Bird Themed Wedding Ideas

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Today we are looking at love birds wedding theme ideas. If you’re thinking of having a bird wedding theme or adding some lovebirds to your wedding decorations, browse through the cute ideas we’ve provided below.

Bird Themed Wedding Ideas

Bird Themed Wedding Ideas

Bird wedding cake toppers are a beautiful addition to any wedding cake. Birds, feathers and bird nests work perfectly with a wedding cake design and are perfect if you’re having a rustic/woodsy/nature inspired wedding. Place small bird cake decorations on the top or bottom tiers of your wedding cake, add branches for a more rustic look, or dress it up with a small cake garland.

Bird Wedding Theme

Place little love birds on the tables at your wedding. These can make additional small decorations for your bird wedding theme.

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Additional details for your bird wedding theme could include a bird nest ring cushion, bird feathers to decorate your wedding favors, and bird cages as chair backs.

We love hanging birdcage ideas here at My Dream Wedding, which can be hung from the ceiling of a marquee, from the beams of a rustic banister, or from trees outside. You can still light garlands in your bird cages and use them as lanterns.

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Our birdcage table plans are perfect for a bird wedding theme. Add flowers and leaves to match your wedding decor.

If you’re feeling crafty, these paper origami birds look great hanging long lengths from strings or ribbons. Hang them in groups to create a backdrop for your wedding ceremony or create a curtain for guests to walk through as they enter your reception hall.

If you’re into a bird wedding theme, visit our store and browse our love bird wedding decorations available below.

Bird Themed Wedding Ideas

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As an alternative to simple flower centerpieces and floating decorations, birdcages are tasteful and add order and sophistication. Another great thing about decorating with birdcages is that they come in different shapes, styles and sizes and can be painted to match your wedding theme.

Fill the cages with a floral arrangement, votive candles, wedding favors, seating cards or a table with advice cards for the newlyweds. To take this idea a step further, you can try using birdcages of different heights or sizes, keep the color uniform, or use mismatched colors to achieve a wonderfully bohemian look. If you’re going for a whimsical theme, butterflies, flowers, and pretty jewelry can help you achieve an effortless look.

A birdcage can be the focal point of a table, reminiscent of celebrity brides Kate Moss, Anne Hathaway and Amber Tamblyn who went for vintage weddings, the Victorian era, Roaring Twenties, 40s and 50s. And even the 1960s. You can propose a reception on the theme nature, environment, environmental responsibility or avian.

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Decorative metal bird cages in the right size range in price from $9 to $100, so shop around for the look and price you want. However, Baby’s Breath inexpensive filler flowers only cost about $120-$140 for bouquets of 10 depending on where you buy them, and that goes a long way toward stretching your dollars. For a budget conscious wedding, it is possible to keep your centerpiece budget to less than $50 per centerpiece. The color of your baby’s breath can vary depending on the weather (sometimes they can be a little green), ask your florist for advice and check out stores that can tint them to match your wedding color scheme. The main producers of Baby’s Breath are California and Florida, but you can find supplies in many other states.

If you plan to order flowers online, check if the desired flowers can be delivered to your state. Where to find good decorative bird cages?

The long row of bird cages at the reception make a stunning display and are sure to be great conversation starters. These centerpieces will give your guests an experience they won’t soon forget.

Bird Themed Wedding Ideas

© 2022 COMPANY A VEURST SA. All rights reserved. Celebrity Style Weddings participates in marketing programs and may earn commissions on products purchased through our site. As always, we continue to share elegant and stunning wedding decoration ideas with you. I think birdcages are perfect for almost any wedding! They can be seen both as standalone decorative items and as additions to other wedding decoration details. If you are planning a vintage, glamorous or rustic themed wedding, pay attention to this and I am sure your wedding will have a special charm.

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However, you are now wondering how you can incorporate them into your wedding decor. So let’s start considering some ways. One of the most popular ideas without a doubt is making a centerpiece out of a birdcage. You can find a metal bird cage and fill it with flowers and greenery. Choose flowers of your choice, for example, baby breath flowers, roses, peonies, miniature garden roses, etc. Typically, a couple will pick flowers in soft colors like pink, white and cream and you can go that route too. Add a little creativity and place flowers on the birdcage or add candles to it. You can also create table numbers with birdcages or attach them to outdoor wedding signs.

Add some flair to your gift table and place a birdcage as an alternative to the usual card box (or honeymoon fund box). If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you can decorate your house’s trees with flower cages or create a beautiful birdcage aisle decor detail. Your guests will love these ideas!

For a wedding cake, you can also use the birdcage idea. Ask your baker to decorate your cake with a birdcage cake topper with two lovebirds, for example, or make a birdcage cake as well.

Now have a look at the photos collected below and I am sure you will fall in love with these ideas. It’s easy to repeat but definitely worth it. Be creative and have fun! Cut flowers are very bad for the environment. It seems strange considering they are so natural. However, there are many ways to reduce your impact, such as buy local, buy in season, but I prefer to avoid them altogether. Another reason for doing this is that since we are doing everything ourselves, shipping and handling is another matter. Keeping them well hydrated in the August heat (8/18/18) became a problem. So much as I love flowers, I agreed not to use any at our wedding.

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I chose Sola Wood Flowers from my Etsy colleagues shopZONsGarden, and Along with faux greenery from (mixed fern wreaths to be exact) and feathers I bought on Ebay. The nesting boxes are half Jon and half Michaels, needing a total of 20, but I have a few extra just in case. I chose houses with cut out hearts because they are an obvious choice for such an occasion. These roses from Save On Crafts were the first flowers I ordered. I expected them to be brown but they turned out to be this burgundy red. So I painted them copper to match our color scheme.

My husband helped paint the birdhouses, but we quickly realized that painting them by hand was more effective (getting every nook and cranny in the houses), so I covered them with FolkArt acrylic paint.

I put the houses on top of various candle holders I found at a thrift store a few years ago for my parents’ silver wedding, and then added them with other ones I recovered later. They are mostly metal, but there are also some plastic and ceramic. They were all painted with primer and then painted with Rust-Oleum white texture paint.

Bird Themed Wedding Ideas

Well, the birdhouses were hot glued to thin pieces of wood I got from Amazon and to the candle holders. They need some sort of base to hold both the birdhouse and the flowers. My mom and I arranged all the flowers as evenly as possible, making a small arrangement with all the pieces for each centerpiece. We used floral wire and tape to give each flower a stem. Each part is similar to each other but nothing is exactly the same.

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