How To Make A Brooch Wedding Bouquet

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How To Make A Brooch Wedding Bouquet – Learn how to make a DIY wedding scrapbook for statement pieces that are old, new, borrowed, and maybe blue.

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How To Make A Brooch Wedding Bouquet

How To Make A Brooch Wedding Bouquet

Traditional bridal bouquets are only available in pictures, but for a show-stopping piece that stands the test of time – no need to skimp – a brooch bouquet is an elegant choice. Check out our tutorial or follow the steps below to learn how to make a brooch bouquet using vintage brooches, colorful baubles and heirloom jewelry. Wifelai A Handmade Rhinestone Brooch Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquets Crystal Bride Holding Bouquet White Ivory Satin Roses With Diamond Pearl Ribbon… (375g Beige)

Bouquet brooch Use vintage jewelry and baubles instead of flowers in the bridal bouquet. This is a great choice if you are a bride looking for a non-floral bouquet that is not only beautiful, but also has sentimental value. By borrowing money from your relatives, you will have the wow factor in your hands full of memories of your family and friends. A loved one has passed? Honor their lives by including the pieces they love to wear. For example, add your grandmother’s favorite rhinestone earrings or your uncle’s bracelet to his wedding day.

If heirloom options are limited, turn your bridal shower into an event to collect great pieces. As with baby books that are often requested by baby shower guests, ask bridal shower guests to bring a favorite statement piece to adorn their bridal brooch bouquet. Jewelry can be new or old, given as a gift, or borrowed to be returned later. Skip the shower games, and instead have a memorable show and tell to learn about all the things that come with the brooches and baubles you’ll be bringing to your big day.

While you may need to go to the hardware store to use a dowel, round wood, for your DIY base, the following list of bridal bouquet supplies are available at local craft stores. You can find vintage-looking brooches and baubles in the jewelry section. However, a great way to include the ladies in your family (and don’t forget those new wives!) is to borrow brooches, earrings and statement baubles to add a touch of sentiment to a personalized brooch bouquet.

Need more bills to fill your database? Find vintage brooch and bauble “lots” on eBay, or head to local thrift and vintage stores for unique finds. Pins and baubles purchased new at a craft store can cost between $4 and $12 a piece, depending on size and style. However, many can be a steal on eBay, with many vintage and antique jewelry starting at the same price as individual pieces. When shopping in stores and department stores, don’t just look at the jewelry counter. Look for the odd button on a sweater, the pants on an old bag, or the shiny jewelry that can be removed from a shoe.

Gypsyfarmgirl: New Brooch Bouquets For Your Rustic, Vintage Glam Wedding

To make your own wedding brooch bouquet, you have two basic options: a pre-made bouquet, usually with a foam ball of flowers in a cage attached to the handle. Or the following DIY version using styrofoam, wooden dowel and spray paint.

To cover the base 4 to 6 inches, you may need 30 to 60 baubles and brooches, depending on their size, the size of your base, and the layer you want to look. For baubles or brooches that you do not want to reuse or with family members, add a dab of e6000 glue to the head of the pin, and attach it to the back of the jewelry. Since you want to let the glue dry before attaching the bauble to your base, it is recommended that you do the glue first.

Complement the hard edge of the brooch with a soft fabric, such as tulle in one of your wedding colors.

How To Make A Brooch Wedding Bouquet

While no two wedding brooch bouquets are sure to be the same, you can truly define your DIY arrangement with these unique styling options. Fiwisora Satin Wedding Bouquet 7

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To create a very personalized bouquet, you will need to collect a lot of vintage jewelry from the bride and groom’s family (you will need up to 50-60 depending on the size of the bouquet). You can choose only brooches, air hangers or chains, but you can also add almost anything that is small enough to fit into the bouquet. When I did mine I added a tile that was scratched with my husband and my name. Since the bride didn’t wear a watch I also added a vintage watch to my bouquet brooch.

Jeweled Brooch Bouquet ‘timeless’ Classic Wedding Bridal Bouquet Black

I contacted the bride’s sister and the groom’s mother and brother. They kept the old family brooches.

Eventually, you will have enough. Instead, you should choose the one you will actually use. The pieces should almost fit in color. They should not be too delicate because you will have trouble wrapping them with string.

Just like a real flower, you need to wrap the wire around each piece of jewelry to make the stem. It is convenient for brooches. Use only brooch pins. Wrap the wire around the pin to make sure not to damage the brooch. The wrap should be tight and not loose. Use pliers.

How To Make A Brooch Wedding Bouquet

Use tape to cover all the wires for a nice finish on the stem. This will help prevent the wires from falling out when you arrange them later.

Hand Crafted Brooch Bouquet

You can arrange finished brooch flowers in a vase or glass just like real flowers. You will get an idea of ​​what the final bouquet will look like when finishing single brooches.

I used a rubber band to fix the vase holder on my desk so that my hands You are free.

Use some rope to fix the wide ribbon into loose loops on the bouquet holder to get a nice round shape for the bouquet and make it look full. I put the ribbon in a bowl so the ribbon won’t roll all over the floor.

Nothing much to say at this point. Arrange a single flower brooch on the bouquet holder. The bottom of the brooches should slightly touch the top of the ribbon.

Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquets

Shorten lines that are too long. Be careful not to remove the pin too often to reset. The foam will break and no longer hold the needle. Space the straps evenly across the ribbon. Do not compress the ribbon or you will lose the full look of the finished bouquet.

After making the bouquet, the handle of the bouquet is still raw plastic. It’s not very nice or very comfortable in the palm of your hand. Wrap the ribbon around the handle to complete the brooch bouquet. Fix the ribbon with hot glue.

You can add some special ribbon petals for a smooth transition between the handle and the top brooches. Therefore, wrap the wire around one piece

How To Make A Brooch Wedding Bouquet

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