Beach Wedding Outfit For Groom

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Beach Wedding Outfit For Groom – Choosing a groom’s outfit for the big day isn’t as fun as choosing your wedding dress and accessories, but it’s still a big task and requires a little preparation. Your groom needs to look and feel his best! Finally, it’s his wedding day!

If you’re drawing a blank and can’t decide what your groom to wear for the big day, you’ve come to the right place!

Beach Wedding Outfit For Groom

Beach Wedding Outfit For Groom

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about groom attire for a beach wedding, giving you lots of ideas and examples. I will also include some accessories that you can add depending on the style of your wedding. So let’s start with some basic things to keep in mind while choosing a groom’s suit!

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Check out the tips your groom should read while choosing a wedding dress. Now that we’ve covered the basics, we can explore different options for your groom’s attire.

Choosing the groom’s attire is usually one of the next steps in the wedding planning process. You have probably already chosen your wedding dress, shape and style. Now you need to bring your groom into the mix.

I’ll introduce you to some of the most popular options below, starting with the casual look and going up to the most formal.

Do you really want to embrace island culture and relax on your wedding day? If so, casual style might be right up your alley.

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All you need is a simple button down shirt and a pair of nice pants to complete this look. Some grooms also wear shorts to their wedding. It’s the perfect way to cool off in the hot Punta Cana sun.

Linen is a popular choice for a casual material because it is light and breathable. Don’t forget to steam everything before the wedding day, as linen can easily wrinkle.

Ties are not casual and shoes are optional for a casual look. Most of the grooms go barefoot, but if he wants, he can also wear sandals during the ceremony.

Beach Wedding Outfit For Groom

Casual style isn’t for everyone, but if it resonates with you, here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

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If a t-shirt and shorts are too casual for you, but a full suit is too much, a semi-formal look is your best bet. It’s a great look for a beach wedding because she’s dressy and pretty, but not too formal. Plus, he doesn’t grill like a full tuxedo.

Typically, semi-formal groom attire means a button-down shirt, suspenders and a bow tie, but you can be very flexible with this look.

Take off the tie and unbutton some of those top buttons to relax your look. Dress it up by adding a suit vest and tie. He still manages to keep his cool and seems a little more put together. You can also add a light colored suit jacket (without a vest) to dress it up a bit without looking too formal.

If you’re getting married on the beach, she might want to go with this barefoot look. Otherwise, if you’re getting married in a gazebo, in the gardens, or by the pool, she might wear sneakers, loafers, or boat shoes instead. Here are some common semi-formal ideas:

Matching Groom Attire With Your Gown And Wedding Style ⋆ Ruffled

This style is meant for the traditional groom who wants to keep it simple. All you need is a suit, tie, belt and some good shoes. A classic groom usually wears a blue, navy or gray three piece suit, but bright colors look great too! This is an easy style that you can put together quickly. Most menswear stores will sell or rent the entire collection to you.

This is one you’ll likely see time and time again, but here’s our last groom:

Just because you’re having a beach wedding doesn’t mean you can’t wear a formal wedding dress. If your wedding dress is elaborate and elegant, your groom will want to follow suit (no pun intended). To complete the formal look, he needs a dark suit or tuxedo, a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, leather shoes, cufflinks and a handkerchief.

Beach Wedding Outfit For Groom

For the warm weather in Punta Cana, many grooms opt for white tuxedos with black accents instead. It’s still a formal look, but it usually works better with the weather because it’s not too hot. Here are some ideas to help you:

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If you want your groom to showcase his quirky personality through his wedding attire, go for it! Whether it’s a brightly colored suit, a funky tie, or a fun material like velvet or tweed (although these aren’t your best options in the Dominican Republic), do it! Don’t be afraid to choose her unique, bold and complete. Here are some ideas:

So what do you think? Do you like the simple look? Is it official? Totally unique? Or somewhere in between?

By now, you should have a good idea of ​​what works for your groom. If not, flip again to see which look you relate to the most. And definitely get your fiance’s opinion here too! Once you’ve decided what to get, you need to know how to get it.

For traditional weddings, many men rent their wedding dresses. Everything is rented a few days before the wedding and returned the next day. But… this system doesn’t work so well for destination weddings.

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Buying groom clothes will be very easy for you. That way you have it before your wedding day, you can make sure it fits and you don’t have to worry about sending it on the flight home. (Besides, it’s a good excuse to dress her up for other events.)

Honestly, 90% of our couples buy their own clothes and it works great. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on your groom’s wedding attire, as most grooms go for a very casual look. But it totally depends on you and your budget.

If you’re going for a formal look, or your groom wants something unique for his wedding day that he’ll never wear again, you can rent instead. There are online options that make renting very easy and painless.

Beach Wedding Outfit For Groom

Since you’re having a destination wedding, you won’t get the dress back right away and you’ll have to pay extra for the extra days.

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If you plan to stay in Punta Cana for a few weeks, you can always take your groom’s suit with a trusted guest or bridesmaid and they can mail it to you.

If you want to play it safe and buy your own bridesmaids, here are some tips from past Punta Cana couples:

If you know your groom will never wear his wedding dress again, renting is your best option. Here is a list of popular companies that will hire your groom’s suit for the big day:

Now that you have options for your groom’s suit and where to get it, let’s jump right in and talk about some wedding accessories.

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When your man is dressed from head to toe, he can start adding accessories to complete his look. Since it’s a beach wedding, you can really mix and match whatever feels right for you, and you can go as big or as simple as you want. Ties, shoes and even belts (which seem standard for any wedding) are completely optional for a destination wedding.

Think about the style of your wedding, the atmosphere you want to create and how you want your groom to look on your wedding day.

If you want a more formal look, you’ll want to include most of the accessories listed below. But if you are more casual, he might not wear any of these. It totally depends on you and your groom!

Beach Wedding Outfit For Groom

Be creative and have some fun with it. Here are some options to help your groom look good on his wedding day:

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You have it! All the Groom Accessories You’ll Ever Need. Mix and match to create the perfect wedding day look.

For more tips on what to set up for photos and what to wear when the photographer arrives, see How to Prepare.

You are now one step closer to your wedding day! I hope you’ve seen some bridesmaid dress photos and ideas and now have a clear idea of ​​what you want your groom to wear for the big day.

Whether it’s a black tie wedding or a casual beach wedding, you can be sure that your groom will look handsome, charming and amazing with you! Beach weddings are amazing! Calm, peaceful and full of sunlight and sea breeze! While tying the knot on the beach is still a dream for many brides and grooms, beaches are as romantic as any.

Groom Swag For Your Beach Wedding!

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