Best Hair Updos For Weddings

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While there are many ways to wear your hair at a wedding (like loose, half-up, or braided), many brides-to-be prefer to wear it in a braid. Wedding hairstyles are so popular because they perfectly combine form and function. They’re classic and chic, but they also pull your hair up and out of your face (important if you’re dancing the night away). To help you choose the day, we have collected 52 wedding hairstyles. for any style.

Best Hair Updos For Weddings

Best Hair Updos For Weddings

If you have long hair, the possibilities for wedding hairstyles are endless. Braids, buns and chignons everything. (Psst: Check out our tips for growing out your wedding hair if you’re dreaming of long locks.) If you don’t have enough length to create your dream wedding hairstyle, consider using hair extensions. But long hair is not a prerequisite for these images. You can make many of these wedding hairstyles for short hair. However you decide to wear your hair up, we recommend seeing a professional hairstylist to keep it in place all day.

Modern Bridal Hair

If you’re struggling to decide on a style, consider different aspects of your wedding day for inspiration. For example: the formality factor. Will it be outside or in a dance hall? The elegant ballerina bun is an elegant choice for the latter, while tousled curls pinned back with flowers will blow nicely in the beach breeze. No matter what kind of celebration you’re planning, there’s something for everyone. Check out our 52 favorite wedding dresses for inspiration (and don’t forget to save your favorites for later).

Whether you’re looking for a clean, classic chignon or a messy, low bun, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite wedding dresses below.

The knotted bun is a fresh, modern take on the classic chignon. Pull out the pieces at the temples for a boho-chic vibe.

Tousled curls are incredibly beautiful when pulled into a messy, low bun. Bonus: this style will look good even if you’re dancing the night away.

Best Bridal Hairstyles Spotted In 2020

Do you want to present an open back or a unique neckline? This twisted bun holds all the strands perfectly in place.

For a trendy wedding hairstyle, consider creating a middle parting and pulling it back into a low ponytail.

This wedding hairstyle is equal parts elegant and daring. Make it even more dramatic by increasing the volume at the top.

Best Hair Updos For Weddings

It’s no wonder wedding ponytails are having a major moment. They’re effortlessly beautiful and won’t get in the way of your hair, so you can enjoy the day to the fullest.

Great Ideas Of Wedding Updos For Long Hair

Your work day doesn’t have to be neat and tidy. We love relaxed wedding hairstyles like this bun, which is equal parts messy and sophisticated.

If you love the look of a chignon but want something more casual, ask your stylist to leave two pieces in the front. This creates a subtle boho effect.

Add dimension and character to your hairstyle by coloring your locks. After all, bold and bright hair colors are the main wedding hair trends of 2021.

Turn any wedding hairstyle into a boho style with braids. They add a fun texture to the style you choose for your wedding.

Best Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding That Are Trending This Wedding Season

If you’re dreaming of a boho wedding hairstyle, consider pulling your hair back into a classic braid. Want to make it spicier? Ask your stylist to reverse the braid to create a Dutch braid.

If you’re looking for a vintage wedding hairstyle, look no further than this style. Twist the braids on the side of your head for a fresh yet retro look.

29 vintage wedding hairstyles that will blow your mind from elegant twists of the 50s to loose waves of the 70s.

Best Hair Updos For Weddings

Make a simple low bun more interesting by adding a beautiful braid. Wrap the braid around the bun for a unique, luxurious wedding hairstyle.

Easy Elegant Wedding Hairstyles That You Can Diy

For an ultra-boho look, braid the sides of your head. Twist it into a bun for a flawless finish.

Another wedding hair pro? You can easily (and securely) attach the veil over or under a bun, twist it or put it in a ponytail. Check out six of our favorite veil wedding hairstyles here.

Make your veil the star of the show with this beautiful wedding hairstyle. Pull out your soft bangs for a soft, romantic look.

This stunning wedding hairstyle is just out of a fairy tale. Add volume to the top of the chignon, then place the veil directly over the twist.

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Short And Long Hair 2018

You can still wear a veil without covering your hair. The point is to place the veil higher on the head above the chignon or bun.

Embrace the retro theme of your wedding by wearing a birdcage veil in your hair. Elevate your look with our birdcage veil collection.

Whether you’re a free spirit or just like a fresh floral look, you’ll find a wedding hairstyle with us. Check out our favorite flower hairstyles below.

Best Hair Updos For Weddings

Create a fun halo hairstyle by inserting some small flowers. Don’t be afraid to choose colorful flowers – they’ll blend in beautifully with this classic refresh style.

Most Romantic Bridal Updos Wedding Hairstyles To Inspire Your Big Day

Accentuate your beautiful wedding hairstyle with the flowers above. We love baby’s breath as it is so delicate and small.

Complete your beautiful wedding hairstyle with a flower crown. Consider using greenery or wildflowers for a unique take on a popular trend. (Psst: This style looks especially good with curly hair.)

Swap the traditional shiny hair clip for a flower one. This is an unexpected hairstyle that will look stunning in photos.

Use wildflowers for a fresh take on the floral hair trend. They are also perfect for a tonal palette of wedding jewelry.

Wedding Hair Ideas 2022

With lots of wedding ideas (from decor trends to no-makeup makeup and wedding dresses). But the show has also sparked a surge in popularity among the luminaries — and that’s why we’re here. Check out our favorite wedding hairstyles with hair accessories below (plus check out our collection of hair accessories for purchase).

A messy bun looks stunning on its own, but it becomes even more attractive with a vintage hairpin. Plus, it’s a fun way to include “borrowing something.”

This cool wedding hairstyle is already beautiful, but take it to the next level with a little glitz.

Best Hair Updos For Weddings

If you’re wearing a traditional headpiece to your wedding, a low bun is the perfect way to draw attention to your accessory.

Killer Wedding Hair Ideas For Every Kind Of Hair

Ask your hairstylist to weave a delicate beaded updo into your wedding hairstyle for a subtle glow.

This wedding hairstyle is perfect for neat brides. Ask your professional stylist to thread strands of pearls into your chignon for an unforgettable look.

Ask your stylist to recreate old Hollywood curls and cover them with a shiny headpiece for a stunning vintage wedding hairstyle.

Luxury wedding hairstyle for a queen. Accent your chignon with a dramatic tiara like this gorgeous gold one.

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Best Hair Updos For Weddings

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Best Hair Updos For Weddings

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