Cake Cost Textured Buttercream

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Cake Cost Textured Buttercream – An easy cake decorating tutorial for a textured watercolor buttercream cake with flowers and French macarons. This beautiful design is perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, cookies or other spring or birthday parties. With a few simple steps, you can decorate your own cake with the most beautiful watercolor buttercream design in any color you like.

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Cake Cost Textured Buttercream

Cake Cost Textured Buttercream

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Easy and simple. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to design this textured watercolor buttercream cake! After frosting and cooling my cake, I only spent maybe 10 minutes decorating and finishing touches.

Perfect for spring. I wanted to post this tutorial in time for Easter, but honestly it would be beautiful for any spring or summer event. Think Mother’s Day and birthdays, baby smash cake photo sessions, baby showers and weddings.

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I didn’t really use food coloring. All of the buttercream I used on my cake was from my freezer stash of leftover buttercream and each one happened to be a natural color. The pink buttercream base coat is a mix of cranberry buttercream and lemon buttercream to create a blush color. The deeper purple/pink color is this blueberry buttercream. And the white is this lavender lemon buttercream. All flavors and colors are perfectly complementary to each other.

Pink & Rose Gold Textured Buttercream Cake

There can be two reasons. First, your base coat of buttercream is not cold enough. It is important that the base is very cool and firm so that the colors you add on top will sweep over the surface, rather than blending into the base coat. Second, you added too much buttercream on top of the base coat. For more texture, use less buttercream. For less texture and a more blended look, add more buttercream on top.

The silver plated candle holder is from a shop called Silver Celebrations London. Unfortunately they closed.

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Cake Cost Textured Buttercream

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this page, we will assume that you are satisfied with it.OkNoPrivacy Policy It can be a lot of fun to get a perfectly smooth buttercream cake with sharp edges, but what if you don’t want your buttercream to be completely smooth . Maybe you want to make a cake with a simple theme, or maybe you just want to add a fun design to the side of your cake. In this week’s video tutorial, I show you three ways you can add texture to your cakes.

The first technique you will see me create is using my offset spatula to create a rustic finish on the side of my cake. This look is perfect for a simple wedding cake. It’s also great for anyone new to cake decorating who may not have perfected smooth edges yet. The good thing about this technique is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. The imperfections really give it a simple look.

The key to this technique is to make sure your buttercream is quite soft and smoothes easily. I used my American Buttercream recipe for all three techniques. First I put a crumb layer on my cake which I chilled in the fridge until firm. I know some people like to chill their cakes in the freezer, but for this method the cake may be too cold. You don’t want the frosting from your cake to start setting into your buttercream before you add your lines.

So I used my offset spatula, but you can also use a rounded end knife or even the end of a teaspoon.

Sassy Textured Floral Cake

One of the best ways to add texture to your cake is to use a texture comb. There are so many companies now selling them and they come in so many different designs. They allow you to smooth the buttercream around the edge of your cake while adding a fun design to the edge.

For this cake I used the Double Sided Edged Contour Comb from Evil Cake Genius. Just apply your buttercream roughly on top of your crumb coat and scrape it around.

A tip is to always make sure the bottom of the texture comb touches your cake board, this way when you run it around your cake, many times, the pattern will always be in the same place.

Cake Cost Textured Buttercream

I love how swapping out your regular cake smoother for a texture comb can make your buttercream cakes so much fun. They are also very easy to use.

Elegant Textured Buttercream Wedding Cake With Ranunculas,…

When it comes to adding texture to your buttercream cakes, stencils are a great choice because there are so many designs to choose from. You can also use any color buttercream to make your design unique, although I love how using the same color buttercream just adds a really subtle texture to the edge of your cake.

For this cake I used the Lexi stencil from Sweet Stamp. I love the geometric shapes it creates.

One thing to think about when using stencils is the type of finish you are trying to create. If you want your cake to look a little rustic, just try adding blobs of buttercream to your stencil. For a cleaner look, you can add the design around your cake.

On most stencils there is a small border at the bottom of the design, which means your design starts about 1cm up from the bottom of your cake. In the video you can see that I place my cake on top of 2 acrylic sheets to lift it up. You can also use a cake rolling board. You just want to make sure it’s smaller inside your buttercream cake. This way when you wrap the stencil around the border it won’t be a problem and the design will get all the way to the bottom. Watch the video to see what I mean.

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I really hope you find this tutorial useful and that you can use some of these techniques to add texture to your cakes. Tell me in the comments which one is your favorite? Plus, if you haven’t already, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more free cake decorating video tutorials.

I’ve put a list below showing all the tools I used throughout this video or if you want to see all my favorite cake decorating tools just click here: https://www.

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Cake Cost Textured Buttercream

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I’m excited to share this week’s video tutorial with you as it’s a collaboration with Charity from……at least in the cake/baking sections….you’ve almost certainly seen the textured one, like this frosting -style used to be! I made a similar chocolate cake, but here are my recipes + tips and tricks for a lightly textured buttercream cake! Gives a rich vanilla cake

Cake Cost Textured Buttercream

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