Blue And Purple Wedding Colors

Monday, November 28th 2022. | Weddings

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Blue and purple are an elegant color combination year-round—the depth of the hue determines the final look.

Blue And Purple Wedding Colors

Blue And Purple Wedding Colors

Blue and purple are an elegant color combination year-round—the depth of the hue determines the final look. Pale blues and soft purples are perfect for spring or summer weddings, while midnight blues and royal purples are perfect for winter weddings. We hope these blue and purple wedding ideas inspire and delight…  

Unique Purple Color Macthing Wedding Ideas Inspired From Monet’s Paintings

Powder blue paired with a delicate purple (perhaps closer to lavender) creates a cool and romantic vibe for a summer wedding.

These shades are perfect for a beach wedding, especially when the blue harmonizes so perfectly with the sea and sky!

Blue and purple wedding themes are available in a variety of florals that combine unique colors of white, ivory and green.

Adding a bit of depth to these two colors creates a vibrant color scheme of royal blue and rich purple—hues that are perfect for weddings year-round. Bring the colors of your flowers, but don’t worry about combining them elsewhere. For example, a blue wedding dress looks beautiful with a purple bouquet – no need to go hunting for purple and blue wedding dresses.

Wedding Color Trends

Going with shades of “Tiffany Blue” with a hint of purple works well, especially when using a darker shade at the foundation level.

For an elegant evening wedding, jewel tones are great, especially in fall and winter, when you can set the scene with candles. Bridesmaids and ushers can wear dark midnight blue with purple accessories like ties, buttons, ties and shoes. Soft golden hues as a backdrop for gift boxes and wedding cakes complete the look.

Made for an evening wedding breakfast, midnight blue and purple with gold chairs lend a truly royal touch. This bold color scheme works great while keeping embellishments to a minimum, letting the beautiful floral centerpiece speak for itself!

Blue And Purple Wedding Colors

When it comes to flowers, sometimes you just need a little color. This delicate bouquet of creamy roses is the perfect backdrop to the stunning scattered blue and purple orchids.

Top 10 Navy Blue Wedding Color Combo Ideas For 2023

Make sure your invitations hint at the color scheme you choose. We love this more rustic wedding design.

Finally, the cake. An elegant layered cake, with white icing, was a fitting base for this bouquet, adorned with purple ribbon and a little sparkle. Whether it’s “Ultraviolet” or “Alfalfa” or “Lavender” in wedding planning, through these charming names, they all mean purple. On the color wheel, purple is a very specific color, a neutral that connects blue and red. Therefore, purple is a milder and safer color to match with wedding colors. Recently more and more couples want to apply something purple in their wedding decoration ideas.

Monet is probably the painter who knows how to use purple best. In his paintings, you can find a lot of purple matching inspiration, we have created some purple ideas, you can refer to Monet’s color matching to create your unique wedding ideas.

In the color circle, purple and blue are a pair, so purple and blue are also a “natural pair”!

Shades Of Purple And Fuchsia Wedding Colour Theme

There is a lot of purple + pink in Monet’s paintings. On the color wheel, purple and red go hand in hand, so purple and red go well together. Purple and magenta are very close together on the color wheel.

Since green is also a neutral color, it goes well with purple. In Monet’s paintings, purple and green are often framed together. You can try blue-green, dark green, army green, olive green, etc. Dusty blue is a classic color for weddings and over the years brides have turned to something different and unique and like most fashion cycles this funky blue has a vengeance and this time it’s bringing other bright colors to life Color brings into the equation. The combination of these unlikely colors brings a new edge to grey-blue, a very different but still classic one. Here are the colors you should keep an eye out for in 2021!

The two are simply a match made in heaven, and color combinations that are modern and elegant can also be new and exciting. I always have a strong sense of romance, organization, and pure class when used together. Your wedding day will look very stylish and unique if you decide to try this pair.

Blue And Purple Wedding Colors

Gray blue and night blue are always perfect with wedding dresses and suits, and if you’re looking for a nautical theme or a palette that’s equally eye-catching, elegant and memorable, these colors work well together.

Elegant Navy & Purple Wedding Palette

This look is very fresh, and even though it’s not the grey-blue we usually associate it with, it works really well! The rustic decor of the wedding was paired perfectly with the gray-blue bridesmaid dresses from tulleanchantilly, which also matched the simple ivory bridesmaid tops. try different rustic wedding colors for better effect

Another great fall wedding palette, burgundy wedding colors are everywhere and we think they look fresh and perfect for a gray blue winter wedding. Mix and match using rich burgundy and soft natural gray-blue wedding colors with wine rose, blue wedding table decorations from .Everything looks good! If you make a purchase through a link on our site, we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase. Learn more.

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Ideas For A Purple Wedding With A Dash Of Baby Blue

So my wedding colors are purple, light blue and white. For as long as I can remember, these have been the colors I’ve wanted to use for every wedding. Since I love the beach and was proposed on the beach, I wanted to use the beach as the theme of the wedding. The wedding venue was a casino hotel in Blue Lake, California. The ceremony was supposed to take place on the beach near the hotel, but it started raining. We did the ceremony and reception at what they called the Sapphire Palace.

My dress is from David’s Bridal. This is a beautiful rose shade with a lacy A-line. I changed the skirt to a shorter front and a longer back, and I wore a pink Converse. I have bridesmaids and bridesmaids. They are both wearing long dresses in 2 different shades of purple also from David’s Bridal. They’re still wearing purple Converse

.My groom was wearing a nice pair of jeans and a white dress shirt with a gray tank top. The groomsmen and groomsmen were dressed in smart jeans and white shirts with different colored blue ties. The boys are all wearing black converse

Blue And Purple Wedding Colors

The most important thing for us was not to spend a lot of money because we paid for the wedding ourselves. But we make sure we get everything we want.

Wedding Color Schemes That Never Go Out Of Style

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