Switch Diamond For Moissanite

Friday, January 13th 2023. | Weddings

Switch Diamond For Moissanite – If you’re comparing the differences between moissanite and diamonds, you probably want the shiny look of the diamond and don’t care about the price or the likelihood of getting a blood diamond.

Moissanite, a diamond alternative, is becoming a popular choice for more affordable and ethical engagement rings, but there’s still a lot of misinformation and confusion surrounding this virtually identical-looking no-diamond engagement ring option.

Switch Diamond For Moissanite

Switch Diamond For Moissanite

If you like sparkle, diamonds and moissanite are great choices. Luster is measured by brilliance compared to the gemstone’s refractive index, which is slightly better for moissanite than diamond, with a refractive index of 2.65 to 2.69, compared with 2.42 for diamond. More lustrous than many gemstones, moissanite also has a unique dazzling fire that creates a rainbow of colors.

Tell Authenticity Of Moissanite Use A Tester

Engagement rings are not indestructible and can be affected by an active or accident-prone lifestyle, especially if the stones in your ring aren’t strong enough for everyday wear. Fortunately, both diamonds and moissanite are great choices for engagement rings due to their exceptional durability. Because of the strength of the carbon bonds in silicon carbide, lab-grown moissanite is one of the hardest substances known, with a Mohs hardness scale of 9.25. The only harder stone? diamond. These two tough stones are also very heat resistant, so rest assured your engagement ring is less likely to be damaged in jewelry repairs or house fires. Plus, diamonds are hard enough that they can be reused in new settings, passed on from generation to generation without damage.

Although lab-grown moissanite is considered a “colorless gemstone,” it’s not completely colorless. Under certain lighting, colored projections can be seen. It’s a wonderful characteristic that sets them apart from diamonds, and we find that our clients love the rainbow of colors that radiate from their custom moissanite engagement rings. However, we also have some clients who want more sparkle in their diamonds. It comes down to preference, but if you want more colors then…

Every jewelry stone has inclusions; small imperfections inside the facets. Although considered blemishes, these small inclusions are unique to and make each gemstone unique. Since most moissanite is grown in a laboratory in a controlled environment, inclusions in lab-grown moissanite are usually microscopic and do not affect the gemstone’s clarity or brightness. Likewise, almost every diamond has tiny inclusions. However, a diamond’s clarity can range from flawless to imperfect and can greatly affect price. This is measured using the diamond clarity chart developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

(Ashley, Alexandra and Christy are lab-grown custom diamond engagement rings, exclusively at Abby Sparks Jewelry).

Large 925 Silver Iced Hip Hop 6ct Men’s Moissanite Ring Pass Diamond Test Pinky

If you’re losing sleep over the social, political, and environmental impact of gem mining, rest assured that lab-made moissanite engagement rings are ethical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Because these gemstones are created in a lab using silicon and carbon, lab-grown moissanite engagement rings like Chelsea’s do not risk unsustainable gem mining, human exploitation, and indirectly fueling conflict. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we strive to source the most ethical and conflict-free diamonds on the market. We apply Kimberley Process requirements to reduce the flow of blood diamonds [read more about the diamonds we use]. While this is the standard for conflict-free diamonds, there may be loopholes in the system. Canada is one of the few jurisdictions that exceeds these guidelines for conflict-free diamonds. An engagement ring made from a Canadian diamond like The Kimi is your best bet for an ethically mined diamond. If you still want a diamond but need to go the extra mile to get a 100% conflict-free diamond, then a lab-grown diamond such as the gorgeous 1.11 ct lab-grown used in the Ashley Woven Diamond Engagement Ring Manufactured diamonds, (above) are the way to go, or you can explore other ethical engagement ring options.

(Similar looks, different prices. Jess’ pear shape diamond engagement ring, Chelsea’s moissanite engagement ring, Kimi’s boho diamond engagement ring, Lindsay’s oval lab-grown diamond engagement ring).

Lab-grown moissanite costs significantly less than many other gemstones, including diamonds. This makes moissanite an even more affordable option for problem solving. Because we create one-of-a-kind custom engagement rings, the exact savings of using a lab-grown moissanite center stone will vary depending on the engagement ring metal, accent stone, and other design options, and the cost of a custom engagement ring can vary widely. Our custom engagement ring gallery showcases a wide range of price points and design options to give you some inspiration.

Switch Diamond For Moissanite

(The engagement ring of your dreams awaits. The Shannon Emerald Cut Floating Halo Engagement Ring, the Kati Chunky Gray Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, and the Leah Three Stone Double Band Diamond Engagement Ring, all exclusively at Abby Sparks Jewelry).

Radiant Moissanite And Diamond Comparison

Moissanite is often compared or confused with diamonds, and on the surface, these dazzling gemstones are very similar, even when placed side by side. Both gemstones have a high index of refraction, are very durable, have high hardness, luster and fire. Then there’s the price difference.

Diamonds have been the most common gemstone in engagement rings and wedding jewelry for generations, but a lot could change in the future. Sales of lab-grown moissanite have steadily increased each year in the jewelry industry, especially engagement rings, leading those in the industry to believe that lab-grown moissanite is here to stay.

We at Abby Sparks Jewelry love to help our customers find exactly what they are looking for, if you are weighing the differences between diamonds and moissanite we are here to answer your questions and help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and BEST BUDGET DECISIONS. We live in unparalleled times; epidemics, wars, rising prices and growing environmental concerns. It’s easy to feel a little frustrated, but – in the immortal words of D:Ream – things can only get better (hands folded, she says!)

Over the past few years, we’ve had time to rethink everything — including engagements and weddings — as couples have had to postpone or scale back plans, and many are reevaluating what’s really important. With many looking to make more sustainable choices, there has been a real shift in some wedding traditions that, frankly, seem a little outdated.

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According to The Independent, millennials are turning their backs on immoral and expensive gemstones — but not just millennials. Spending a fortune on a diamond engagement ring is not a top priority for many couples these days, and many instead spend their hard-earned money on a home, a memorable honeymoon, or the wedding itself.

Before COVID, excess was king. It seems that influencers have it all, and we are called to chase that dream too. But now many people are asking – are we willing to go into debt for a diamond ring we can’t afford? Are we willing to risk fueling conflict or blood diamonds?

The good news is, there is a method that will not only save you money, but is 100% conflict-free and you don’t have to compromise on style! Just swap out the diamonds for sparkling moissanite.

Switch Diamond For Moissanite

Moissanite is a brilliant, colorless gemstone with a diamond-like appearance. They were discovered in 1893 by scientist Dr. Henri Moissan in meteorite fragments that landed from outer space — yes, space — and were initially mistaken for diamonds.

Round Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring, Classic Tiffany Style

Because meteorites containing these gemstones are so rare, scientists developed a thermal growth process to create crystals in the laboratory that mimic natural conditions to reproduce silicon carbide gemstones.

The process takes two to three months to create a stone, which is then cut at specific angles and proportions to enhance its brilliance. Moissanite has the exact same shape as a diamond. Flawless Moissanite sells amazing Flawless gemstones in all shapes and sizes, from the classic 0.50ct (6.0 x 4.5mm) up to a whopping 5.00ct (12 x 10.0mm)!

Natural diamonds are made of carbon and are the hardest known mineral, but moissanite is a close second.

A measure of a gemstone’s ability to withstand surface scratches, diamonds top out on a 10-point scale, followed by moissanite with a score between 9.25 and 9.5. In terms of perspective, the glass grade is 5.5, so Moissanite is a very strong choice for everyday wear.

Claw Prong Basket Round Oec Cut Cololrless Moissanite Engagement Ring

Because they are a natural mineral, like diamonds, your moissanite will never tarnish and become dull if you keep it clean. These shiny stones are highly scratch resistant and will never fade.

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Absolutely! As any rock ‘n’ roll bride or groom knows, an engagement ring doesn’t have to be a diamond. The most important aspect is its symbolism, the wearer loves it and it is durable enough

Switch Diamond For Moissanite

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