Spring Wedding Theme

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Spring Wedding Theme – There is something extra sweet about saying “I do” really. Trees and flowers sprout, the sun shines longer and everything seems new again. True wedding style is inherently elegant and romantic, with a focus on simple and light elements that reflect the joy of the season – but what exactly is that when you’re trying to figure out how to express your wedding? This informative and inspiring guide has everything you need to know, from true wedding colors and true wedding flowers to beautiful ideas you can recreate for your event.

Spring is known as the season of regeneration, because after a long (and often dreary, depending on where you live) winter, everything magically turns green and turns fresh again. Spring weddings can last from early March to mid-June. The spring months continue to be very popular choices for weddings across the country, but in recent years the autumn months (especially October) have seen some stiff competition.

Spring Wedding Theme

Spring Wedding Theme

Traditionally, the spring wedding color palette is pastel or blue shades, with cheerful colors. Think of the colors you see in a flower – pink, blue, yellow, purple and green are just a few that come to mind. A good recipe for creating a color palette is to evenly choose two primary colors and combine them with neutral colors (white, gray, black, cream, etc.) to get the most visually pleasing combination.

Beautiful Spring And Summer Wedding Colors

If pastels or bright colors aren’t your thing, we totally understand. If you prefer richer shades such as red, plum or emerald, choose one of your main colors, and then with a neutral and “changed” pastel shade, such as French blue, mauve or green green for a touch of joy. medium Spring weddings are usually a dark place.

If you are planning a spring wedding, choose a botanical venue for the natural beauty and renewal of the season. Some of our favorites are conservatories, arboretums, gardens and lawns. Indeed, flowers and plants flourish in abundance in these areas, making the perfect setting for a wedding.

If you’re really having a wedding, when it comes to your wedding flowers you’re fine – and we understand that very well! Not only do you have flowers available year-round (hydrangeas, roses, lilies, orchids, dahlias), but you’re also in luck with the most sought-after blooms, including peonies. it may be difficult or expensive to find it off-site. Other spring flowers are tulips, muscaris, anemones, daffodils, lilacs, hyacinths, hellebores and poppies.

Work with your wedding florist for arrangements that truly bring out the beauty of flowers. For a formal wedding, stick to a few different types of flowers and uniform centerpieces for your tables. If you’re looking for a more relaxed look, don’t worry too much about looking perfect or an identical layout. Understated garden centers create an elegant vibe that is inviting and charming for spring weddings.

Wood Grain Spring Wedding Ideas

You can also play with the individual ship options. Garden-inspired elements are perfect for a spring wedding style. Instead of traditional containers, florists display flowers in clay pots, wooden baskets, galvanized buckets or even cute vintage watering cans.

If you’re ready for wedding decorations, congratulations, you’ve reached the fun part! Here are some of our favorite spring wedding ideas to make yours sparkle.

What better way to announce the details of your special day than with beautiful watercolors? Details such as flowers, monograms, calligraphy, and custom touches are all themes appropriate for a true wedding.

Spring Wedding Theme

Chances are, your photographer will take one (or more) of your wedding there to photograph your rings, accessories and other details of the day. Colorful flowers and petals that match the rest of your setting are perfect additions to their photos.

Spring Pastel Wedding Ideas

There is nothing like more flowers for a spring wedding. Complete your wedding day look by adding floral or needle-painted shoes for an elegant touch.

Pastel wedding dresses are made for spring weddings. Blush is a popular choice for many brides who want a colorful wedding dress, but we also love Nicole + Felicia’s powder blue tulle palm.

FLOWER Free-flowing with spring-time flowers such as Japanese magnolias, roses, sweet pea and ivy. The loose, unfinished design gives the layout a beautiful garden-inspired feel.

This floral curtain can be recreated with almost any type of design or flower, making it one of the most versatile wedding ideas. An elegant square frame and white flowers have created a modern look, but you can also use natural wooden boards, branches and metal bows.

Decor & Style Ideas For A Beautiful Spring Wedding

Soft colors and flowing fabrics are popular choices for spring bridesmaid dresses. If blush and blue seem too extreme for your style, consider wearing a green or purple bridesmaid dress.

A richly woven floral veil is not only classic, but also perfect for a spring wedding theme. In addition, you can use the veil to decorate your hair.

If you don’t feel like wearing a wedding veil, add flowers to your new hair instead as a nice touch of the season. This twisted bun looks gorgeous with roses and other pink flowers.

Spring Wedding Theme

Remember when we mentioned the idea of ​​getting married in a botanical garden? If you choose a flower garden or conservatory, you can use less decor for existing flowers, plants and other things that already fill the space. This gives you more room to invest in your specific items, like a custom cocktail bar or renting those vintage lawn chairs you’ve always dreamed of.

The Ultimate Guide To Spring Weddings

This stunning idea is one of our favorite ceremony decorations for any occasion, but especially for true weddings. With a mix of flowers, greenery, and hidden containers, your florist can create the appearance of “plants” that look like they’re growing across your porch. Voilà: enchanted garden vibes.

Whether you’re adding them to your altar, reception entryway, centerpiece table, venue walkway, or anywhere else that needs a decorative boost, these floating candles are a simple yet elegant way to enhance the romantic atmosphere.

Decorate the bar or drink station with leaves and seasonal flowers, such as jasmine, euasia, cherry blossoms, lilies, roses or peonies. Do you want to impress your guests in some way? For an unforgettable experience, hire a bell cart or mobile bar.

Year after year, this is the most popular spring wedding ideas. Individual seed packets, especially vintage designs, come in handy as movie or belle favors at garden-themed weddings. Display them with dresses or bags for a casual look.

Blush Wedding Colour For A Garden Wedding Theme, Garden Wedding

Looking for a way to instantly brighten up your reception desk landscape? Add a colorful glass! Whether you want new or vintage items, you’ll find plenty of options at local event rental companies. Don’t worry about matching the glass perfectly — as long as the pieces are in the same overall color palette, the variety of designs and sizes will only add to the whimsical feel.

If plain white seems too overwhelming for your taste, complement your table settings with decorative bowls instead. For spring weddings, we recommend floral prints and chinoiserie, but your venue, caterer or event rental company may have more options.

Near the centerpieces full of roses and peonies, there is nothing more romantic than candlelight candles for receiving tables. You can find them in almost any color imaginable (your florist or event partner will be able to recommend a few sources) and display them in tall typhoon containers if your venue calls for covering an open fire.

Spring Wedding Theme

While you’re thinking about the big picture, don’t forget the little things. Decorating a corporate cocktail may not seem like a big deal, but a simple addition of an edible flower to a bell glass can make it extra fancy.

Great Wedding Ideas For Spring

When it comes to spring wedding cakes, it’s no surprise that flowers are one of the most popular decorations. Ask your florist to set aside some extra flowers that the wedding cake baker can use to decorate – roses, ranunculus, peonies, dahlias and greenery are all great options. If you don’t want to use actual flowers, sugar/gum cookie flowers are just as beautiful. Many shapes, ribbons, painted fondant flowers, and bare or semi-bare cakes are also great options!

Favorite wedding theme ideas are one of my favorite ideas for spring weddings. These little potted succulents are adorable (and low-maintenance) favors, but you can give your guests seed-based favors on their favorite flowers or vegetables.

Your wedding day will be full of cringe-worthy moments no matter what, but these romantic theme wedding ideas will truly make your wedding that fairytale.

Getting married in a forest or other fabulous setting? Create a dreamy scene for your happily ever after with these fairy themed wedding ideas.

Spring Wedding Colors 2022: Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams

Now that we’re in our 20s, what’s better?

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