Grooms Suits For Beach Weddings

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Poor guys, we’re too busy settling on the dress… deciding what the groom/groomsmen will wear falls flat. To complete your flattering bridal party look, each person’s outfit needs to be carefully designed to achieve your best aesthetic… so if you need some inspo, we’re here to point you in the right direction with our best beauty gallery. Brides completely changed their look on their wedding day.

Grooms Suits For Beach Weddings

Grooms Suits For Beach Weddings

We’ve seen many great trends in many real weddings here on DWD: blazer + straps, linen dresses, pastel colors, bow ties, short shirts and more. Just like when choosing a wedding dress, it’s important to make sure the guys are comfortable and above all, happy with how they look. Also, there is more to consider when choosing menswear than just finding matching bridesmaid dresses.

Mens Beach Wedding Party Wear 2 Piece Suits Sky Blue Vintage

Always be mindful of the attire you choose for your destination wedding, as the whole tuxedo on the beach can seem silly to some…so choosing something lighter like linen or ditching the jacket and shoes will help the destination itself. With the atmosphere of your wedding… your man and his crew should feel comfortable! There’s nothing worse than a picture full of sweaty dudes wearing three-piece suits at a daytime wedding in Hawaii!

At the end of the day, destination weddings are like the fun cousin of regular weddings that don’t play by the rules…so enjoy these photos, but remember that anything goes!

Cynthia is the founder and editor of Destination Wedding Details. She has over 15 years of experience in the marketing and events industry and launched Destination Wedding Details in 2010. Cynthia uses her experience and true passion to inspire brides planning their dream wedding away from home. Our experts weigh in on what to wear to a summer wedding this year, from the most popular wedding dresses to the hottest summer wedding dresses for 2022.

Everyone, from the groom to the grandfather, should give their summer wedding dresses more than a passing thought. So while this guide can help anyone choose their look, we want to help all you couples choose the perfect summer wedding outfit. After all, we are talking about clothes that you will wear casually

Basic Rules Of Beach Wedding Style

No matter who you are, you need a summer wedding dress. We’ll quickly bring you the hottest suit and tuxedo ideas, trends for 2022, and help you find the perfect fit for your upcoming spring or summer wedding.

The perfect summer wedding dress goes well with a variety of colors, and often the most popular options for summer have a classic color and style that helps grooms and parties look their best. These are our picks for the popular competition in 2022.

Dark blue is a conservative casual wedding dress option. And we’re not talking about navy blue — true blue is a trendy choice that’s been in high demand for the past few years. You might think that jumping on the blue bandwagon would limit your choices, but the opposite is true.

Grooms Suits For Beach Weddings

Blue dresses match the intensity of the bright colors of the wedding, which can soften the aggressive color of the accessories. If you’re worried about the old “black and blue” rule (think black bow tie and black shoes), a rich blue fabric can really make black textiles stand out. Blue suits go well with brown shoes, black shoes and colorful accessories.

Groom Style For A Beach Wedding

The gray dress isn’t too flashy – the limousine of summer wedding dresses, if you will. It’s perfect for many grooms and a smart, understated choice if you’re on the guest list. A thin gray floor may seem a little conservative at first, but it can boost the volume of your accessories without ruining your elegant speakers. (We went crazy with that suit metaphor.)

Not only does a gray dress complement the entire color spectrum, it’s a good choice for almost any wedding theme, from boho to beachy. It can also handle hot weather – good news if you’re having an outdoor wedding, as the relatively light color of the gray suit goes a long way in the sunny, steamy afternoon conditions.

Silk fabric is a luxurious and durable material that, like grown men, lets out wrinkles (not to mention pointless insults). These qualities have given marriages universal popularity and silk ties. Also, silk is made from worms! Worms won’t do anything more to your marriage, guaranteed.

Wearing an outdated suit may not be your biggest fear (mine is drowning), but you should still be aware of men’s summer wedding dress trends. If the wedding dress trends of 2022 speak to you, lean in. If the vibe doesn’t suit your style or personality, take the look you want and leave the rest.

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If you pay attention to the awards, they are a good barometer of men’s fashion and casual wear trends. Unique, colorful dresses are all the rage right now, and while you have to wear them with confidence, you can’t rock the trend at your (or someone else’s) wedding.

These options are casual for a summer wedding dress, but not as casual as a traditional tuxedo. For example, this pink suit will help you stand out and is definitely more casual than a suit, but no one would call it traditional.

Fortune favors the brave, but luckily, this light blue tuxedo doesn’t cross the line. It is bright and has buttons. It’s funny, but not in a way that undermines the importance of marriage. A few years ago, a colorful tuxedo would have been fantastic, but luckily we don’t live by those rules anymore. As we gather for these big moments, we have much to celebrate. This is the tuxedo you celebrate.

Grooms Suits For Beach Weddings

If a pink or light blue dress seems overwhelming, an evening jacket is the perfect balance of colorful and classic. Pair it with a unique (and sometimes colorful) jacket with black tuxedo pants, making it easy to wear with anyone.

Summer Wedding Suit Ideas For Grooms

Bedding does a great job of creating subtle textural contrasts that create a thoughtful look. Keep this in mind when choosing collars and pocket covers.

Opting for a tried-and-true look is a smart bet, so don’t skip these timeless picks—each year’s own styles that will last long after the 2022 summer wedding season is over.

White evening jackets are our pick for wedding style that will last this summer. It has all the elements of a classic tuxedo, but with some upgrades for warmer weather. The lighter color of the jacket fabric means you’ll stay cool when the temperatures rise, and this tuxedo is made from Italian merino wool, which improves breathability even in the heat.

You can dress up a white tuxedo evening jacket a bit by choosing less traditional accessories like a tie. This is a great choice for the groom, but anyone can rock this look. If you’re a wedding guest, it might be wise to opt for a slightly more modern look, like our tuxedo with a contrasting scarf. The shape and color of the lapel are unique, while retaining the timeless qualities we love about white evening jackets.

Champagne Wedding Suits For Men Casual Summer Beach Groom Best Man Party Prom Tuxedo Male Blazer Costume Homme Terno Slim 2 Pcs|suits|

Keep it simple: Black and white collars and accessories are always on trend because they never go out of style.

Choosing a groom’s suit can be complicated, but choosing a groom’s wedding dress often makes for a happy couple. If you need detailed advice on choosing a look for your bridesmaids, we highly recommend this dedicated post. We won’t send you away empty-handed – below are our recommended looks for 2022.

Couples are leaning toward formal summer wedding dresses in 2022 that will also suit the bridal party. A tiered three piece groom suit can really elevate the atmosphere of your wedding and we recommend it for your bridal party. While the jackets are off on the dance floor, the dress makes the boys look just like men. They are eternally grateful not to be called “grooms”.

Grooms Suits For Beach Weddings

The waistcoat differentiates the look of the bride and the groom. Or flip the script and limit groomsmen to the traditional two-piece suit (jacket and pants) and save the suit for the groom.

Best Seersucker Wedding Suits Of 2022

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to a summer wedding dress, and neither should your dress size. The fit affects more than how you look—it can affect the entire way you remember your wedding day. That’s why we design modern suits and tuxedos, from the best fabrics and the best cut. And we make it easy to find your match—if you have 5 minutes, you can do it entirely online. Take our easy match-finding quiz now

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