Anyone Else Doing A Cloud Themed Nursery

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Anyone Else Doing A Cloud Themed Nursery – One of the best parts of planning for their arrival is deciding on a theme for your baby’s room, there are plenty of great options.

Your baby’s room is a blank canvas that you can transform into a whole other world with the right paint colors, funky wallpaper, fun wall decals, thoughtful furniture, and the right decor.

Anyone Else Doing A Cloud Themed Nursery

Anyone Else Doing A Cloud Themed Nursery

From ceilings and changing tables to crib sheets and nursery furniture, these ideas will inspire and excite you for the perfect nursery.

Nursery Art We Love

We’ve scoured the internet for the best ideas so you don’t have to. Here are 33 of our favorite kindergarten themes for 2022.

Adorable and cuddly teddy bears never go out of style and they can be a great theme for your little boy’s nursery. In this pretty bedroom from @jessicalouise.home, muted grays and whites create a soothing and cozy effect, with a slightly yellowish tint used as an accent color. Soft, fluffy rugs and fluffy clouds as wall accents add texture to the room.

This woodland animal themed nursery is simple, using neutral tones, but never boring.

The woodland animal wall prints include shades of grey, orange and brown with lots of interesting details. The white cradle and picture frame are fresh and crisp, allowing the delicate luster to express its character. A striped bed bumper adds a clean and simple finishing touch to the space.

Cloud Island Little Sprout Nursery Crib Bedding Set 4 Pc Coral Orange Baby Girl

Your little one will love watching their animal friends. We love this soft wood themed nursery from @thegoldenplume obsessed interior design.

We love the jungle animal wallpaper (and the faux tiger rug of course!) that Instagram user @va_va_room used in her baby boy’s nursery. Wild patterns on the seats and various blankets bring different textures, and the moving and circular golden lights work together to create a whimsical safari.

Inspire your little boy to travel the world and infuse him with a sense of adventure with a nursery that includes fun or whimsical maps and travel items.

Anyone Else Doing A Cloud Themed Nursery

This room on @kescollections gets a sophisticated yet approachable look with soothing colors, printed vintage maps, wrought iron cradles and modern rugs. A thick wooden chest of drawers holds all of baby’s essentials.

What Does Your Baby Need In Their Nursery?

What better theme for your nursery than your little boy’s name? Consider using a name-themed mural or large print as the focal point of the room. In this bedroom by @kristenspeer, the name is placed above a white bassinet on a patterned rug. Tent-shaped shelves add visual interest, as do two-tone walls. The use of triangles in shelves and lamps creates continuity throughout the space.

This nursery from @butfirstmaisie features @wallpaperie’s exclusive watercolor cactus paper designed by artist Ana Guy. Bright colors and playful walls complement the natural elements of curtains and chandeliers.

Twitter, Twitter! Your little bird will love their special room, complete with nesting boxes, birds and cozy neutral tones.

This adorable nursery by Quebec Instagram user @nana_dyell has an interlocking textured light fixture as a focal point, wooden furniture and pastel decor. Cloud, Moon And Stars Wall Decal For Baby Nursery

A great way to introduce birdhouses with succulent prints, like the ones you can see below, or by getting actual birdhouses to place on shelves throughout the room.

Make a large tree the focal point of your child’s room, making it the focal point to build around it. You can choose from wall decals or whimsical wall decorations.

It’s a good idea to include real trees in the baby’s room. In this nursery from Instagram user @___makingahouseahome, real trees are used to bring the outdoors inside and give the nursery an earthy vibe.

Anyone Else Doing A Cloud Themed Nursery

Your new baby is as unique as a seashell on the coast, which is why a seashell theme is a great choice for a nursery.

Woodland Nursery Ideas

These gorgeous prints from @bobbinandbumble create a sophisticated coastal nursery in soft neutrals, light woods and fluffy pillows. Neutral colors create a very soothing effect. A nautical round mirror is a subtle statement in a nursery.

Your love for your baby is as deep and wide as the ocean, so an ocean theme is a perfect choice.

Like the seashell theme above, this predominantly white nursery is inspired by the deep blue sea but maintains a subtle coastal vibe. We love the mix of colors, the greenery and the comfy sofas rather than the armchairs. The decorations on the bookcase give a sense of personality.

In another fun nautical theme, @petitbunnysa showcased this impressive room that uses bright colors, natural woods, and modern photography to create a beach vibe. Wendy Bellissimo 4pc Nursery Bedding Baby Crib Bedding Set

To achieve a trendy farmhouse look in a nursery, it’s important to pay attention to special details, soft earth tones, exposed wood and a monochrome palette.

In this bedroom by DIY interior designer @the_pleasant_farmhouse, baby can also contemplate the great outdoors. This style is perfect for baby boy nursery designs.

These earth-toned prints could be the inspiration for an entire room! They can help create a cozy nursery that pays homage to our natural surroundings.

Anyone Else Doing A Cloud Themed Nursery

If you want a modern look, you can opt for clean white walls, minimalist furniture, bold patterns and uncluttered floor space. A teal side table and orange patterned pillows bring fun color to the room. This beautiful nursery was created by the design team at Rehabitat.

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To generate nursery ideas, turn to your favorite childhood books. Choose your favorite storybook and create a theme around it. You can frame your prints, design special accessories, and take color inspiration from your books.

Popular books include Winnie the Pooh, The Hungry Caterpillar, Charlotte’s Web, Dr. Seuss’ Books, and The Donation Tree.

This is one of our favorite nursery ideas because it stands the test of time and is personal to every family.

Bunny themes can come in many different styles, from soft and cozy to modern and bold. It’s not just for a little girl! The focal point of this predominantly white piece is a giant graphic print of an adorable bunny. The small triangle print wallpaper is the perfect simple backdrop for this eye-catching room. The soft gray crib bedding set fits right in and the wicker basket adds a casual vibe. Dreampartyworld Hot Seller Moon Stars Clouds Crib Bedding Set Nursery Girl Pink 3 Pieces

This child’s nursery is bright, clean and lots of fun. The play area is designed to stimulate children’s imagination. Whimsical prints, bright patterns and fun accessories give it Scandinavian appeal. Found on Petit & Small.

The possibilities of the chalkboard are endless! You can write your favorite quotes, make colorful doodles or bold your baby’s name.

In this cozy space by Chicago’s @m_m_interior_design, mom wrote a loving quote, complete with a bright yellow comfy chair, playfully patterned curtains, and a striped rug in all the primary colors.

Anyone Else Doing A Cloud Themed Nursery

This is a great example of how a chalkboard can give a small room a lot of character and individuality and is a great choice for a nursery.

Pink Baby Room Ideas For Every Design Style

Pay homage to decades past with a retro touch in your nursery. You can choose mid-century modern or turn of the century as your inspiration.

The nursery under Amber Interiors has lots of natural light, mid-century modern furniture and a beautiful traditional rug.

The vibrant buzz of bumblebees is irresistible and the honey they create is as sweet as your little one.

This unisex nursery from uses bee print wallpaper, natural woven wall baskets, gold blankets and other meaningful accessories to create a space as sweet as honey.

Cloud Nursery Decor

Outer space is a classic preschool theme for baby boys, but in many different directions.

This gorgeous space from @ericalynnbirr features an accent wall with a space mural, featuring a giant full moon and stars surrounding it. Gray furniture and lampshades are the basis of the neutral color palette.

Clouds make everyone happy. Fresh and bright, this white nursery features a patterned rug, traditional lights, wicker baskets and a fun little rocking bear.

Anyone Else Doing A Cloud Themed Nursery

Hot air balloons bring freedom, lightness and exploration to the nursery. This unisex nursery on The Spruce is light and airy, with modern lines and delicate little hot air balloons floating above the crib.

Modern Cloud Nursery

Camels are very popular with children these days. This beautiful nursery from @teenymo comes in different shades of green, a popular color for baby boy bedrooms. It incorporates dramatic wall art, soft pastel lighting, floral curtains, and storage boxes made from natural materials.

Dinosaur footprints adorn the walls and details of this adorable baby boy’s room, like a Tyrannosaurus name sign hitting the room from (Jurassic) Park. Clean lines, neutral colors, and geometric patterns on the white bassinet and bassinet bring modern design to this piece. We also love wooden hangers for clothes, blankets and decor.

This neutral piece from @shapeside shines in the nursery. Grey

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