the time!

If you’re planning an event and want to reduce your environmental impact, we’ve created a checklist to help you prepare for an eco-friendly event.

How To Host A Plastic Free Wedding

How To Host A Plastic Free Wedding

The earlier you plan and plan, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Identify local suppliers and make sure their supplies are locally sourced (and make sure the event planner you choose has the same values ​​as you!).

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Communicate your sustainability and environmental goals to venues, suppliers and guests, and make sure you’re asking the right questions. Use clear key messages in digital invitations, social media, email marketing, and even at events with digital signage.

One of the biggest ways to increase environmental awareness is to make sure your events are plastic-free. When choosing a venue, make sure glassware, crockery and cutlery are reusable, and store glassware in jugs. Avoid plastic cups, water bottles, utensils and plates. If the venue does not provide these items, consider borrowing or renting them from a suitable company such as Chair Flair. If you can’t avoid using single-use items, use eco-friendly, compostable or biodegradable options. Smart menu choices can also help reduce waste – consider serving meals that don’t require cutlery, as well as branded cloth napkins that guests can keep for a while.

When planning an environmental event, incorporate waste management plans to reduce, reuse and recycle. Food waste decomposes in landfills and produces greenhouse gases such as methane. The key to environmental activism is reducing food waste. Plan your menu based on the number of guests already in attendance, and consider food donation programs like The Leftovers Foundation to make use of leftovers. Reduce emissions by collecting food waste separately from landfill and composting.

Waste is estimated to increase by 70% between 2022 and 2050, which is why recycling is so important. Post clear signage for your guests so they can easily tell the difference between recycling bins, landfills, and food waste. Consider traffic flow in your space and place litter boxes strategically to encourage recycling. Avoid buying new decorations, get creative by redesigning existing items, find recycled products online, or work with companies that use sustainable materials. Most importantly, do your research!

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Depending on the location of the venue, you can help your guests reduce the carbon footprint of your event by promoting cycling or helping organize car shares. For larger events, guests are encouraged to use free or discounted tickets for public transportation. If public transportation is not available, provide a shuttle service (electric, hydrogen or hybrid). Combine it with public transportation, or offer pickup and drop-off to local hotels.

If you’re giving a gift or favor to guests, choose practical, reusable items that have minimal packaging and are ethically sourced. Plants, seed packets, reusable tote bags, bamboo cutlery bags, recycled notebooks, cups or mugs all make great gifts.

Do you have active folders? Do you send paper invitations? Stop and work digitally! To reduce paper and increase efficiency, use event management software and consider creating an event website. Digitization means that all event details such as date, location, time, announcements and updates can be consulted at any time. Use QR codes to easily direct people to your website. On event day, use the mobile event app to further reduce the need for printed flyers, brochures and schedules. It can be used to share program schedules, speaker information, and even go through event activities for a little fun.

How To Host A Plastic Free Wedding

If you’re hosting an eco-friendly event, choose your menu wisely. Products that are transported or driven from miles away have a direct impact on the environment. Be sure to tell the seller that you are looking for local, organic, seasonal food and water.

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If you’re hosting an eco-friendly event, consider sustainability from the start. There are many ways to reduce your impact on the planet.

Let us help you create an event that is green and still fun for your guests! Protecting the environment is increasingly important, but fortunately, it’s also getting easier. Environmental discoveries are more accessible than ever thanks to new technologies and scientific innovations. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are planning an Earth-loving celebration, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of ways to do it. Biodegradable materials and reusable decor can help your wedding go to zero waste, while natural, sustainable food, venues and flowers can keep things greener. From reducing electricity and fuel use to resetting goals and giving back, we’ve got advice for every aspect of your big day, because there’s no reason your dream wedding can’t be a green wedding. Here, some of my favorite ideas for running an environmentally and socially conscious campaign.

Disposable, biodegradable bowls and utensils are a great way to stay organic. We love products because their all-natural formula makes them easily compostable, making them perfect for food trays, gift wrap, and moving boxes.

Green wedding planning can start as early as carousel shopping. Choose an antique diamond, or visit a dealer committed to sourcing precious metals and gemstones in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Tiffany & Co., Ashe Hilton, Brilliant Earth, Cred Jewelery, Dogeared, Leber Jeweller, Ingle & Rhode are all great resources.

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Say “I do” at a wedding venue committed to sustainability and get the best of both worlds. For example, Blue Hills in Stone Barn, New York, grows most of its food supply using flexible farming methods. You can also choose beautiful venues yourself and transform them into your celebration venue with minimal decoration. Another thought? Marry the locals or where most of your guests are to reduce the amount of fuel in your event’s exhaust. If you’re a newlywed in the backcountry, suggest your sweetheart take a squat ride on this special day, cutting down on fuel consumption and possibly making new friends along the way.

Quickly file dates, invitations, plans, menus, and thank you cards that take up a lot of paper. Look for recycled options, like this set of invitations by a graphic designer bride, which features rubber-stamped linen with the date sewn onto recycled paper. If possible, post information like directions on your wedding website instead of using an extra sheet of paper.

Reduce your carbon footprint by hiring local suppliers and buying local and seasonal flowers and food. Bonus: Regional touches do double duty and can round out your party’s theme.

How To Host A Plastic Free Wedding

Get to know the companies you’re considering hiring for. Do any of them go beyond saving energy and reducing waste? If not, ask them if they would like to work together to make your party more environmentally friendly. Your planner might connect you with a florist who repurposes flowers or a caterer who sources ingredients locally, like farm-to-table favorite blackberries.

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In addition to bringing style and excitement to your big day, combining heirloom or special items you already have can reduce wear and tear. Whether you’re wearing your mom’s wedding dress, or using your aunt’s old jewelry, repurposing will reduce what you need to buy for your wedding.

If you’re going to make your own dresses, choose sustainable designers like Adele Wechsler and Lindee Daniel. Or find a rental that will get you access to a pool that you can consider a “borrowed thing.”

Scour flea markets and thrift stores for forgotten treasures that can be brought back to life as wedding decorations. For the tabletop signs, the couple displayed vintage license plates from states that hold special meaning to them on birch slats from a fallen tree near their home. Horseshoes were everywhere, all from the groom’s father, who spent a weekend bringing in 120 antiques for the event.

Companies like La Tavola Fine Linen, Broadway Party Rentals, and New England Country Rentals (pictured) let you throw a party with elegant and non-disposable linens, dishware, cutlery, and more. Laundry and laundry services are often included in the rent, making this route a win-win.

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Tip: If you must provide disposable tableware, look for biodegradable products, such as those offered by Susty Party.

Make your business card or centerpiece a wedding favor. Here, barrel cacti and cacti planted in small concrete pots serve as escort cards and thank you notes.

Work with your venue or planner to set up a disposal system that includes recycling bins for cans and bottles and compost bins for biodegradable items, including fruits, vegetables, and plants.

How To Host A Plastic Free Wedding

Keep your arrangements alive on your wedding day by donating them to a nursing home, hospital, or shelter through organizations like Petals With Purpose, Floranthropy, and Random Acts of Flowers. Another company, Rebloom, will resell your flowers and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

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Many food banks across the country will pick up refrigerated leftovers from food not served at the rehearsal dinner or reception. Talk to your caterer beforehand so they can take action

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