Am I Wrong For Not Wanting To Announce Engagement

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It’s an exciting time in your life – you’re pregnant – and you want to tell the world, or at least those closest to you! But when is the right time to announce it? How do you publish? And what should be considered?

Am I Wrong For Not Wanting To Announce Engagement

Am I Wrong For Not Wanting To Announce Engagement

At we are very fortunate to have a great community of moms willing to share their announcement stories so other parents can learn what to do and most importantly, what not to do!

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Everyone’s circumstances are different, but we found that most expectant parents told their family they were pregnant if they were between four and eight weeks pregnant.

“I actually think it’s a very personal thing and I’m supportive of people announcing earlier/later than I wanted – which was the start of the second trimester.” might miscarry, and then you need to tell those people about it. If you save it for later and show it off visibly—even if it’s nobody’s business—you have to be ready for people to start noticing and having an opinion. With my second pregnancy, we told family and close friends straight away, but didn’t tell work until the start of the second trimester.

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“It’s important to tell close family and friends because you need support if things go wrong – but I personally don’t want the rest of the world to know about my personal affairs.”

Congratulations! You tested positive! Morning sickness has most likely become a daily occurrence and now it’s time to tell your family about it! No doubt you are wondering how to share your special news with your loved ones.

We found that 68% of expectant parents personally announced their pregnancy to their family, one at a time. Nineteen percent did so over the phone, 8% over dinner, and the remaining 5% announced it in other ways — such as using gift tags with pictures of Christmas presents, gift boxes, custom Christmas crackers, surprise photos, or notices that it was . ‘Buns in the oven!’

Am I Wrong For Not Wanting To Announce Engagement

Telling the closest people in your life that you are pregnant before telling everyone else is the preferred choice for most parents-to-be. In fact, 93% of the parents surveyed spoke to their family before informing the general “public”.

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“Sometimes letting your family know early can mean that they’ll break your news to everyone for you.” That’s a good balance!”

“Do what you want. There is no right or wrong way to announce pregnancy. Although most expectant grandparents will want to know before you post on social media.”

It’s a much-discussed topic that is generally judged very little by others because it’s a deeply personal choice. The most common time when pregnancy is announced is when the mother reaches 12 weeks. Because mothers are in a medically considered “safe” zone.

“I don’t think there is a universal ‘right’ time to announce your pregnancy because every person is so different and has different circumstances and experiences. I think you should say who you want to celebrate with and share the joy with, but also have support if you need it. Some people are more private while others are open to sharing more, and both are perfectly fine. I think we need to take the shame out of abortion, and part of that is talking about the fact that it’s happening.

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With social media fully embedded in our lives, it has become the most effective and efficient means of communication for most announcements. No wonder, then, that the social networks Facebook and Instagram were the most popular platforms, with 75% of respondents announcing their pregnancy.

“Do what you want, whenever you want!” It’s your joy and story! Remember, if you have friends who are struggling with pregnancy, maybe tell them separately.”

Along with the rise of social media, the idea of ​​finding unique and creative ways to announce your pregnancy is becoming more and more popular. If you want to get creative, think carefully about what you want to do and make sure you come up with the right pregnancy announcement wording for maximum impact!

Am I Wrong For Not Wanting To Announce Engagement

“I think it’s the right time to announce your pregnancy as soon as possible.” Some people want others to know early and have support no matter what. There is no right answer, it is a personal choice and whatever you choose, the time has come.

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“Honestly, I don’t believe there is a right or wrong time, just what feels right for each person. We decided to post as soon as we have the first scan and see our doctor.

“I’d rather not tell anyone.” When things went wrong (which I experienced), it was much easier to deal with on your own than having to deal with everyone else’s emotions. But just my personal opinion, other people like to have the support of anyone in the know.”

“It really is the right time when you’re ready, but when I got the all clear at 12 weeks I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! I kind of made it to 20 weeks for gender reveal.”

“I wish I had announced my second pregnancy as soon as I found out, and then I could have shared my heartache over my miscarriage with everyone.” Instead of just smiling and shrugging when they ask you, “Do you want to have another one?” or “Why haven’t you tried to bring her closer for years?”

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“I think 12 weeks plus is the best time to announce this as 7/8 weeks is the most common time for miscarriages.” I recommend you only tell people who would tell you that you had a miscarriage. This is so you don’t have people coming up to you and asking how your pregnancy is going and making them feel uncomfortable.”

As previously mentioned, there is a higher chance of miscarriage in the first 12 weeks, which is why some mothers prefer to wait until then. Many believe it is easier to tell just their closest friends and family about the abortion than anyone else.

“I had two miscarriages in the first trimester. After your first, you learn how common miscarriages can be, so it was easier to wait with my second so I didn’t have to let everyone know I miscarried.

Am I Wrong For Not Wanting To Announce Engagement

“Give yourself time to enjoy the special news before you tell everyone.” It’s a special time and fun to keep a secret from the world.”

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“Any time that’s right for you is right.” Many parents feel a little more confident in the second trimester (and mom usually feels a little better too). After the miscarriage, I was very reluctant to announce it too soon.

“Every pregnancy (successful or lost) should be acknowledged, celebrated and, where appropriate, mourned.” The idea that women are made to believe they have to wait until 12 weeks ignores all the babies who weren’t ready for the earth and grew wings before 12 weeks. Ultimately, the decision rests with the parents, but no one should feel that it’s “too soon” to respect the newly created life.

The likelihood of miscarriage drops drastically once the pregnancy reaches 12 weeks. The so-called “safe zone” is the most common time when a pregnancy is announced.

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Am I Wrong For Not Wanting To Announce Engagement

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