Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas

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Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas – What I love about weddings today is the way they look and feel. Today’s weddings are not bound by meaningless traditions, today’s brides don’t conform to traditions – you want your wedding just the way you are! And this desire for diversity doesn’t have to stop with your clothes, your makeup, or your makeup. There are many good alternatives to the regular flower out there, not just the non-flowering variety. No, I’m talking about the perfect alternative to your bridesmaids bouquet! ……

Bouquets are a great alternative to traditional bridal bouquets. For something quirky but elegant and perfect for a spring or summer garden wedding with a touch, how about a bouquet of flowers…

Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas

Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas

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Elegant Neutral Wedding Bouquets Ideas For 2022 Trends

Or for something your ladies will love and use after the big day, try filling a bag with flowers…..

Oh and check it out here if you like the sound of carrying a bag instead of a flower!

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Choose beautifully bound scrapbooks for your bridesmaids and you’ll make a great wedding day gift and a romantic (and expensive) alternative to the traditional bouquet. Add a small floral print or simply wrap them in soft lace or rich velvet ribbon to enhance the beauty…

Ideas For Your Spring Wedding Bouquet

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Add a touch of boho whimsy to their look and leave your bridesmaids free (to help you with the train, the bouquet and of course throw some shots on the dance floor) letting them wear their bouquet! Fresh flower wreaths are a great alternative to traditional bouquets, although depending on the flowers and size they may not be the easiest choice…..

2 Image via Chic Vintage Brides, 5 ~ Holly Viles Design captured by Ben Q Photography via Green Wedding Shoes.

Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas

Perfect for a summer wedding, fans come in many colors, materials, shapes and sizes, so you’ll find the right one for your wedding style. Red colored paper for a fun retro celebration, silk paint for an unfussy look or wool for a fun deco work…

Beautiful Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives To Flowers

1 ~ Molly Anne Photography on SMP, 2 ~ L Hewitt Photography on SMP, 3 ~ Polly Alexandre on Rock My Wedding, 4 ~ Ivory Feather Fan by Britten on Etsy,

The last element in other vintage bridal bouquets is the brooch bouquet. Beautiful, sweet and (if you’re lucky) full of emotion, brooch bouquets make beautiful gifts for your bridesmaids to remember your big day and the important role they played. These are easy to buy (although in my opinion they are worth every penny), however, if you are a big collector of vintage goods and you are thinking of trying to make it yourself. Leave a lot of time, especially if you need to find more balls, but there are some tutorials here and there – with 2 different ways to do it, if you want to try.

If you’re short on time, or you want to leave things to the good ones, check out Noaki’s shop on Etsy for some truly beautiful designs.

1 ~ Image Campbell via One Day Fab, 2 ~ Image by Jessica Lorren, 3 ~ on Style Me Pretty, 4 ~ on Design Me Vintage, 5 ~ Brooch Bouquet by Noaki on Etsy

Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Lace or paper, natural or pink, nothing says beauty like umbrellas! Perfect for keeping the sun shining at a summer wedding and they are just the right accessories when it comes to photos…..

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Or Umbrellas if it rains on your wedding day: make the most of it and the photo time provided!

Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas

Or how about a wreath instead of a bouquet? First, it’s a trend for the bride, flower halos or headbands now adorn the heads of our brides (or both!) And why not? This has been my favorite wedding trend of the last few years, and you’ll find lots of inspiration for floral crowns in the Chic Vintage Brides Floral Crowns board on Pinterest!

Stunning Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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Or if you want something a little more bohemian and refined, how to add fresh flowers to a beautiful updo…

Candles are a great choice regardless of the season or style of your wedding, and can be a great decoration as night falls!

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Long Stem Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Every Type Of Bride

If we marry again Mr. Hey, I have a chic corset to choose for my bridesmaids. Attached to a pearl or diamond bracelet, it is perfect as a flower, but it is better than a bouquet, as it gives a little time after the big day. And if you’re wondering what your bridesmaids should do when they walk down the aisle, how about asking them to wear flower-shaped dresses? Or will they walk down the aisle holding the hands of your florists?

1 ~ Butterfly Floral & Event Design captured by Caroline Tran via SMP, 2 ~ Natalie Bowen Designs captured by Edyta Photography, 3 ~ Bella Lu Floral captured by Our Love is Loud via Ruffled, 4 ~

Here are 5 more unique and creative bridal bouquet ideas, guaranteed to make your wedding day as memorable and loved by your daughters as they are by you!

Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas

1 ~ Magdalen Hill captured by Toni Larsen Photography via Chic Vintage Brides, 2 ~ Antique Brass captured by Jessie Holloway Photography via Green Wedding Shoes, 3 ~ Dear Idea captured by Moira West via SouthBound Bride, 4 ~ Julian Beattie on Ruffled, 5 ~ Cow Bells captured by Taylor Lord via Wedding Sparrow

Wildflower Wedding Bouquets For Spring Summer Wedding

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If you are planning a summer wedding, you already know that your wedding day will be in good weather. A summer wedding means getting a lot of new products for the reception desk. And even better? It’s the best time for different types of flowers, whether you’re looking for traditional options or flowers that are out of the box.

While you are thinking about your wedding day look, the choice of putting together a wedding bouquet can be made. With the summer sun, you’re in luck because everything from the big flower to the beautiful flowers is near. And with the wide range of shades, the length of the tree and the fun things, you will surely be able to find flowers that will not only complement your look but also fit the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas For 2022

Ready to find your perfect bouquet? Next, find 24 of our favorite summer wedding flowers from real weddings to be your inspiration.

Poppies are in season for summer weddings and add a pop of color to any bouquet. We love the idea of ​​mixing fresh, bright flowers with some dried flowers for lots of texture and color.

Moving on to accessories other than simple flowers for your bouquet is sure to stand out. For a simple floral look, consider adding lavender to the mix.

Bridesmaids Bouquet Ideas

Peonies are beautiful flowers thanks to their softness, fragrance and amazing smell. Choose a large bouquet of these beautiful flowers for a stunning statement.

Stunning Greenery Bouquet Ideas For Your Wedding

Create a natural look by adding greenery and flowers. This bouquet gave loose

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