A Guide To Planning Blue And Gold Weddings

Sunday, February 19th 2023. | Weddings
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If you’re planning a wedding, you’re likely looking for ways to make it unique and memorable. One way to accomplish this is to think about color schemes. Blue and gold have been used together in wedding décor for years to create stunning visual displays. In this article, we’ll look at some tips for planning beautiful blue and gold weddings.

1. Choose the Right Shade of Blue and Gold

The first thing you’ll need to decide is which shades of blue and gold to choose for your wedding. There are many options available, so it’s important to narrow down your choices. Some popular blue shades for weddings include navy, powder blue, and royal blue. Similarly, popular gold shades are champagne, copper, and rose gold. Consider the other colors in your décor, such as flowers or bridesmaid dresses, to determine the most complementary color scheme.

2. Incorporate Blue and Gold into Your Stationery

Your wedding stationery is one of the first places guests will see your chosen colors. You can incorporate blue and gold into your stationery in many ways. For example, you could have a blue and gold border on your invitations or have a blue and gold pattern on your RSVP cards. You could also choose blue envelopes with gold calligraphy or gold foil accents. No matter how you choose to incorporate blue and gold, it will certainly make your stationery stand out.

3. Get Creative with Blue and Gold Decorations

When it comes to decorations, there are endless possibilities for adding blue and gold. You can hang blue and gold paper lanterns from your reception ceiling, or use blue and gold vases to display your floral arrangements. You could also create a blue and gold balloon arch or have a blue and gold cake topper. There are so many ways to add these colors to your décor, so get creative and find the combination that works best for you.

4. Sample Blue and Gold Weddings

a. Navy and Champagne

A navy and champagne combination is perfect for a more formal wedding. For example, you could have navy tablecloths with champagne chairs and candlesticks. You could also add a champagne-colored cake and navy ribbon decorations. This color scheme is sure to create an elegant atmosphere.

b. Powder Blue and Copper

Powder blue and copper is a great combination for a whimsical, romantic wedding. You could have powder blue tablecloths with copper-colored chargers and votives. You could also have a copper-colored cake with a powder blue topper. This color scheme will create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

c. Royal Blue and Rose Gold

Royal blue and rose gold is a perfect choice for an elegant and modern wedding. You could have royal blue tablecloths with rose gold chairs and napkin rings. You could also have a rose gold cake with a royal blue icing. This color scheme will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding.

5. Get the Word Out

Once you’ve chosen the perfect blue and gold colors for your wedding, it’s important to get the word out. Post pictures of your decorations on social media with the hashtag #blueandgoldweddings. This will help you spread the word and get more people interested in your wedding.


Blue and gold weddings are a great way to make your wedding unique and memorable. With the right shades of blue and gold, you can create a stunning visual display that your guests will love. You can incorporate these colors into your stationery and decorations to create the perfect atmosphere. And don’t forget to spread the word on social media with the hashtag #blueandgoldweddings.

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