Get Through A Dry Spell With These Sex Hacks

Friday, December 16th 2022. | Weddings

Get Through A Dry Spell With These Sex Hacks – For most of the quarantine, I maintained my social distance. Actually, I’m taking it too far because I haven’t had as much sex as I’d like. This period of contact isolation precautions brought me into a period of what I affectionately call: vaginal depression. Vaginal depression is what happens when you don’t get it. Signs and symptoms include not feeling particularly sexy, not being turned on by repetitive penises on your phone, and/or ingrown pubic hair growing into something weird, like a bush.

Yes, I think most of us have experienced vaginal depression at least once in our lives. I was in the process of slowly reducing my vaginal woes when I decided to take charge of my sexless life and do something about it. Here’s what balances my hormones, restores me and makes my pussy happy.

Get Through A Dry Spell With These Sex Hacks

Get Through A Dry Spell With These Sex Hacks

When I was going through my imagination looking for “inspiration” for “me time”, I really thought about what I liked sexually and was most inspired by. Usually, sex is a lot of kissing here, touching there, rubbing this, licking that, and then someone moans and before you know it, the sex is over. What I realized when I remembered some intimate moments was that I enjoyed being held sensually and often. I enjoy lovers who are vocal and compliment me before, during and after sex. I love a good performance review, honey! Seriously, taking the time to think about what really motivates me for the experiences I have in mind has helped me learn more about what I really want, what really motivates me, and what kind of partners I need to make sure I’m included. myself with

Ditch Your Lockdown Dry Spell With Our Better Sex Guide, From Getting Frisky With Roleplay To The Perfect Sex Cation

Okay, pussy people! Now is the time to get out the toys, fingers, mirror and whatever else you feel you need. If you’re going through a period without sex, this might be the best time to explore your body a little more. It’s great to let your lover explore, but don’t kid yourself that they’re having a good time. If you are single, you can use this time to get to know your body better and not just in a sexual sense. I recently attended an event that focused on sex and sensuality. To my surprise, many women are not familiar with their own anatomy. Some don’t know the difference between their vulva and vagina. Can you see your little lips? Where is your clit? Our private space shouldn’t be something we hide until it’s someone else’s turn to share it. We are not Barbie dolls. Our private space is not a bad plastic area where we give birth to babies. This is a beautiful part of our body that we need to learn more about.

Hi, as I’ve said before when I go through bouts of vaginal depression I feel anything but sexy. I don’t feel ugly, but I don’t feel sexy and sensual like I used to. Vaginal depression can rob even the sexiest and most confident of us from feeling our best, so it’s important to be intentional about turning ourselves around. Take a trip to a local sex shop (online or in person) to see what toys, gadgets, and gizmos pique your curiosity or make you happy. All I have to do is buy cute underwear or underwear. I look so sexy when I’m delicious. Put the underwear on in time for a spell and throw on some lace underwear. Don’t be too practical in your desires. Try things you never thought you could. Maybe you have whips, chains, and other things that turn you on (words to Rihanna), but you don’t know it. Buy some new toys (I personally recommend a glass vibrator, but that’s neither here nor there). See if you want to incorporate feathers, massage oils or a ball into your sex.

Okay, it might be harder, but after thinking about what you enjoy and need from your sexual partner or experience, it might be time to think about what kind of people you actually have sex with. Do you want to make love or just fight? Do you want meaningless sex or do you need something more intimate? Having sex alone is important, but sharing your sexual self with someone should have some level of consideration, especially if you’re opening up to some new experiences. Is your current partner able to satisfy you in the way you want? Are they ready to learn and explore with you? Do you think they’ll embarrass you for a good time? These are all questions worth asking.

What I learned is that your “summer time” doesn’t have to be a period of vaginal depression like it used to be. You can enjoy your sex life with or without a partner. In some ways, your sex life will be better without a partner because it will give you time to focus on yourself, your wants and needs. Sex is not a performance, but an experience. Don’t let your summer leave you feeling hot and bothered. You can enjoy yourself. Now, grab your vibrator, your glasses and get to work.

Surefire Ways To Break Yourself Out Of A ‘dry Spell’

Sign up for our weekly newsletter for exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox—including Trader Joe’s articles you won’t want to miss! Sex is an interesting thing. If you have a lot, you don’t think much about it. But when you don’t have it, it seems like it’s all you can think about. Every time you pass someone on the street, you wonder if they’re having sex. Are they thinking about sex? When was the last time the person at the Trader Joe’s checkout (pretty girl) had sex? You watch a movie and if someone has sex or even mentions the idea of ​​sex, it’s a personal attack on how little sex you have. I mean, he’s going to die before the end of the movie, so maybe he’ll break, right?

That, my friends, is what we call a dry spell. I go through them a few times in my day. Since I was single and Tinder didn’t just give it to me when I was in a relationship, but my partner’s sex drive was lower than mine, there are so many reasons and situations that can lead to a dry spell. But you’re not here for that—you’re here to find out what it’s like to make it through a lot of weight you haven’t carried in a long time.

After finally breaking out of my drought, I’m here to share every thought I’ve had while in it and what I’ve learned.

Get Through A Dry Spell With These Sex Hacks

Like any normal person, I turned to masturbation to solve my dryness. While I don’t need porn to get lost, I watch it because I enjoy it. But after enough times, it’s not fun anymore. I saw every story line. Porn made me gag and laugh at the same time. Now, I feel nothing.

Sexual Dry Spell What I Learned From Not Having Sex With My Husband

I don’t need a partner to have sex. The vibrators that grace the market these days make women a priority and remind us that another person is not necessary for pleasure. Two minutes with Satisfyer, and I forgot there were men. Dry weather ladies, you have met your match. Order a new vibe, why not. Forget Paris, a new vibrator is always a good idea.

It’s official: I’m seeing every straight person in my town. And somehow none of them wanted to have sex with me. *cue desperation* Would it really hurt me if I paired up with a guy who lives an hour away in the suburbs? I’m not against it anymore.

But I can not. Look, my ex is not your crazy kid (even if you are, take my advice). I was in a mentally, and later physically, abusive relationship for two years, and this sparked a troubled mental relationship with sex. I began to see sex as a way to recover from an explosive fight, as a way for him to show me that he loved me after he had done so much to show me that he didn’t. I know if I text him now, he’ll come right back. I would feel good for 10 minutes, but then I would feel awful for weeks. I started telling myself that having sex with him wasn’t going to cure my dryness, it was just making it worse. Having sex with him is not sex or pleasure. it is self-destruction. Spoiler alert: I never texted him. Go with me!

I’m not good at talking to men at all. I have two male friends who grew up because it was all flirty and sexy or I told them about the embarrassing time I dragged myself home from the school bus because a kid kicked my fingernail (laughs – this story, it took a lot

Why Having A Sexual Dry Spell Can Be A Good Thing

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