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Cartier Love Bangle Help – Heartbreak: The Story of a Cartier Love Bracelet A brutal breakup in 1960s New York prompted Aldo Cipullo to create an ornate expression of eternal love that wasn’t easy to pass up May 28, 2020 By Sarah Duncan

It is an emblem of truly timeless style, seen on the wrists of trendsetters and fashion icons around the world, and an instantly recognizable symbol of love and devotion. In fact, however, it was grief in the 1960s that led to the creation of the classic Cartier Love bracelet.

Cartier Love Bangle Help

Cartier Love Bangle Help

The history of the Cartier Love bracelet begins in 1959, when a young man from Rome, Aldo Cipullo, emigrated to New York. Chipullo began working for major American jewelry firms, including Tiffany & Co. and David Webb, and became a popular addition to the New York social scene.

Cartier Love Bracelet: The History And Our Rendition!

However, in love he was less fortunate, and one night, unfortunately, the relationship came to an end. Heartbroken as he retreated to his studio at 3am, Cipullo came up with a design for a bracelet that symbolized the constancy of love. A gem that couldn’t just slip away. He combined jewelry and industry; placement of screw heads on the bracelet to make removal extremely difficult.

“Modern people want love symbols that look semi-permanent, or at least require a trick to remove,” Sipullo once said of his design, which requires a miniature screwdriver to attach or remove a bracelet. “After all, the symbols of love should indicate an eternal quality.”

At the time this bracelet was designed, Sipullo was working for Tiffany and wearing a version of it on his own wrist. Despite rave reviews from friends and colleagues, the firm did not accept the project. However, a few months later, in 1969, the designer moved to Cartier and presented it to them as his first design with the company.

It was an interesting time for Cartier, and especially for Fifth Avenue Maison. In 1962, Claude Cartier sold the New York branch, and for the first time since 1847, the Cartier branch was no longer owned by the Cartier family (the Paris and London branches soon followed). The new owners wanted to attract younger clients and breathe new life and blood into the firm, as Francesca Cartier Bricknell notes in her book.

Cartier Love Bracelet 18k Yellow Gold Size 16 New Style

Cartier has always had a very strict policy of not allowing designers to sign their work, but with the change of ownership, a new direction has been taken. Following in the footsteps of rival Tiffany, which has supported its designers for years, including Jean Schlumberger and Donald Claflin, Cartier allowed Cipullo to sign his work, believing it would add a personality that would resonate with younger consumers. Aldo Cipullo will be one of two designers ever honored by Cartier. The second was the Vietnamese designer Dinh Van.

The launch of the Cartier love bracelet was a marketing triumph. Initially, bracelets were made in the form of a paired set. You couldn’t just walk into Cartier and buy yourself a Love bracelet, you had to buy it as a gift. To underline the commitment, Cartier introduced bracelets as a chic must-have accessory for celebrity lovers.

If Cartier could give a pair of Romeo and Juliet, he would. Instead, he settled on 25 world famous couples. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Steve McQueen and Eli McGraw all received pairs, and many celebrities have continued to wear them for years to come, maintaining their desirability.

Cartier Love Bangle Help

It is important not to lose sight of how radically different this bracelet was from the vast majority of jewelry of the time. Simple spartan design: simple oval gold strap with screw motifs taken from Cartier Santos watches. At the time of release, the bracelet was only made of 18 carat gold and was sold with a vermel screwdriver. Four different sizes were available for him and her, and the Love bracelets cost $250.

Cartier Love Bracelet 18k Rose Gold With Box And Screwdriver At 1stdibs

Cartier quickly lifted the romantic restrictions on shopping for others only, and over time the brand expanded its range. Cartier has grown almost beyond recognition since 1970, but the Love bracelet has been a key part of its portfolio for 50 years.

One of the more unexpected elements of this story was the fact that Cartier allowed Cipullo to collaborate with an outside producer and release another version of Love Bangle. Robert Kenmore, chairman of holding company Cartier Kenton Corp, shared his appreciation for a good marketing opportunity with Sipulla. In 1970, the same year that Cartier was launched, Cipullo teamed up with Charles Revson, founder of Revlon Cosmetics, to release a gold-plated version of the love bracelet. These mass-market alternatives allowed for a cheaper look and contributed to the widespread popularity of the design.

Cipullo designed a number of other innovative pieces of jewelry for Cartier. Another notable design was the Juste un Clou (French for “just a nail”) bracelet, released in 1971. However, the bracelet was not considered commercially successful at the time, and very few of the 1971 originals were made in pieces. While Cartier reinforces the idea that good design never goes out of style, Cartier relaunched Juste un Clou in 2012 and received a lot of acclaim, and it is now one of its main offerings.

The Cartier Love bracelet was undeniably Cipullo’s most successful design in all the areas he worked with – leather goods for Lord & Taylor, porcelain, furniture; he even designed the swimming pool. Chipullo spent only five years with the Cartier family and sadly died in 1984 at the age of just 42, but left an indelible legacy of how we see love in its bejeweled form. The simplicity and strength of its design ensure that it will always be part of Cartier’s history.

Cartier, Yellow Gold ‘love’ Bangle Bracelet

Sarah Duncan is an antique and vintage jewelry expert and head of the jewelry department at Chiswick Auctions.

The Cartier Love bracelet is a classic piece of jewelry designed to be worn by both men and women as a symbol of dedication.

What modern people want are love symbols that look semi-permanent, or at least require a trick to remove. After all, love symbols should indicate an eternal quality

Cartier Love Bangle Help

I’ve always wondered who just came up with a love bracelet with tiny screws, but who? I thought it was a mechanic or something for the car or something that was part of something else that I didn’t know, only sold as a pair. Then repair in another company. I see a fashion magazine and will always see it. I like! Modern. Correct look.

Cartier Multi Colored Gemstone Love Bracelet

I’m in a same-sex marriage and we’re inseparable. God, this is absolutely the perfect bracelet for both of us. Unfortunately, Cartier is not in my price range. This is a stunning yet simple piece of expressed love that I think shows the power and that love is forever locked away. The new style Love bracelet from Cartier debuted in 2011 and is starting to take over the used Love bracelet market. It usually takes a few months to a year before we start buying new style designer jewelry or new watches from customers who want to sell Cartier. They usually like to have fun for at least a few months!

The new Love bracelet presents an interesting challenge for buyers who want to buy a Love bracelet on eBay or our website. Love bracelets are so replica that it’s important to do your research before buying to make sure what you’re buying is an authentic Cartier bracelet. When a new style changes what a real Love bracelet actually looks like, it’s time to continue our quest to educate customers.

We compared one of our old rose gold love bracelets with a new style yellow gold love bracelet so you can see the slight differences between them. Whereas the old style screws come out of the bracelet completely, the new style screws only partially come out of the bracelet. This will prevent the tiny screws from being lost if you ever remove the bracelet.

The older model also has a different rear bolt. From the side you can see that it is slightly more domed compared to the cylindrical rear of the new model. If you look closely at them, then the old one looks like an apple, and the new one looks like a smile.

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From the front, the two bracelets are almost identical – the same signs of love, the same smooth and sharp edges, but a slight difference in where the clasp connects to the rest of the bracelet, and how the love motif merges with the rest of the bracelet.

Other frequently asked questions about the new version of Cartier love bracelets Is the new Cartier love bracelet thicker and wider?

There is no difference in thickness or width between the new and old Love bracelets. Authentic New Carter Love

Cartier Love Bangle Help

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