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Anyone Use Norwex – What is Novex? An honest review of Norwex Cleansing Wipes from a busy mom in response to the lack of helpful, independent reviews. Norwex scam or legit? To find!

A few years ago, I was introduced to Norwex cleaning wipes. I found it very difficult to do the research, so here is my 100% unbiased review of Norwex Cleansing Wipes. I am in no way affiliated with Norwex, e-cloths or any other company. I want everyone to be able to read this post and decide if these products are right for them because the answer may be different for everyone!

Anyone Use Norwex

Anyone Use Norwex

Today I want to share with you my opinion about Norwex in general and about their two flagship products: Envirocloth and Window Cloth.

Becoming A Norwex Consultant Faq

If you want to know what I think of their other products, these additional articles will be helpful:

In my house, I’d say I’m a bit typical in my cleaning routines. I’ve used Windex, dish soap, stainless steel polish, grease lighting, all kinds of bathroom cleaners and floor cleaners. I have not used antibacterial cleaners like Lysol or Clorox. For washing, we used washing powder, fabric softener, sometimes clothes dryer, oxiclean and very rarely bleach. (God, that looks like a lot of food!)

Norwex is an MLM style company, similar to Lularoe or Young Living Essential Oils. Their products are focused on home cleaning, although they also have several beauty and food preparation lines.

To purchase Norwex products, you must attend a Norwex house party or meet a consultant. If you don’t have a consultant, there is information at the end of this post.

Norwex Enviro Cloth Window Cloth Enviro Wand And Body Cloth Rrp $130

Norwex’s mission is to empower families to reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals in our homes with microfiber cloths and other chemical-free cleaning products. Here is their extensive catalog.

Norwex cleaners use a special type of microfiber that is very different from the microfiber cloths you buy at the grocery store. The difference between night and day!

This statement made my head spin when I heard it. I used kitchen towels almost every day to dry things and they were stale by wash day.

Anyone Use Norwex

My vote: Correct. Now I don’t have to deal with that stinky, funky smell anymore. For our kitchen, I use a cloth for a day or two, let it dry, and then throw it in the trash as usual. The key here is to let it dry on the doorknob or cabinet handle. (not folded)

New Norwex Power Packed Duo: Cream Cleaner & Utility Brush!

The big claim here is that Envirocloth physically removes 99% of surface bacteria. This claim was taken directly from the Norwex media brochures, although I see many other consultants and buyers claim much more than this, such as that bacteria is removed from the fabric or that the fabric is naturally disinfected when it dries

Many Norwex wipes contain BacLock, a “silver-based” antibacterial agent, built into the wipes so they don’t wash off. Although some types of silver are safe and naturally anti-bacterial, I have not been able to get a straight answer about what type of silver is used in Norwex fabrics through official channels.

My voice: like the truth. I have a hard time finding really independent evidence for this particular claim. However, a reader sent me a very nice video of a news station using a lab to test Norwex fabrics with other fabrics here.

Cleaning wipes have replaced Windex, most paper towels, Pledge, Magic Erasers, Simple Green, and bathroom cleaners. This microfiber is not like the microfiber you buy at Walmart or the Dollar Store. When I’m wiping down the kitchen counter, I don’t have to reach for crumbs. Dirt sticks to the fabric!

Host A Norwex Party = Earn Free Product For You

My vote: Correct. If you haven’t seen the butter test, I recommend watching this video. There is no comparison between these fabrics and other fabrics I have used.

Envirocloth is Norwex’s flagship product and is billed as the “cleaning cloth for everything.” I use them to clean the bathroom, kitchen, walls and almost every surface in my house. They can be used wet or dry and are amazing. Dirt sticks to them like no other cloth I’ve ever used and washes off easily.

As a side note, I have personally tried Norwex and E-cloths and there is no comparison. Dirt doesn’t stick to e-wipes like it does with Norwex. I also don’t like how the e-wipes look in comparison as they are thinner and I don’t even think they are microfiber.

Anyone Use Norwex

This is probably the most amazing fabric I have ever used! I’m not usually the type of person to call everything “the best”, but I’m all over the fan because of the window cloth. Worth every penny. If you’re not familiar with Norwex window cloth, think of it as a polishing cloth. Use any sponge or cloth to wipe away the grime, then wipe the water away with a window cloth until you have the cleanest streak-free windows I’ve ever seen in my life, easily! In my opinion, this is nothing short of magic. Here are just a few of the benefits my family and I have seen:

Norwex Body Cloth: 6 Week Update

You are, so to speak, at the mercy of the quality of your consultant. Training may be incomplete and some consultants may use less ethical sales tactics. However, I have full confidence in my consultant and she tells it like it is. There seem to be no independent studies on the anti-bacterial benefits of Norwex and I think better quality independent studies are needed to support their claims.

Shipping can be fun. I know we are all spoiled in the age of free shipping companies and shipping comes at a cost. However, I still hate it. I order detergent powder for a year to avoid shipping costs. I also combine orders with family members to reduce shipping.

Norwex is a legitimate company, but operates under the commission pyramid and MLM model. You have a consultant, which means you have someone to teach you how to use the products properly. As a host, you can earn rewards. However, these products are not really “free”. This is one of the reasons why Norwex products are so expensive.

While Norwex is definitely not a scam, it is definitely expensive. However, I’m personally more interested in the cost. Based on current pricing models, window fabric costs $19.99 (plus tax and labor). While I absolutely agree that it is outrageously expensive, I would happily buy it again. Plus, you can share with a friend! The same goes for Norwex Envirocloths, but there are some items I would not repurchase and plan to write more reviews soon.

Using Someone’s Amazon Classroom Wishlist Post To Sell Norwex Rags

1. You can find Norwex online at Amazon, but the prices are usually higher than what you could get directly from a consultant (and you can’t combine items to reduce shipping costs or add rewards).

2. Consultants now have online stores. Also, you can ask the consultant if you can organize an online party for your friends to earn rewards and commissions.

3. If you are in a region where you do not have a consultant, you can order through this online store. More information below.

Anyone Use Norwex

I wrote this review in response to a huge lack of helpful reviews for Norwex microfiber products. Almost all reviews/content are exclusively from Norwex consultants (ie the people who sell it). There were some pretty outrageous statements. I understand that having a blog has some benefits, like being able to help people fill in those gaps, and I’m willing to be a guinea pig for the greater good!

Norwex Rubber Brush For Pet Hair Problems

All in all, I recommend Norwex to anyone who wants to get rid of chemicals in their home, who wants to save money in the long run, or who likes to clean better, faster, and smarter. If I haven’t already, I really like the Norwex Enviro wipes and wipes.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we’re talking about, check out Jennifer’s store or the Norwex catalog. You can contact her or leave a comment below with any questions, and we’ll be sure to answer them!

If you found it helpful, you could use Rachel’s Clean Up Party for your order and one day I could win a bag of laundry detergent. Either way, I’m happy to help!

PS: I love looking at your creations! Be sure to snap a photo and tag #cravingcreative on Instagram! You can also keep in touch with me by following me on Instagram, Pinterest and subscribing to the newsletter! Norwex makes some cleaning products that will blow your mind! However, these are just cleaners. Along with miracles they work in all kinds of disturbances

E Cloth Mop Versus Norwex Mop Review

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