Just Married Car Decor

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Just Married Car Decor – A proper farewell is like an exclamation point at a wedding. It is a small but important part of the festivities. This is the special touch that distinguishes couples. Whether they rent a limousine or a private car or just drive home, making their car stand out with a few simple decorations goes a long way. If they don’t leave the reception with a car that can be decorated, consider decorating their everyday car for a special surprise the morning after their wedding, keeping the celebration alive.

From banners and vinyl decals to stickers, balloons and DIY chalk paint, the options are endless. You’ll only need to spend between $10 and $20 to make an impressive, photo-ready final product that any couple will love.

Just Married Car Decor

Just Married Car Decor

This adorable Kate Spade sticker will make fun and cute pictures in a stylish and simple design. The white decal is one piece measuring 8″ x 24″ and will work on sedans and SUVs. The stickers are applied to the interior of the vehicle and can be smoothed out by removing any bubbles on the back of a credit card or a piece of cloth. Gently wetting the sticker with soap and water will also help it adhere. If you love this line from Kate Spade, you can also shop these extra large 30 inch balloons. And Mrs. to complete your decorations.

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If you are trying to cut costs but want to drive in a fully equipped car, you can buy this complete car decorating kit, perfect for all the newlyweds. Kit includes magnetic Just Married sign, window knobs, pre-inflated pumps, banners, and balloons. Everything is made of weather-resistant materials. If you’re hosting a post-wedding brunch the next day, add this coordinating Just Married cake layer to your order and place it on top of one of the brunch desserts.

Available in several different sizes and at a very reasonable price, the Just Married car decal applies in seconds and can be removed without any residue much faster. It’s great for a rental car, limousine, or any car you’ll be leaving the front desk in. The most unique part about this option is the cool customization (customized to each couple with their family name) which makes for a great photo and special touch.

This simple and simple car decorating kit is one of the best sellers. Includes 11 different pieces, great for covering all sides of the car, including the rear windshield. The vinyl sticks easily to the car, so no tape or glue is needed and can be removed without leaving any residue. The cuttings range from 2.5 to 8 inches long, and cover a large area.

This two-piece set includes a Just Married wedding wreath with a Just Married window decal, both designed with clean, elegant, and modern lines. They are easy to attach to the car and can be removed in seconds after the wedding. Banner measures 8.5 feet and must be assembled by stringing letters on string. To add a bit of rustic flair to your decor, consider using this faux green vine with a ribbon of burlap around the banner and some of your car’s edges.

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Keep things simple, clean, and inexpensive with this burlap banner that simply says “Mr. and Mrs. with an adorable little heart in the center.” This natural burlap banner measures approximately 10 feet tall, and each flag is approximately 7.5 inches wide x 5 inches wide, so it’s definitely visible from It’s far away and it’ll take a great picture when you leave the reception.Use at your wedding, on your car, and then again as part of the décor in your home.

If none of the pre-made options on this list are exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to post-wedding car decorations, you can easily make your own. The white chalk markers apply smoothly to any non-porous surface (such as your car windows) and wipe off easily with a damp cloth. If you are not confident in your handwriting, buy letter/number templates to write your own message. The soft tip facilitates control and keeps the final product looking clean and professional. Want to decorate with colors? This similarly priced liquid chalk set includes 12 different colors at a similar price.

Many car decorating kits contain the same “just married” message. He changes things up a bit with a fairy-tale message that reads “And they lived happily ever after.” This elegant and simple wedding poster measures 30″ by 9″ tall and is made of temporary white vinyl with a matte finish. Easy step-by-step installation instructions are included with each sticker to ensure they run smoothly the first time.

Just Married Car Decor

Andaz Press sells a number of different banner designs with the same “Just Married” message. It’s cheap and great for one-time use. You’ll find that their banners are easy to hang and made of high quality, thick cardstock. Most designs are available for free 2-day shipping and can be expedited if this is a late purchase.

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If banners and stickers aren’t your thing, consider these adorable balloons to wow your trip. It’s great for a parked car or a vehicle that just needs to travel at low speed for a short distance. The 46″ balloons are huge and create an amazing picture that really pops. The set comes with 1 bride balloon, 1 groom balloon, 1 Happy Forever car balloon, 2 silver heart balloons, 2 pink heart balloons, 8 smaller pink pearl latex balloons and 8 small white latex balloons.

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Send any newlywed couple in style with one of these adorable car decorations. They are cheap, easy to install, and have a great special touch.

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