Lavendar Wedding

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Lavendar Wedding – The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, bees and butterflies are flying. It’s summer time. When it comes to choosing a color theme for a summer wedding. If you’re still looking for summer wedding colors, we also recommend taking a look at today’s wedding color palette.

There are many options such as citrus for fun and creative couples, if you are an eco-friendly couple, green is best for you. If you are romantic love, dreamy and soft, lavender color is one of the best choices. Lavender is known as a soft, romantic shade

Lavendar Wedding

Lavendar Wedding

Which goes well with almost any other combination. In today’s color palette, we have combined a lavender shade with purple, which gives more romance.

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White Bouquet with Purple Details: Photography by Amy Rizzuto Photography | Photography – Credit: Mekina Saylor Weddings. | Cinematography: Live Pictures Studio | Floral design: twisted willow flowers.

Because this palette is summer wedding inspiration. Take a less-is-more approach, use landscapes and raw scenery as natural

Photography: Troy Meikle. | Film laboratory: PhotoVision. | Event Design: Design by Joy Proctor. | Event Design Assistant: Camilla Loving. | Event Rentals & Tabletop: Tent Vendor. | Location: Malibu Rocky Oaks. | Linens: La Tavola Linens. | Publication Spokesperson: Wedding Sparrow| Workshop Facilitator: Donnie Zavala

Lavender and Flowers with Gold Metallic Watercolor Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers Oh Crumbs Bakery | Wild Company Photography

Lovely Lavender Wedding At Whitney Mountain Lodge — Rose Of Sharon Floral Design Studio

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Lavender has been cultivated for centuries for its healing properties and heavenly scent, and many couples now use this purple plant in their weddings. We wouldn’t blame you if you’ve never considered lavender when planning your ceremony and reception details, but this flower offers so many beautiful options.

Lavendar Wedding

Of course, start using lavender in a bouquet and the flower is perfect for a slightly rustic garden style arrangement. When planning your bouquet blooms, keep in mind that lavender pairs well with other soft pastel summer flowers like peonies and roses, and it’s fun to play with the petals and mix them in with larger blooms. Since the stems are straight and somewhat rigid, it is best to use flowers in moderately larger, mixed arrangements (too many will make the design look angular and stiff).

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Meanwhile, culinary lavender can be used to garnish cocktails, to decorate wedding cakes and pastries, or in honey or sugar jars (ideal for wedding guests) for a light floral aroma. And because of its durability, lavender sprigs can be incorporated into cards, boutonnieres, jewelry, and more.

Cut lavender can be left in water for a long time without spoiling, and when dried, the flowers will retain their color, scent and shape for months (to preserve, simply hang the bouquets until completely dry). And luckily, lavender is relatively inexpensive compared to larger facial flowers and requires little.

Add a sprig or two of lavender to your invitation suite to sweeten the paper and your guest’s home.

Instead of throwing confetti or rose petals, you can ask your guests to give you lavender buds as they leave the ceremony.

All About Our Lavender Field Bridal Styled Shoot

How awesome is this escort card display?! “Tara [of Tara Guérard Soirée] created an incredible flower stand reminiscent of a French farmer’s market, filled with small bouquets of lavender, with each guest’s name and table number on calligraphic paper,” said the bride.

Isn’t this spring arrangement beautiful with white peonies, lavender, white roses, ranunculus and pale pink roses?

Let the baker decorate your wedding cake with delicate lavender sprigs. You can even flavor the dessert itself (trust us, it’s delicious).

Lavendar Wedding

For their winery wedding in Sonoma, California, this couple decorated their romantic lounge area with lavender vines.

Purple Lavender Wedding Invitation Purple Wedding

A single bouquet of flowers can be very impressive, especially when it’s as beautiful as this bundle of lavender.

Do you seriously love lavender? You can host a wedding at a lavender farm, as this couple did.

For favors, give guests lavender seed envelopes. They will remember the fun they had at your wedding every time they catch the smell of blooming lavender.

Use lavender from the beginning to the end of the wedding. Add sprigs of lavender to your getaway car flowers. Lavender wedding colors, otherwise known as “adult pink” are synonymous with beauty, elegance and grace. They are perfect for weddings all year round. And when combined with colors like sage, teal, navy blue, gray, etc., you get the perfect wedding palette.

Incorporating Lavender Into Your Wedding Day

Lavender comes in several shades to match your cakes, decor, centerpieces, attire and overall wedding arrangement. So it’s in your best interest to pick and combine these colors early enough. By doing these details early, you can create a unique, artistic and coherent wedding image. In addition, you will be able to include contrasting elements without spoiling the theme.

After all, you cannot do this task alone. In this post, we’ve put together a variety of stylish techniques to help you create a lavender wedding.

Lavender is a soft color that works well with many wedding styles. Styles include Romantic, Rustic Country, Garden, Beach, Ballroom, Whimsical, Sophisticated, Casual, Modern, Industrial Chic and Wood. Of course, nailing this wedding style depends on supporting colors, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Lavendar Wedding

A lavender wedding dress can be as gorgeous as you want it to be. See how to connect and complete them.

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Lavender wedding dresses are beautiful, perfect for brides who defy tradition. And whatever wedding style you choose, there is a dress for you.

Lavender wedding dresses can be difficult for guests to match with elegant people. So the best thing is to cut a small piece of fabric and take it shopping. If you don’t want to go through all that, here’s help.

The most important tip for wearing lavender bridesmaid dresses is that less is more. Also, you should subtly imitate the bride so as not to overshadow her. Following these rules, you can match modest silver jewelry with a detailed or lavender dress.

Trendy lavender wedding ideas include a variety of cool colors to create a stunning look. From lavender wedding invitations to bouquets and cakes, let’s get creative.

Lavender Wedding Color Schemes That Are Excellent For Spring

To create stunning lavender wedding bouquets, think colors. You should also add flowers that go well with lavender. Remember that stems are tough, so use them sparingly, except in larger flower arrangements.

Lavender wedding cakes are a must and suit a variety of wedding styles. If you’re having a garden-inspired wedding, choose a lavender and silver wedding cake. Garnish with gumpaste lavender flowers and rose flowers.

From hallways to receptions and flower arrangements, lavender’s elegance never fades. Check out the latest lavender decorating ideas below.

Lavendar Wedding

As you transition from the ceremony to the reception, lavender wedding flowers have quite the aesthetic appeal. And to increase the visual diversity of lavender, combine them with other flowers. For the bouquet, choose soft pink and cream roses, white and black callas, stephanotis, garden roses, blooming lavender. Choose dried lavender sprigs and tea rose succulents. Arrange white rose petals and eucalyptus garland with lavender roses along the aisle and altar.

This Elegant Lavender And Blush Wedding Inspiration Is Garden Perfection

Lavender wedding colors have the ability to suit all seasons and styles. Depending on your vision, colors can be fun and whimsical or subtle and calm. Use shades along the same gradient to create an ombre palette for your lavender wedding. You can also combine lavender colors like red, gold, black, purple, sage, teal, silver, etc. Check out this post for lavender wedding ideas inspiration to create a timeless wedding. What a dream! As a Parisian photographer, shooting in the city often makes me forget how magical the warm natural light of the country can be. After many months in Paris and many weddings postponed until 2021, I needed to get creative again and escape Paris for a refreshing photo shoot in Provence.

I contacted wedding planner Mademoiselle C Provence and together we came up with this vision of an intimate dinner. June is the best month to get married in France, especially in Provence, because the days are the longest and the lavender is in bloom.

It was the perfect time of year for a wedding and to set this long outdoor wedding table, lit by candles and surrounded by flowers. The hum of bees, birds and cicadas made the experience even more magical.

We planned a wedding shoot in the South of France with a whole team of incredible vendors and as a French wedding photographer we couldn’t be more proud of the French talent.

Lavender Sachet Wedding Favors

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