Cd 40 No Sign Of Af Several Bfns So Frustrated

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So I’m now on CD 51 and AF is still not here even though it seems to come every day. With this missing AF wheel, it’s like an endless game of hide and seek.

Cd 40 No Sign Of Af Several Bfns So Frustrated

Cd 40 No Sign Of Af Several Bfns So Frustrated

I had a fertility test and was told about the HSG procedure, but when I arrived on April 18, 2017, I was told I had hyposy/hycosy instead. In my opinion, the procedure was well done. Inserting the catheter, tbh I didn’t feel anything, but after a while after I put in too much foam/contrast, I had a lot of pain. AF seemed worse and I was in a lot of pain. The bleeding lasted only a few hours after the procedure, the liver froze and stopped an hour after the procedure and I was back to health pink for the rest of the day. My test results later revealed that my progesterone levels were low and that my left fallopian tube was blocked due to previous complications. The doctor suggested IUI but I decided to take some time to think about it. No IUInor IVF for me now. DH’s count was normal, something (can’t remember the word) was a little off because he was a smoker.

Cd 40!! Ugh! Anyone Else?

So, we are not completely out of our senses (and comfort). I was happy to finally get pregnant after 2 years of trying because according to what I read online there were many more cases of conceiving after the HSG/Hycosy/Hyfosy procedure and they cleared because there was no residue left in them. FX

BD in rich week on CD 12 and 21. At CD 18 I had mild cramping in the left hip area. I know you say the left fallopian tube is blocked, but there are many cases where the fallopian tubes contract just during the procedure. In my case I don’t know 100% about the condition of my left tube but again, fx.

CD 28 – Sudden dry mouth and very hot in my upper back and very bad neck pain. He had a very mild panic attack so that’s all.

CD 32 – slept for 12 hours. I woke up as if I had been hit by a truck. AF is lacking. Decided to try HPT. BFN

Any Late Bfp Stories Here?

CD 37 – BFN. Shoulder pain and fatigue. Breasts begin to fill. A little brown mucus like a shower drain.

CD 39 – BFN. He was coming on like AF but just messing with me. It started to look like liquid acne.

CD 43 – BFN. C.M. Starting mid week, he started having vivid dreams 3 nights in a row. I don’t remember exactly when it started, but I wrote +- this time.

Cd 40 No Sign Of Af Several Bfns So Frustrated

1st night: I saw that I gave birth. God, I can’t describe the joy. In the past 2 years, I have seen such dreams many times. Happiness was never dumb lol.

Cd35. No Period In Sight. Neither A Bfp.

CD 43 – BFN. C.M. BD BB was really feeling a lot. Cook 2 xin continuously in 1 minute at 5 am. Mild flatulence at night. It looks like after BM. Immediately after showering it started with itchy skin and an itchy rash on my chin.

CD 44 – BFN. Neck and shoulder pain for the past 1++ week. BB has been feeling great for the last couple of days. Headache (may be due to lack of sleep). He started fasting. Nausea and vomiting with very mild nausea (may be related to fasting).

CD 45 – BFN. I had a dream of crashing a wedding dinner with a friend and we got caught eating too much like a homeless person left us lol. Soft liver in the evening.

CD 46 – BFN. I dreamed of flying a helicopter, which I nearly crashed many times because I never had control and only took off when I was too close to the ground. But when I got high I let go of the control and it almost crashed again and I checked every time I almost fell. I’m such a passive lazy pilot LMAO. After the last accident I flew over a prison-like building and all the criminals were trying to get into my helicopter, but I left it and flew away because I felt threatened. The dream turned into something about the sea and some ships and then I was sitting in an office with a Chinese looking guy who was obviously my colleague (I’m SAHWbtw). I was trying really hard to get him to say his age because I thought he was older than his age. I believed she was in her 50’s but she looked to be in her late 20’s to 30’s. It’s typical of Asian genes, I guess lol. I woke up in the middle of the day with a full bladder and in my sleep my breasts felt so swollen they were going to burst. But when I woke up, the feeling was gone. was i dreaming

Physiological And Pathophysiological Bone Turnover — Role Of The Immune System

CD 47 – BFN. At 1am I felt a mild heart attack, AF coming on but nope. Hide and search again. I was sitting on my massage chair and all of a sudden a gag (gasping and vomiting) formed in my mouth. Yux was having dinner at 3:20 p.m. Effects of excessive suffering. It was a satisfying chocolate drink. He ate corn and drank water. It got worse…swelling and shortness of breath. Very sleepy but struggling with fullness omg I’m so conflicted. He fell asleep trying to protect her. A few minutes later, he woke up and fell asleep. 11:00 a.m.: Woke up with lower joint pain. Even after breaking the fast, he feels sluggish throughout the day. (Fasting is the whole month, no food or water from morning to night). At 11:00 PM, BM finally disappeared after 2 full days.

CD 48 – Remastered but smoother than the original. One night I slept until noon, so many strange dreams. DH took care of our clothes and then I married my ex and he became a familiar Chinese foreigner to me. I was wondering who would marry this guy (he’s still single IRL) and I realized it was me. I totally approve of him and I was a good wife to him and he made him a Chinese-American version of the Hulk and was demanded by the ruling government for his political views and used his superhuman powers to rapidly type (yes, type) to influence them. He was filling a form) and showed his political agendas that were already printed on his shirt and they were very impressed. He came down the stairs proudly. I saw the hallway and there were many house cats and my younger brother was playing alone in the hallway. I don’t close the door so my female cat is outside. I don’t know why I got off the elevator crying, I was sad or something.. When she came in, she was a local actress who was very concerned about my emotional state and she completely held my hand and wanted to be my bestie. Friend. This excited me for some reason. She was going to work and stayed in an apartment with me and we were talking about her friends being actors and we had a lot of acquaintances. We crossed the road (very jaywalk tibihaha) and almost hit the curb (obviously and thankfully it wasn’t because it was a very slow car). She was a very sweet person and told me that it was the name of an actress who has no name. I easily accepted her name in my dreams, even though it was confusing IRL. I didn’t ask and I went, hey, that’s not your name. (Of course, I don’t know why my dreams are so weird and weird)

CD 49 – stopped using HPT. I have been putting BFN on my face every morning for the last 2++ weeks so I decided to stop. I had another dream about buildings but I don’t remember. BM – mild constipation

Cd 40 No Sign Of Af Several Bfns So Frustrated

CD 50 – 2.15 am BM – Heavy at first, like melted chocolate ice cream (sorry TMI). 3.36am – 3.40am Pain in lower abdomen on right side when sitting in my massage chair. Mild sharp pain that went away after I stopped the machine. 5.10amBFN (didn’t help, tried to hope but who am I kidding) 6.47am Pelvic area feels numb like you have AF. He waits. FA is here so get off at 1.17pm but another false alarm. He feels feverish and weak but not feverish. have been Pregmate 20 Ovulation And 5 Pregnancy Midstream Tests

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