Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Summer

Friday, October 7th 2022. | Weddings

Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Summer – Summer is peak wedding season, and flower season is also peak. We bring you the largest selection of seasonal flowers for your summer wedding bouquet.

If you want to sparkle, why not try this… beautiful heirloom bouquet. Handmade using buttons, brooches, beads and charms. A wonderful memory to cherish and pass on.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Summer

Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Summer

The summer season runs from June, July and August, and most of our gardens are just getting started, so if you’re looking for these British seasonal flowers, your best bet.

Unique Bridesmaid Flowers + Design Trends For Each Season

Delphinium is a beautiful flower with tall spikes often seen in shades of blue, purple and white. They are perfect for adding drama and height to a table decoration or as part of a fresh summer theme. The peak season for delphiniums grown in Britain is from mid-May to the end of August.

The common garden sweet pea is a perfect addition to bouquets and arrangements – soft pastel colors and brighter shades.

Peonies are large and loose, come in various shades, and look great in bouquets and arrangements. Check with your florist as May to early July is their peak season; Later, they can be purchased by foreign manufacturers, although this can be more expensive.

We love these beautiful swords, the long, star-shaped trumpet spikes that are a favorite in our British summer gardens. They look beautiful added to compositions or placed together to create an effect.

Stunning Sunflower Wedding Bouquet Ideas

If you’re looking for flowers for a July wedding, we love sweet peas, lavender, astrantia, cosmos and hydrangeas for summer bouquets fresh from the garden. By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree to their storage. Cookies on your device to improve website navigation, analyze website usage and assist our marketing efforts.

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If you’re planning a summer wedding, you already know that your wedding date will come with perfect weather. A summer wedding also means having an abundance of fresh produce on your reception menu. And even better? It’s the perfect time for a variety of seasonal flowers, whether you’re looking for classic options or early bloomers.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Summer

When you’re thinking about your wedding day look, choosing a bridal bouquet can be helpful. With a summer date, you’re in luck because everything from bright, big blooms to sweet flowers will be on hand. With such a wide range of colors, stem lengths and textures, you’re sure to find plenty of flowers that will not only complement your look, but also match your overall wedding aesthetic.

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Ready to find your perfect bouquet? In advance, find 24 of our favorite summer wedding bouquets from real weddings for inspiration.

For a summer wedding, poppies are suitable, which add brightness to any bouquet. We like to mix fresh, bright blooms with a few sprigs of dried flowers for lots of texture and color.

Your bouquet will definitely be different than just the blooms. For a subtle wildflower look, consider adding blueberry to the mix.

Peonies are such beautiful flowers because of their fluffy, textured petals and wonderful fragrance. Choose a large bouquet of these beautiful flowers to look amazing.

Seasonal English Flowers For Summer Weddings

Create an organic look by adding greenery and flowers. This loose bouquet created a romantic atmosphere with a combination of roses, peonies, lisianthus and abundant greenery.

Take your bouquet to the tropics and get noticed. This tropical bouquet includes orchids, anthuriums, roses, peonies, poppies and large monster leaves.

A bouquet with a longing stem will instantly brighten up, and delphiniums will really dazzle with their bright blue color. We love this choice for adding a romantic vibe.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Summer

Few flowers scream summer like sunflowers. With their bright, sunny color and bold shape, these blooms are perfect in a bouquet on their own or paired with a few sprigs of daisies and eucalyptus, which this bride chose to wear.

Darling Daisy Bouquet Ideas For Any Wedding

A summer wedding bouquet doesn’t always mean a lot of color. Instead, go for a natural look by adding hydrangeas, roses, moonflowers and other dried flowers in the same neutral color.

If big, bright flowers aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other options. This design combines tweed, butterfly ranunculus and miniature garden roses to create a charming bouquet.

If you’re planning a tropical wedding, you want the bouquet to match. This stunning combination combines anthuriums, roses, ranunculus and peonies for a bold look.

Bougainvillea is a flowering plant that blooms in the summer, and you may even find them blooming near you. To add some pink to your big day, consider picking up a few sprigs of this unique bloom with a hint of green.

How To Make A Diy Wedding Bouquet

Lavender not only enhances your wedding day look, but also smells amazing. Consider an organic bunch of lavender on its own or combine with greens and wheat for a natural vibe.

Looking for a classic bouquet? White flowers and greenery will always be in style, like this bouquet of garden roses, peonies, dahlias, sweet peas, cosmos and ranunculus.

Orchids are a great choice for any season, but they are easy to come by during the summer months. Carry a full bouquet of these rich, fragrant flowers for an elegant look.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Summer

Pastels are definitely having their moment in the spring, but there’s no shame in carrying a pastel palette in the summer. This stunning bouquet was composed of lisianthus and coco loco garden roses, paired with white thistle and other textured grasses for an ethereal effect.

Wildflower Bridesmaid Bouquets

Few flowers scream tropical climate like the royal protea. It’s a great choice to add to a bouquet to make a statement, along with other white flowers and textured greenery.

A white bouquet will always be classic, but you can change the choice of flowers to make it unique. This huge bouquet of orchids, peonies, roses and anemones was perfect for an ethereal summer wedding.

Want to display a lot of flowers with a hint of natural wildflowers? Combining large flowers such as peonies with sweet flowers in different colors will create a unique contrast for a summer wedding.

White roses will always be in style no matter the season. Choose a classic bouquet of these flowers with greenery to complement any aesthetic.

Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Colorado Brides

Do you want to be noticed when you walk down the street? With their gorgeous color and rich texture, hot pink peonies will complement any outfit. Add even more excitement with a bouquet made entirely of these bright flowers.

Bold colored rings are not the only choice for a summer wedding. This bouquet was an elegant choice for a seaside celebration, featuring a combination of white roses with plenty of dry elements to add interest.

Lily of the valley is a popular choice for summer weddings for good reason. Combine it with other flowers or let its beauty stand alone for an effortless yet elegant look.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Summer

One color that will always scream summer, whether you’re planning a garden-inspired wedding or a beach party, is coral. And this bouquet is composed of white and coral-hued garden roses paired with lots of greenery.

Unique Wedding Bouquets

A stunning summer garden wedding calls for an equally beautiful bouquet. The bouquet was made up of garden roses, peonies, dahlias and gardenias to create a stunning base with seasonal plum star clematis.

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