Pinning Gardenia In Hair

Friday, November 11th 2022. | Weddings

Pinning Gardenia In Hair – From wedding hair accessories to your color, the possibilities are endless, and everyone you ask seems to have a different opinion. That’s why today we bring you ten of our favorite wedding day hairstyles and WHY they are our favorite! Scroll for wedding day hairstyle ideas.

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, you can NEVER go wrong with a classic bun. I love that Katie chose this hairstyle for her medium length dirty blonde hair as it was important to have a timeless element to her wedding. I don’t think there is a more classic design than this! She also loved the open back of her wedding dress, and she knew that detail wouldn’t stand out too much if she let her hair down.

Pinning Gardenia In Hair

Pinning Gardenia In Hair

The Sheena is one of my all-time FAVORITE wedding hairstyles for the woman who wants to accentuate her wedding dress. Side-swept hair still shows through the back of your dress, but you get all the benefits of keeping your hair long and curly. This hairstyle is perfect for strapless, long-sleeved or strappy weather. Even if your hair covers one side of the dress, you can see all the details on the other side! I also love how she wore her long hair on the side to keep the top of her hair chic and classic.

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Beautiful Renee knew what she wanted for her wedding day hairstyle! She was a little worried that her wedding dress was too open at the neckline, so she pinned her medium length curls to her shoulders to give the dress a little more coverage. She knew her wedding hairstyle, a green tiara, would go with more prominent hair – so it was a win!

Jess was well aware that there weren’t many options when it came to her wedding day hairstyle. I love how she added a flower crown by her ear to give the illusion of fuller while still maintaining her chic look! I think it was the perfect way to show off her classic style.

Alison’s wedding hairstyle was the perfect look for her! Opting to keep the top of her head full, she managed to really accentuate her hair bun and simple veil. Added bonus – just by wearing loose curls in the front on her style, you can admire the back of her strappy wedding dress!

Chelsea got her hair done for her wedding day. It was a very elegant wedding, so the dress and hairstyle were no different. He wanted a classic bun without any sentimentality and he got it! She flipped her bangs and curled the top layers of her hair, creating her timeless understated sleekness.

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Shannon knew she wanted to show off the lace in her wedding dress while keeping it casual for the beach, and she nailed it. Instead of opting for a simple bun, braiding your hair really made it look like a beach wedding. I love how she still has the dreamiest sunset pictures with some of her updos blowing in the wind!

Knowing that her wedding day look was all about a flower crown, Tricia planned her hair half up and down to highlight the beautiful roses that covered her face. Her wedding look was English garden boho and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect hairstyle for the occasion.

Tiffany is all about fashion and her whole wedding was so gorgeous! Her hair was no different – ​​she wanted to draw attention to her striped organza Hayley Paige hybrid dress – and her sleek high bun allowed the focus to be on her style without the distraction of multiple curls and buns.

Pinning Gardenia In Hair

Last but not least – the beautiful Natalie. In an all-white wedding dress and a sleek Oscar De La Renta gown, Natalie knew she had to keep her hair sleek and simple. No longer opting for a veil, she added a slightly slicked back hairline, keeping it sleek and slicked back. This hairstyle is perfect for her personality and style!

Her Gardenias Were Originally A Coverup

There you have it – ten of our favorite wedding day hairstyles of all time! I hope this was helpful and that you are now inspired to choose your wedding day hairstyle! Pro tip – Do a hair trial on your wedding day to make sure you really like yourself, not just in photos. Looking for the top ten wedding inspirations? Why not click here to view ten of our favorite wedding bouquets! Billie Holiday and her trademark Gardenias Credits : Copyright (c) 1935 Rex Features. May not be used without permission./Everett/REX Shutterstock

Considered one of the greatest jazz singers of all time, Billie Holiday had an incredible voice, whose smoky tones and raw emotion still catch your eye and make a lump in your throat almost seventy years later.

The celebration complemented her stunning stage performances with a stunning beauty look with white gardenia in her hair. What a sight she was as she kept her glossy black hair with white flowers tucked behind her ears the center of attention.

Despite her lack of formal education and never learning to read sheet music, her singing ability means she remains the gold standard in singing, and her distinctive beauty inspires countless future roles.

Language Of Flowers Collection Look Book — Edera Jewelry

An Unexpected Memoir Her gardenia-adorned hair on stage became her trademark, but by accident. Holiday is rumored to have set fire to her hair with a fig one night before going on stage. One of the actors with her, remembering that she was selling flowers in the dressing room next door, rushed back and tossed Feyla the white flowers that were stuck in her hair. The hair cover was so popular at the festival that she has rarely been seen on stage without it since.

His love of flowers once led to bloodshed at a sold-out Carnegie Hall show in 1948. According to his biography, he was sent a box of gardenias, which he unthinkingly attached to his head. Among the flowers was a hatpin that cut her head and passed out at the end of the third curtain.

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Billie Holiday’s birth, and although jazz is no longer with us, her aesthetic legacy lives on in new pop performances and catwalks.

Pinning Gardenia In Hair

Dark and dreamy singer Lana Del Rey inspired the biggest festival hair trend of the 2010s, wearing a flower crown in her hit single from the video game and taking the femininity of floral hair accessories to the max.

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The vintage charm of behind-the-ear flowers will carry over into next season and beyond. At her Spring/Summer 2016 show, Diane von Furstenberg sent her models out with flowers in their hair, a modern update to Holiday’s original elegance.

Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn and Bella Hadid at the Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2016 show Credit: Rex Features

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