Blue And Turquoise Wedding

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Blue And Turquoise Wedding – Teal … Turquoise … Aqua – three beautiful colors in the blue-green family … and if this is the color family you’re considering for your wedding color, which of the three do you choose? If you want a dark blue color then it will be yellowish; A light, medium to light shade with more blue than green is turquoise; And the softest color commonly called tiffany blue is aqua.

However, since the screen you’re viewing them on may distort the colors, you may not be seeing what I’m seeing! In a way it may not matter what the color is called, except that you are drawn to one of the three. Choose the one you like and then you can plan your wedding around it based on what you do and not what the actual name is.

Blue And Turquoise Wedding

Blue And Turquoise Wedding

These three colors are similar and I often see one color called the other. I did quite a bit of research on these colors and came up with what I think they look like!

Turquoise Wedding Color Theme

Teal is a dark blue-green and can work well for weddings in all seasons, depending on what color you pair it with. For example, teal with pale pink might be spring but embellished with gold would be perfect for fall or winter. This is a classic wedding color and goes well with many colors. I especially like teal and copper. It looks great paired with red and I’ve seen it with coral for beach weddings. And for a good look, mix teal with silver.

Turquoise is often considered a bright color and is ideal for beach weddings. If you kept going dark, it would end up being close to dark. Turquoise is a color that looks good on everyone, so your bridesmaids will probably enjoy wearing it. It goes well with many colors from pink to yellow to red. I have the first collage blog post with turquoise mixed with seven other colors.

Aqua is the color sometimes called Tiffany blue. It is often seen in shabby chic design combined with purple pink. For a classic combination, choose aqua with white. Aqua doesn’t stand out like teal and turquoise and can be a good choice if you want a different color.

Looking for more ideas? Exclusive Weddings has over 120 Pinterest boards featuring over 12,000 handpicked images.

Pink And Turquoise Wedding Ideas Cheerful Duo

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Blue And Turquoise Wedding

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Turquoise Wedding Decorations

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Blue And Turquoise Wedding

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Blue Wedding Color Palettes We Love

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Blue And Turquoise Wedding

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Blue And Turquoise Wedding

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