Kitchen Remodel With Staggered Cabinets

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Kitchen Remodel With Staggered Cabinets – One of the best parts of my job is the cabinet design. I’ve been working with Louden Custom Woodworking on some of their kitchen, bar and bathroom designs for the past two years. A lot goes into cabinet design to ensure everything works properly, which requires the experience of a cabinet designer or carpenter willing to work with clients on the details. Andy, owner of Louden Custom Woodworking, does both and as a result has become a very successful furniture manufacturer. But when visuals are needed, I’m usually asked to work with clients on cabinet sizes and configurations, proper tool spacing, and all the fun bells and whistles that now come with cabinets.

This kitchen took on a traditional farmhouse look. It features very clean lines with white cabinets, white quartz countertops, and a simple yet slightly recessed backsplash with a classic raised panel door and gray-green on the island. Another traditional element in this kitchen are the built-in cupboards.

Kitchen Remodel With Staggered Cabinets

Kitchen Remodel With Staggered Cabinets

If the cabinet is lined, the depth of the tall cabinets should increase by 3-4″ to accommodate the crown molding. Again, with this kitchen, you need to make sure that the placement of the appliances works. Because the microwave cabinet/controller is centered, unlike cabinets that are on the side of the microwave, the microwave cabinet must be increased in depth to allow the microwave door to open fully.

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Usually a 6-9″ fridge goes through the cabinet. This contractor, Bremer Homes, along with many other detail builders and remodeling companies, will move the studs in the wall to the side or even cut into the wall behind the fridge to allow the fridge to sit further back and out of the way. . . However, this model is a reverse depth fridge, meaning the fridge cabinet is flush with the cabinet and only the depth of the door extends to the cabinet. Especially when renovating, it is a space saver and also has a clean look.

This kitchen is one of my many favorites not only for the mix of designs in the cabinets but also for the subtle color scheme created with the design of the home, the craftsmanship of Louden Woodworking and the attention to detail of Bremer Homes. We not only help to create beautiful rooms in the Home Village stores again. We can also offer expert design and material selection for your new home. This new home built by Hazelwood Homes features a stunning new kitchen by Village Home Stores. Granite countertops, dark cabinets and stainless appliances are all featured in this beautiful Coal Valley, IL home.

This kitchen cabinet by Koch in “Seneca” door style made of beech wood with a rich “mocha” color applied. An angled peninsula area features a double height design and carved wood splashback in the kitchen. The row wall in this kitchen immediately catches the eye. The height and depth of the closet adds interest to the design. Keep your sliding closets in place symmetrically whenever possible. This closet layout shows great utility

The corner cabinets as well as the central microwave area are a sight to behold. Microphone hoods sometimes get a bad rap for style, but this design saves the day! If you want to show it off in a microwave, this is the model to go for. It’s stylish and packed with features. Got a tight spot you’re trying to fit a mic in? This could be the perfect template for your design. This Maytag unit is designed to turn on even if your microwave is next to a back wall. Take a look at the image below to see what we mean:

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A 90° hinge allows the flexible microwave combination to be mounted next to the wall if required. In this case, the hinged columns and light bars surrounding the microwave do not fall through the swinging door. The wall cabinet in the kitchen corner also folds open, balancing the last wall cabinet before the peninsula begins. Longer and deeper with an additional open shelving area for displaying items, this corner cabinet section brings the wall cabinet design to life in style.

The rich mocha cabinetry is paired with natural stone countertops which are a granite called “Ganache”. A natural beauty, this stone combines chocolate brown and tan white and has us writing a bowl of ice cream on it right now. Reaching new heights in this Coal Valley kitchen too, the covered granite backsplash is much longer than a standard application.

A standard sink installation in a kitchen setting is typically between 4 and 5 inches tall. The end result creates a great visual impact and helps the taller wall cabinets appear to scale with the project. As shown below, this higher splashback height fits perfectly into the space between the sink counter and the bar-height counter on the angled peninsula.

Kitchen Remodel With Staggered Cabinets

This kitchen design also has a large wall unit surrounding the fridge. Click play below to watch the tall pantry cabinet come to life and reveal five built-in shelves inside. Between the new pantry and refrigerator area, there is ample counter space for loading and unloading items in the designer’s new food storage and pantry area.

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