Black & White Themed Party

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Black & White Themed Party – Imagine your venue or a beautiful party area decorated with white and black balloons, elegant black and white tables with white peonies in black vases, and serving tables with white and black appetizers and desserts. The lighting is low and there are candles on each table. When the guests arrived, all the men wore classic black suits and tuxedos, and the ladies were decked out in black and white evening dresses. It’s a little classic and elegant as a monochromatic theme for a party.

Throwing a party with a black and white theme can be the perfect way to solve the problem of coming up with a theme. This theme is always fun and in style, so you can’t go wrong. But what makes a black and white themed party so great, and how can you make sure yours is a hit?

Black & White Themed Party

Black & White Themed Party

Here are some tips and highlights that make a black and white party one of the best party ideas ever:

Black, White And Gold Celebration Party Pack Parallel Ribbed Paper Lan

When you send out your invitations, make the theme of the party very clear. Print the invitations with white ink on dark paper for extra impact. This way, your guests will know to wear their best white and black attire. This element adds something special to the party, as you can usually find guests dressed in different colors and styles. Your guests will notice the special atmosphere created by using these two colors. It also adds some fun to the guests’ preparations as they choose something to match the party theme.

When you organize a black and white themed party, you go the extra mile to ensure that the theme permeates the entire party. This means that the decor, table settings, special decorations and even the food follow the theme. A sense of sophistication and elegance reigns in these black and white events. You might consider adding a splash of silver or gold along with the theme to keep it interesting.

We often deal with many colors in our everyday life. You can simplify everything by focusing on this monochrome theme. This will make party planning easier, and also offers a welcome change for your guests.

Even if you’re ruled by two suits, making decisions that are easier doesn’t mean your party has to be limited. Consider adding a fun black-and-white photo booth where guests can take photos and post them in a running slideshow of classic black-and-white photos. Serve black and white food that you wouldn’t normally think of. More than Oreos! For example, try a pizza with white sauce and black olives. Serve black bean dip with white tortilla chips as a snack or appetizer. Don’t stop there, serve White and Black Russians as your favorite cocktails. The dessert in this theme is very simple. Vanilla ice cream and rich dark brownies are perfect. Alternatively, you can serve a white and black candy with white and dark chocolate, licorice, mint and more.

Ideas For Hosting A Black & White Party

By now you are probably imagining how you can throw a black and white themed party. If you have a specific reason to celebrate, or just want to have fun with your friends, this is the perfect theme to try.

Need help organizing your black and white themed party? Call the experts at Pico Party Rentals. We have everything you need for the perfect black and white themed party. Need a fun theme for this year’s New Year’s party? Try a black and white party full of black and white food, black and white party games, and even some amazing black and white decorations for New Year’s Eve! This guide will give you everything you need to host an amazing black and white New Year’s Eve!

There is only one rule when it comes to throwing a black and white party – it has to be black and white including the dress code! We had a black and white party with our friends a few years ago and this year we did it again for New Year’s Eve.

Black & White Themed Party

A black and white party is the perfect party theme for an adult game night, a dinner with friends, or in this case, a New Year’s party. This actually works perfectly for New Year’s Eve because black and white tends to give a more mature and sophisticated vibe, although you can easily do all these things with baby too!

Black And White Party Invitations New Selections Summer 2022

When I first thought about having a black and white party for New Year’s Eve, I was a little worried about trying to come up with food to serve that fit the theme. Before I knew it, Shindigz had a whole line of candies that you could order by color, and we’re not just talking gumballs and Sixlets, we’re talking black and white Dum Dums , black and white Hershey kisses and more. black and white rock candy. Perfect for filling these little apothecary jars.

On top of the candy they offer themselves, you can also create printable wrappers for other candies, like the labels I made for these mini chocolate bars, the large chocolate lollipops, and even these 2018 candy tubes. It definitely makes putting together this black and white dessert table a lot easier.

Besides the candy, I only got a few desserts – Oreos, black and white cookies (of course), white cake decorated with black sprinkles and Sixlets, chocolate and white powdered donuts, and a Devil’s Food Cupcake with white frosting. Who knew black and white food could be so sweet?

While I’m creating a dessert table, you can also go the more savory route with some of these instead:

Fun Kentucky Derby Party Games And Food

I kept it simple with our party decorations because I like things simple. I used a piece of black and white striped fabric as a tablecloth accented with a unique black and white tissue paper wreath. And I included some of the hats and laces from a black and white New Year’s Eve collection on my cake stand to tie it all together.

For my table I ordered a set of black 2018 Megaloon balloons (and only used 18 because the balloons are too big) and used these weighted balloons tied with tin rope to stop it. And last but not least, I tied some black and white New Year’s balloons to our mailbox.

The great thing about the black and white theme is that it’s really easy to make any printable game that matches the theme – just print out games like these New Year’s Eve trivia games in black and white and voila, you have a themed game! Here is a whole collection of New Year’s Eve games that you can print in black and white.

Black & White Themed Party

Send everyone a black and white gift wrapped in black and white (a pop of color is fine), print out these gift exchange cards in black and white, and order this large black and white foam cube to play one of the funnest gift exchange games ever .

Black And White Party Poster On Behance

Luckily, black and white is a popular color combination, so it’s easy to find black and white gifts. If you can’t do anything else, a pack of Oreos with a gift card hidden in the bottom is a good safe option.

Name that tune is one of my favorite games to play at parties. You split the team in half, play a short clip of a song, and see which team can guess the song first. One point for the song title and one point for the artist. Detailed instructions for playing the title tune can be found here.

For a black and white New Year’s party, there are two different ways you can play it. You can make a list of songs with the word black or white in the title or just make a playlist of the best songs of the year. You can get the black and white playlist below here or get the name of the New Year’s Eve playlist here.

Another of my favorite party games is reverse charades and I love it because you can make it fit any theme. The general idea is that instead of traditional charades where one person acts while the team guesses, in reverse charades one person guesses while the whole team works together to act out their item. This is one of the funniest games I’ve ever seen.

Black White & Gold Party

I’ve put together a list of black and white words that are good for this which you can get by pressing the big pink button below. You can also compile a list of hot terms from last year and get people to do the same! It might be harder to predict, but it’s fun to see someone perform say the fight scene between Thor and Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, one of the best movies this year.

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