Blue Wedding Flowers Ideas

Thursday, October 27th 2022. | Weddings

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Blue Wedding Flowers Ideas

Blue Wedding Flowers Ideas

The old saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is a traditional wedding tradition even today. No matter your wedding style or design, there is a way to incorporate blue into your big day. One of our favorites? Blue wedding flowers.

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“Incorporating blue into your wedding color palette is a beautiful way to create something timeless,” says Eris McNeff.

From hydrangeas to hyacinths, there are many flowers to consider if you are choosing flowers in blue. “French blue is the most natural tone in nature, and it’s a color that can’t go away,” says McNeff. Hanging accessories, bridesmaid dresses, and even a skirt have endless possibilities when it comes to styling. i. “It is a color that adapts to different colors; it is very clear, it works well with white colors, but it also looks beautiful with yellow, brown and pink.

Delphinium and hydrangea make a wonderful blue arrangement because they are available year-round and are readily available. For something more unique, choose muscari or hyacinth.

Small in size but no impact, the electric, mostly colored, blue tweedia should be considered as a candidate. “The mixed flowers of tweedia and larkspur are great,” says McNeff. A few clicks and the cool sound will immediately catch your eye.

New Arrival Blue Wedding Bouquet Women Handmade Elegant Artificial Flower Rose Gift Ribbon Bridesmaid Bridal Bouquet For Wedding Decoration From Missudress, $40.2

Hydrangeas will always have their place when it comes to the central design in a blue color. Assess the available space in the living room so you can create a “time” where a flower arrangement can shine.

Choose a lush, floral garden full of fresh flowers in neutral colors. Place a sprig or two of blue flowers such as muscari or clematis.

Stick to a classic floral centerpiece. When it comes to the “fruit” of the design, have fun with your flowers and make room for blue flowers in a sea of ​​white. Tweedia and sea holly are beautiful choices

Blue Wedding Flowers Ideas

It is even better when it comes to arranging flowers. A flower wall of color and natural flowers at this Detroit wedding at the Shinola Hotel included pastel blue flowers for the most interesting effect.

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Show your mind to your bridesmaids and wear blue. Whether it’s a hyacinth, a hydrangea plant or a large bouquet of delphiniums, a blue palette is sure to leave a lasting impression.

A color combination that we can find in the background: blue and orange. Although unusual in many senses, the contrast of cool and warm tones creates a one-of-a-kind design from centerpieces to boutonnieres.

When it comes to the ceremony, there is no doubt that you want to make an impact in terms of design. One of the best ways to do that is with a beautiful altar. Notice the beauty of the flowers; Pampas grass mixed with delphinium in blue for this Hamptons wedding will have you pondering how to recreate this exact design.

Make a note of different flowers in blue. This blue and white wedding in Michigan says, “Something blue!” An escort card boasted a table full of beautiful decorations in blue and white vases for that extra pop.

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Don’t forget to look up! Create a beautiful curtain of flowers by placing flowers on the head directly from your floral imagination. For this classic wedding on the coast of New England, “Something in the Blue” lined the dance floor under a floral sky of lupines and delphiniums in shades of blue (with a little pink and green) for a great tune.”

A whimsical, unexpected choice and perfect for a modern or informal wedding, think of these as an upgrade from traditional floral arrangements. Long curtains and carefully selected blue decorations will have your guests talking about your unique style.

Create a monochromatic look with different shades of blue, use blue to create a harmonious palette with terra-cotta colors, or create a triangular palette with rich fuchsia fuchsia and green leaves, advises McNeff.

Blue Wedding Flowers Ideas

Embrace the blue color with a floral decoration on the top for a big departure from your ceremony. Better yet, put your “I do!” at the entrance of the place. Place the plates so that they touch the blue color on both sides of the .

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Incorporate color into your wedding bouquet and keep your “blue” part of your wedding. From a floral arrangement to a bouquet that showcases those blue center anemones, we love a pop of color for your walk down the aisle.

Who says you can’t share the love of “the blue thing” on your wedding cake? If you opt for a cake decorated with flowers, consider adding a touch of blue to the design for a simple, fresh approach.

Choose muscari for a beautiful accent to classic, floral decor. Perfect for boutonnieres, bouquets, and everything in between. “I really like to use the delicate stems of the same flowers, muscari and hyacinth, to add dynamic excitement to all the bouquets and seals,” says McNeff.

Usually when one thinks of skin tones, deep reds, vibrant oranges or even deep purples come to mind. Well, we’re happy to say that midnight blue also has its place in autumn! Turn the traditional color scheme on its head with this Blue Hill at Stone Barns wedding. We love adding blue flowers to this wedding bouquet to accentuate the stunning orange and white design.

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We love free time! Line the bridge with flowers that are at once wild and beautiful, creating a look that stands tall thanks to delphinium-like flowers in their natural blue hues.

Embrace the color: If you go blue, you don’t have to stick to blue. If you are planning a special celebration, more colors may be more your style. Pops of blue hydrangea in the altar-like design of this Savannah wedding will attract attention in all the best ways.

Boutonnieres, while necessary, are a great way to add to your floral design plans for the big day. Flowers like blue holly (aka sea holly) are a great choice for a subtle but sure way to check the “things blue” box.

Blue Wedding Flowers Ideas

Often closer to purple than blue, hyacinth is the best choice when it comes to color saturation; Not to mention, the smell is heavenly. Use hyacinths in your wedding bouquet or in your centerpieces for a beautiful design perfect for a spring wedding.

Arbor Collection #2017426

You know how we feel about looks made from a garden plot. Opt for floral prints—those of us who love sky blue rarely use them. Who says your flower can’t pull double duty? While these bouquets are beautiful on their own, we love that they serve an additional purpose.

If you’re looking to incorporate something traditional, something new, something borrowed and the color blue into your big day, we have good news for you: You can check the last item on your list by using your flowers. While there aren’t tons of natural blue flowers, the flowers are truly amazing. Delphinium, hydrangea, thistle, false my knots, muscari and nigella are common, and blue grapes like viburnum also play well in a wedding bouquet.

To show you how easy it is to turn your wedding flowers into blue, we’ve selected some great bouquets to help you do just that. Whether you want a touch of blue or are ready to go with an arrangement made entirely of the original color, an arrangement to inspire you. Assuming you want an all-blue outfit, you’ll want to consider a style that showcases the many colors and shades available. Lost Petal created and used many beautiful flowers available in colors: Muscari, Orchids, Tweedia and Thistle. And while some are tropical and some are wildflowers, we think they all work well.

There are many other options for you to consider using blue—popular options include your bridesmaids’ dresses, a pair of sapphire earrings, and a monogram embroidered into your gown—and use it to complement your outfit. it’s special: it’ll be front and center as you walk down the aisle. Click here to see more beautiful blue bouquets carried by real brides, then start dreaming of your own special one.

Tips About Blue Flowers For A Wedding

Since there are no natural blue roses, use the main flower in white or red colors, then add details to create blue options. Here, Mr. Johnston

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