Summer Wedding Themes And Colors

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Summer Wedding Themes And Colors – This colorful summer wedding in Palm Springs, designed and planned by Lucky Day Events Co., is an ode to this pool season. With notes of tangerine, apricot, peach, khaki, and grapefruit, this track is not only full of style, it’s also full of flavor. But it’s also a summer love song for a fun wedding. who are not afraid of color as well This summer wedding color palette is JUICY! We love the bridal bouquet by Goldie Blooms, the bride’s steel-toe cowboy boots, and the vivid details of the reception hosted by Our Story Creative.

For Christine and Paul’s Cree Estate wedding We have included dusty pink shades. Bright magenta, cream, deep yellow and rusty orange to create a palette that complements desert landscapes and stands out against the natural Cree landscape. Loose and organic flowers overflow from the baskets around the love table and the bud vases on the table. White bistro chairs and raw wood fork tables bring a clean, modern vibe to bohemian design. and helps to firmly connect modern elements and nature.

Summer Wedding Themes And Colors

Summer Wedding Themes And Colors

You don’t want to meet before the wedding for the first time? What was the first impression like? quiet time With your future partner often eases any anxiety you may have. and make the photos look cute

Trending Summer Wedding Themes That You Must Look Out For

To add to the beauty of Lucky Day Events Co., he designed a sleek escort board to guide guests to their seats. and instead of the traditional bar A mobile caravan serving cocktails has been incorporated. Christine brings her personal style with lightweight suede steel-toe cowboy boots. Gives a western feel that is both fresh and modern.

We loved this summer’s wedding in Palm Springs in the brightest color scheme. So have a good time Continue with a gorgeous wedding where tropical meets disco! We’re sharing our favorite summer wedding color schemes inspired by sunny days. comfortable atmosphere and warm temperatures Bright colors are the most popular shades for summer weddings. Therefore, we have included many bright and striking color palettes to liven up your wedding day. But you’ll also get inspired for romantic pastels and trendy neutrals. And if you need more ideas while planning your wedding. You can take a look at our tropical wedding theme inspiration or our wedding color generator to create your own color scheme.

When it comes to choosing colors for a wedding, The general rule is Your color palette should subtly reflect the beauty and spirit of the season. For a summer wedding color scheme Refers to shades inspired by the sun and the energetic mood of this time of year, such as bright fuchsia pink. Cheerful yellows, deep oranges and refreshing light blues. Summer is also a great time to opt for earth tones. As many weddings take place in outdoor wedding venues or in unexpected locations full of natural beauty, such as parks, beaches and mountains, neutral and muted colors like sage, taupe, and terracotta are a must. and purple dust It’s the best choice for boho and rustic weddings. Finally, there’s nothing more luxurious than a classic summer wedding. This is especially true if you’re getting married at a formal garden wedding venue, country club, or show deck. For a Sophisticated Summer Wedding Color Scheme Go for timeless shades like navy blue, blush pink, lilac and buttery yellow.

Looking for inspiration is one of the most useful ways to find out what type of summer wedding color palette you like best. If you need help getting started Check out these ideas and colors for our approved warm-weather weddings.

Beautiful Spring And Summer Wedding Colors

Choose a rainbow-inspired palette if you want more than color. Pastel weddings that mix turquoise, orange, pale pink and purple are fun and playful.

Orange and peach can seem like a complicated color to bring to your wedding. But when you pair it with classic shades like French Blue and Blush. will get a whole new look This colorful center piece captures all the shades of a summer sunset.

This deep purple is thought of as a wedding color, but it’s actually a great choice for a summer wedding too. Pair it with light peaches, lilacs and whites to brighten the overall palette. To make plum jewel tones suitable for summer.

Summer Wedding Themes And Colors

Citrus-inspired colors like pinks, yellows and oranges stand out on the big day. These bright colors look quirky and fun. This makes it a great option if you want to party all night long. We love paired with metallic gold and natural accents like wood and leather (like this table runner). This is a great wedding color palette for a spring wedding.

Romantic Summer Wedding In A Colorful 270 Year Old Dutch Mansion

Create a modern minimalist vibe by using green, white and copper as your summer wedding colors. This trio is one of the most versatile color palettes – they work with almost any style depending on the specific finish you use. The setting is casual, giving it a tropical feel with monstera leaves and wooden chargers paired with a basic white palette.

Whether you’re looking for rustic chic or an updated classic. Blush and blue are always the perfect combination. This summer wedding color scheme is airy and airy. And it’s easy to incorporate into every part of your wedding. From bridesmaid dresses and flower arrangements to tables and stationery How good does the team of bridesmaids look in denim jackets?

If blush and blue are too dominant for your taste Try pink and sage green. This light green is an excuse to include some greenery in your wedding decor.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to try out neutral color palettes. With ethereal tones like ivory, beige and grey, your wedding aesthetic will feel fresh and elegant. Take inspiration from this sullen wedding cake and break up neutrals by adding muted color combinations with accents like seasonal fruits like figs and Bartlett pears.

Summer Wedding Color Schemes For Any Style

For a late spring wedding This pastel tone connects the transition seasons to summer. Perfect for garden receptions or other elegant themed weddings.

If you like the idea of ​​a fun atmosphere by the beach. This is the summer wedding color scheme for you. Combine eye-catching orange and teal with accent colors like green and white for a tropical island-inspired palette. Whether you’re hosting a beach wedding or just looking for a way to create a relaxed atmosphere with a tropical wedding theme. We also love this delicious combination.

Here’s another island-inspired combo we can’t get enough of. This palette already has its own flower to match. with eye-catching protea and anthurium flowers Combine a pink and green color palette with white to make it stand out for an outdoor wedding.

Summer Wedding Themes And Colors

Not all summer weddings have to be bright and bold. Dark shades of mulberry or burgundy set the tone for ivory, dusty pink and peach, blending perfectly in this bridal bouquet. We think this is a great choice if you’re looking for something romantic yet unique. with a deep red tone This makes for a gorgeous winter wedding color combination.

Colorful Wedding Color Scheme That’ll Make Your Big Day Pop

Summer is one of the few times of the year where you can pull off this patriotic hue. Definitely great if you’re having a Memorial Day weekend wedding or the Fourth of July. Use a mix of red, white, and blue hues for a modern American wedding. (And don’t forget to add a flag accessory, such as the groomsman’s socks.)

We already know how harsh this color when paired with neutrals is. like white and gold But coral is surprisingly stylish thanks to its unexpected hue of light green. It’s impossible to have a bad day when you’re surrounded by this cheery palette.

Lemon yellow instantly brightens up a basic green and charcoal gray palette. These elegant summer wedding colors remind us of an intimate garden party. Especially among the lemon trees in a villa in the Tuscan countryside. Can we dream?

We’re crazy about this palette, which is equal parts romantic and bohemian. (See more bohemian ideas here.) We know what you’re thinking: is brown an accent color? But believe us when we say brown brings an element of warmth and vitality to your decor. Especially when you blend in through nature-inspired details like feathers, driftwood and dried herbs.

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When it comes to summer wedding colors, There are few color palettes more classic and timeless than blue and white. This tried-and-true combination is beautiful every year. and can be used with almost every style of wedding Whether you have a nautical theme formal garden wedding or a mermaid-inspired wedding.

An autumn wedding brings a sense of comfort and richness to your big day. These fall wedding color ideas will help!

Check out the 2022 wedding colors that will make your special day worthwhile.

Summer Wedding Themes And Colors

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