Bold Wedding Colors

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Bold Wedding Colors – But before you start choosing flowers, sending invitations or planning all your details… you need to choose your wedding color scheme!

When browsing Pinterest, wedding blogs, and photos, it can be overwhelming. So instead, I wanted to help! I want you to see three main categories that I often see in wedding colors. The first one is bright and bold!

Bold Wedding Colors

Bold Wedding Colors

Next, neutrality. Now, when I say neutral, I mean.. black, white, ivory, cream and green. Yes, I consider green to be neutral!

Celebrity Brides Who Wore Bold Colors On Their Wedding Days

Now, green can be used in bright and bold color palettes and soft romances. But I really think it goes into the neutral category! Because, if your wedding has flowers or is out (check and check) it will be green. Greenery full of flowers, green in view whether it’s a forest, a desert or somewhere else! So, the following few photo inspirations are for couples who want a neutral color palette for their wedding day. It can work all year round! And in any place of style!

And last, but certainly not least, a soft and romantic color. For this, I always look for ivory, cream, blush, baby blue and light pastel colors. It can even work all year round depending on the soft colors you use. This is the most common choice I see in all bridal, floral and wedding decorations. This is because it is classic, timeless and fits perfectly into the wedding day affair.

Check out some of these photo blog posts: Photo 1, Photo 3, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7 and Photo 9!

So, start there! Before you think about a specific wedding color inspiration, think about which of the three styles you want to create for your wedding day.

Jewel Tone Colors Themed Wedding Ideas

From there, you can start narrowing down color palettes by season, location and overall style. Otherwise, your choice! If you hate pink, don’t add blush to your wedding just because it’s in the mood. But other than that, if you like pink, rock it! Works on every color.

Your wedding day is an expression of you as a couple, your story, your passions and a celebration of your life together! Make it fun but make sure it’s something you enjoy! Bar months are here, and that means a dark color palette, don’t you agree? We’re saying goodbye to bright summer colors and turning to more bold and jewel-toned color combos. I know we’re not in America, but I can’t help but see all these lovely fall colors on my feed lately. So for the bold and adventurous bride who wants to depart from the usual pastel color scheme, this is for you!

Top – Photo: MR Villar Photography, Real Wedding: Lighthouse Loveliness | Bottom – Photo: Salt and Bleach, Real Wedding: Bewitching Browns

Bold Wedding Colors

Here is a color scheme that we usually see at weddings. Maybe you think that brown can look boring and boring? Yes, brown can be a rich and beautiful color. Just make sure you choose the right shade and the right match as well. Whether it’s green or white, glitter or texture, find a way to make this lovely color shine!

Beautiful Bright Hued Colors Ideas For Autumn Wedding

Top – Photo: Bright photobomb, Real Wedding: Bold Burgundy Romance | Below – Photo: Photo by Randolph Evan, The Real Wedding: A Burgundy Themed Wedding in Tagaytay

Ah, who doesn’t love this bright burgundy palette? With a color this bold, you don’t need to do much with it. Keep it simple by incorporating it into your flowers, bridesmaid dresses and perhaps napkins or place settings. Just a few tips here and it will add a pop of color to your big day.

Top – Photo: Law of Tapalla Photography, Real Wedding: Emerald and Eternity | Bottom – Photo: Polk Studios, The Real Wedding: A Decorated Wedding with a Deep Color Scheme

Since modern and minimalist weddings are all the rage right now, green is becoming more and more popular as a wedding color. And I can totally see why! Check out these gorgeous emerald green dresses! This color is so beautiful, it exudes sophistication. Like Burgundy, you don’t even need to do much with it. The leafy greens are in, and ready to go!

Choosing Your Fall Wedding Color Palette

Top – Photo: Mangorade, The Real Wedding: Wild flowers, warm tones, and a carefree spirit breathe life into this wedding. Bottom – Photo: Photography by Regina, The Real Wedding: Tagaytay’s Orange-Themed Wedding

Orange is a color that often stands out in tropical weddings. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Go for muted tones and almost rusty oranges for your vintage romantic wedding, and you might be surprised at how it looks. The combination of natural color and orange will be white, as orange can stand on its own.

Top Photo: Rainbowfish Photography, Real Wedding: Beauty Update | Below – Photo: Photo by Enrico Nepomuseno, Real Wedding: Bold Violet Wedding in Boracay

Bold Wedding Colors

In ancient times, making purple pigments for clothing and other items was so expensive that only kings and queens could afford it. And even though purple is now accessible to everyone, this deep purple still screams luxury and class. Pair it with silver and crystal, and it’s a match made in oh-so-chic heaven. You can also try muted colors like blush or pastel pink to try to cancel out the violet light. Or, you can stick to this one color, no problem!

Winter Wedding Colors

Top – Photo: GJ Esguera, The Real Wedding: A classic romantic wedding with wine-colored accents | Bottom – Photo: ProudRed, The Real Wedding: An Elegant City Wedding With Hues of Berries and Wine

Have a glass of red wine and tell me you don’t think the color is attractive. If you did, I won’t believe you. With this deep, deep red – somewhere between maroon and burgundy – you really can’t go wrong. Add wine-colored flowers as accents, and you’ll have a sophisticated, sophisticated, and fun celebration.

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Here are some of our favorite bold color combinations for your wedding invitations that will leave everyone talking!

Best Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Metallic Gold, Sparkling Red, Soft Pink and Sweet White This pairing is bold and has soft and romantic prints. Bright gold accents paired with pops of bright red create a sophisticated and chic affair, while soft pink and white combine femininity and grace. Perfect for the modern bride who wants to add a touch of glamor to her big day!

Garden Greens and Ocean Inspired Aquas This simple and sophisticated palette is a breath of fresh air! Clean and soothing bright blues combine perfectly with earthy and green shades to create an attractive look. The great thing about these colors is that they work for every type of wedding! From minimalist and modern to chic and casual to vintage inspired glamour, everything looks great!

Neon Pink, Orange, and Green with Natural Neutrals These warm and stylish colors are sure to add to your big day! Neon pink and day-glo orange come together in perfect harmony. Add Electric Lime-Aids for extra spice! A neutral sand helps balance these extreme colors to keep things looking clean and modern.

Bold Wedding Colors

Are you using a bold color combination in your wedding invitation? Tell us about your favorite color combinations in the comments section below!

Pantone Royal Lilac

Board #1- Top row from left: Bella Figura Fugue Design, Lauren Kinsey Fine Wedding Art via Wedding Chicks, Row 2: Lauren Kinsey Wedding Art via Wedding Viral Photography, Adam Barnes for Southern Weddings, Photo by Lauren Kinsey Fine. Artistic Wedding Chicks Row Three: Pinterest, Martha Stewart Weddings by Ritzy Bee, Bella Figura Amor Design

Board #2 – top row from left: Bella Figura Mitti Calligraphy Design, via J.Crew Spring 2012 Glitter Guide, second row: Shine via 100 Layer Cake, Dave Richards Photography via Style Me Pretty, Cupcake Social, third row: Miller via Johnny’s Weddings Martha Stewart, Catch the Light with a 100 Layer Cake, Bella Figura New Calligraphy Designs

Board #3 – Top row from left: Bella Figura Storybook Romance Design, 1.Art Beauty Life by Brooklyn Bride, 2nd row: Fancy Girl, Jose Villa Via 100 Layer Cake, 1.Art Beauty Life by Brooklyn Bride, 3rd row: Wear color, bright market, Bella Figura Congratulations! You

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