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Backyard Wedding – That I started dreaming of a backyard wedding. Something about it felt so intimate and special, especially when the backyard belonged to you or a family member. Unfortunately, if you’re like me and a) don’t have a house let alone a backyard or b) know family members who can use it, your dream backyard wedding has NOT come true. (*wipes away tears*) But dear friends, that doesn’t mean backyard wedding dreams like yours should go unfulfilled! If you’re one of the lucky few who think they’ve found the perfect backyard wedding venue – whether it’s literally right outside your own back door or at a friend/family member’s OR you’ve found a great property to hold your wedding reception at – this guide will help you get started.

If you’ve read our handy wedding checklist before, you’ll know that we recommend getting an overview of your budget and guest list BEFORE deciding on a venue (aka backyard). This will give you an idea of ​​what you can do at the farm with your budget (as well as dining options) and also if it will work at all given the number of guests you have on your A and B lists. If you know you have to invite 100 of your closest family and friends and your backyard can only hold 60 people, then a backyard wedding might not be for you. And yes, although some backyards are large and can hold hundreds of people (apparently even Banks’ backyard

Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding

With a capacity of 572 guests (which seems impossible when we watch this movie!), most backyard weddings tend to be small, so take that into consideration before you commit.

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While you don’t necessarily have to book your backyard like a traditional wedding venue, the earlier you set the date, the sooner you can send out your save-the-dates and start booking hard-to-find wedding vendors (like photographers) once you hire them. .

Chances are you’ll need to do at least SOME work in your garden to get the wedding ready. That could mean laying new pavers, planting new flowers and shrubs ready for the big day, tending to the grass, driveway and more. This ensures that the area is ready for guests, has flat surfaces to walk on (and set up reception tables) and looks the way you want it to during the wedding.

Once you’ve determined your wedding budget, you can begin to prioritize the areas that mean the most to you and your partner. Is a chef-prepared farm-to-table dinner a high priority? Or would you rather make burgers and grilled veggies in the backyard with your uncle, which is more your style? Plus, you don’t just have to think about food. When it comes to music, are you thinking of a band or a DJ? Or maybe you just want to create a playlist of your favorite wedding songs to listen to throughout the event? Decide how you want to plan your own backyard wedding, then hire wedding vendors and rent accordingly. We’ve created an extensive list below of the various suppliers, rental equipment, and other supplies you may need.

One thing we will say is that we definitely recommend hiring at least one wedding coordinator. You don’t want family and friends to walk away from your wedding day without enjoying the party. A wedding coordinator will make sure everything runs smoothly (and that you have a great time). A wedding photographer is always worth the money. You don’t want to rely on guest photos to remember your wedding day. Instead, hire a professional to take frame-worthy photos you love.

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This is especially true for any caterers you may bring along, as well as marquee hire (definitely something to consider if you have the space, not only for the rain, but also for shade if you’re getting married on a hot summer day). The caterer needs to look at your kitchen set-up and decide if they need to bring in a catering mobile kitchen or other food heating equipment, and the marquee/lighting company can give you a more accurate quote if they can visit the property first.

You should also do your own tour of the property to see what you might be missing. Start with the guests arriving on your wedding day until they say goodbye. This will help make sure you have all your bases covered (eg, do you have enough bathrooms in your house for guests or do you need to rent a fancy port-o-potty… yes, there are nice ones!). Also consider whether you want to make certain areas of the home or furniture off-limits (signs help with this), or if there are areas guests need to be aware of for safety reasons (e.g. steps that may be required). anti-slip tape). Pay special attention to the comfort of your guests at your party and make sure you bring all the necessary supplies to make this possible, such as heaters, fans / portable air conditioners, etc.

Check the county’s website or office to see if you need a permit for your backyard wedding. Although not usually required, you should ensure that you know and comply with all noise, parking and fire regulations. This is especially true if you are renting a tent, so talk to the tent company as well. It’s also always a good idea to tell your neighbors about the wedding (and even invite them over for dessert and drinks if you can!). It’s always a good idea to let the neighbors know in advance that you’re going to be partying (instead of finding out when the Beastie Boys DJ will be spinning at 10 p.m.). You’ll also want to make a quick call to your renters or home insurance to make sure you have coverage in case you need repairs after the wedding or that you have liability insurance in case of accidents. Caution is the mother of the china box!

Backyard Wedding

Whether you do most of the decor yourself or work with a professional florist and designer, the beauty of a backyard wedding is that you can keep it simple and cozy without breaking the bank. Take some time to envision what you want your backyard wedding to look like while you consider the appropriate materials and rental supplies you need from the list below. Lots of flowers and flowing linens everywhere? Or are you interested in spending more on a focal point, such as a lounge with vintage furniture or a ceremony arch with flowers and greenery? Pick one or two areas you want to spend yourself decorating and budget for the rest. For example, if you want to spend more on ceremony flowers than the reception, fruit bowls are one of our favorite affordable centerpiece ideas for a simple, inexpensive pop of color. Lemons and limes, oranges, apples and even bowls of fresh berries work. Just pick your color/season and go from there.

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Planning a backyard wedding also gives you time to stock up on thrifted items like vintage rugs (for your wedding aisle), small plates (for your dessert), antiques, linens, and more. Visit your local flea market or antique shop to find items that will decorate not only your wedding but also your home.

This is where your wedding coordinator really comes in, but if you’re doing it all alone (or with family), be sure to keep this in mind! Whatever you’re buying for your backyard wedding, whatever you’re renting, buying accessories or other items, you should try to arrange deliveries as soon as possible so you don’t mess up your wedding morning. The more things you can prepare in advance, the more relaxed you will be on your wedding day.

Hope that didn’t stop any of you from having a backyard wedding! While it’s true that they can seem just as labor-intensive as a regular wedding, the result is a wedding venue that you’ll truly remember forever…especially if you live there! 🙂

Below you will find decorations, rental supplies, accessories and other miscellaneous items you may need for your backyard wedding. Are we missing something? Let us know in the comments section!

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